A mish mash of my winter inspiration

I have decided how I want to look this winter.
This is from a Ralph Lauren advert and so beautiful. I will be copying the look but in grey/navy.

I would also like to look like Phoebe Philo. I realise these are old images but that’s fine with me.

This autumn/winter I am going to be balancing my need for quiet days with La Bambina’s need for 2 year adventures and time outdoors. Trainers and cosy jumpers should work for both with a bit of (faux) fur thrown in for good measure.

So, the clothes.

I already have navy Stan Smiths and love them. I also have my much stroked Golden Goose waiting to be given the outings they deserve.
There are no gaps in my trainer wardrobe. (I’ll deal with winter boots another day)

I have bought a few things though, mainly from Zara. A word of explanation here, I took all these photos without much light and not wearing any make up. I’m sure most things could be made to look better but time isn’t on my side at the moment.

I bought both these grey trousers and these striped ones from Zara. (Beware that if you’re any taller than me (5″6) they may be a bit short) The waistbands are elasticated which is great for my figure.
Here I am in the striped trousers with a J Crew Tippi in Midnight and Stan Smiths.
I ummed and ahhed loads over the jacket I have on in the first photo. It’s dark blue check with sporty cuffs. In the end I decided I like it so much I wanted to keep it, so I have. I’ve struggled to get a decent photo of the grey trousers but they are really nice on. (I have a J Crew Tippi in Heathered Grey in both photos)

These olive pleather Zara trousers are mine too and have already been christened the “bin man strides” by my sister. I like them so much I have the black too. The elasticated waist means they’re so comfortable on, like track suit bottoms! I’m wearing them here with a black J Crew merino Tippi and Stan Smiths.

I was unsure whether to share these or not for fear that you may ridicule me. The Zara website describes them as harems which they’re not though they are a very loose cut. The pink is just lovely. I’ll need to wear them with a slightly longer top – a merino Tippi will work I think. Slightly out of my comfort zone but they made me smile when I put them on.

This is the grey Zara jumpsuit. Opinion is divided among my WornOut friends. It felt good on part from the big silver buckle but I think it can be removed quite simply. What do you think?

You may recall that I love a rollneck. I am hoping I can eek another winter out of my Baukjen Gemmas but also have my eye on a few beauties in Cos. Cos is probably my favourite High St shop but their clothes really do need trying on so I shall visit a store soon and report back. Please do let me know if you find any great roll necks – I need a few thin ones and something bulkier to wear with pleather skinnies.

I’ll have a proper look at winter footwear on a few weeks when I am feeling more inspired – it is still August after all. Until then I’ll end with these from Next. Mission: Style blogged them a while ago and they looked so cool, I couldn’t resist.

I’m spending today’s nap time packing away all my summery clothes. I’ve scanned the weather forecast and since there is no sun on the horizon, away they go until next year. I shall be getting my winter gear out in a few weeks and will see how near it can get me to Phoebe and the furry Ralph Lauren photos I started with.

What “look” are you going for this A/W? Any great purchases you’d like to share with us? Until next time.

Bank Holiday day out

I love London but sometimes the city makes me feel claustrophobic. An hour in the car yesterday and we escaped to the beautiful gardens and open spaces at Hever Castle.

It was a sunny day and I was wearing my short sleeves Boden Breton top with Zara ripped jeans and Nike Airs. Then my sister arrived to join us in the same Boden top so I changed.
Zara ripped jeans, French Connection navy tshirt, Zara draped navy jacket, Nike Airs.

Grey and rainy here today so swimming and a movie I think. I may even get time to try on some of my new things and to blog some photos later. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.


It’s hard getting dressed at the moment. It’s the middle of August, the mornings are bright and actually fairly warm in the sunshine but then it gets autumnally cold.

Being photoed by a small person isn’t the most flattering of angles! Boden Breton, Zara jeans, Stan Smiths, Nars Pop Life lip crayon.

Quick change into silver Next slingbacks for pub dinner.

The whole family were in stripes yesterday!

When the park got too cold we popped in to the local garden centre to see the animals.
These two came home with us (Little Legs insisted I protect their identity with the sunglasses)

Once upon a time my August Bank Holiday weekends were full of Carnival and clubs. Today we are off to a National Trust house, yesterday a Garden Centre. How times change! Hope you have a lovely long weekend.

My winter coat saga – in August!

Last year I asked for the shearling lined Acne Pistols for my birthday in August. It seemed a bit silly asking for something so wintery but how lovely it was to start the season with something I had wanted for so long.

This year I asked for the Rag & Bone Primrose coat I’ve been pinning and pining after.
My beloved came good again, the coat did not. Too baggy, intensely unflattering shoulders (on me) so despite the lovely quality, back it went.

My partner had to go away for a few days so I had lots of time to indulge in on line coat browsing. I considered many (my sister was staying over and I made her discuss it many times)

In the end my dad made it easy. I explained what I wanted and he said “that’s the Joseph Man Coat
It’s not arrived yet but I’ll share when it does. I’m just a little bit excited. I hope it’s as perfect as I want it to be.

I have a few other coat ideas for a fraction of the price but I can’t share until I’m sure the Joseph is a goer and my sisters have made their purchases (not that my recommendation will make them sell out!)

These beauties will be adorning my neck with all my coats.
Helen Moore Midnight faux fur Vixen scarf.
Helen Moore Siberian Wolf Asymmetric scarf.
The quality is fantastic. I’m tempted by a bright one now too!

Wintery clothes tomorrow. Til then.

Holding on to the sunshine

Well, not really but despite the chill in the air I have been trying to eek out my summery clothes.

We’ve had a few days of celebrating – belated birthday celebrations for me and my mother in law’s 70th birthday.

A toilet selfie in The Shard.
River Island dress, old black Ash Jalouse, mini Gracie.

The best shots of the view that I have. I’ll do better next time. Pretty cool toilets!

Another day, another posh toilet selfie. Fortnum & Mason this time (& my crazies racing around)
(Posh loo, grubby mirror!) Grey Zara skirt, Whistles top, black Ash Jalouse, mini Gracie.
The skirt was £7 in the Zara sale. I was alerted to it on Treasures n Pleasure’s blog and though I don’t really wear skirts, I couldn’t resist!

The lovely Fountain restaurant and Little Legs waiting to surprise her nanny!

No way we could leave Fortnum & Mason without macaroons.
The watermelon was divine!

Back tomorrow with more wintery stuff.

Postcards from Crete

Ah, happy days.

New Topshop neon jumpsuit with silver aviator RayBans, old Zara orange paisley dress (now ruined by red wine) with mini Gracie and plastic bag of loom bands!, French Connection sunburst maxi dress with Gap star clutch and silver aviator RayBans.

Odd pose alert! 20140821-125346-46426204.jpg
Old Zara blue harems with Topshop cami, silver Kurt Geiger Moves, H&M necklace and Gap star clutch, new ASOS bandeau dress with split, gold Kurt Geiger Moves and Tom Ford sunnies, New Look orange shorts with Topshop cami, ancient black leather and raffia wedges and new bag from holiday.
Some more strange poses! All black in Zara floaty trousers, Topshop cami and mini Gracie (I wore this outfit several times), serious face in Topshop cami and Zara yellow maxi skirt with Monki bag, think I was trying to stop La Bambina climbing into a bush here in old Zara snake trousers and Topshop vest with Kurt Keiger studded Moves from last year.

Some amazing food….

….in some amazing locations.

My birthday celebrations.

Day out in a convertible (Little Legs looking windswept!), cutting my birthday cake with a ruler and eating it off plates/pages of a car magazine!

Crazy kids, headphones and a milkshake = bliss, I don’t do it often but such beautiful dresses I let them match, me not so WornOut!

Two holiday purchases.

I’ll be back in the next day or two with some post holiday snaps and my winter coat saga!

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors

I had to do some business travel to the US.  I am obviously not designed for long haul flights.  My skin & lips dry up, my nose blocks up and I am generally tired and jet lagged for days.  I think that means the job of jet set supermodel is not for me.  Shame that.

So to try and perk up my parched lips I picked up a clarins instant light lip perfector from duty free.  These have been around for a while now so you’ve probably read about them before…I have no idea why I’ve taken so long to try them because now I have I love them!


There are a lot more colours that this picture shows…I couldn’t find one with them all on!

They are totally yummy (and I really do mean that – they smell of vanilla in the most delicious way).  They’re not sticky or gloopy just glossy and luscious.

They are a perfect mixture of a gloss and a balm and don’t wear off in that annoying way that leaves you with ‘sticky blobs on  your mouth’ (technical term).

The colours look a bit insipid on the tubes but please do test them.  They give you the look of a glossy polished Michael Kors model…and your lips are left feeling soft and lovely too.

I NEVER go for brownish lipsticks but the shade I went for, 06, actually looks like it will be brown (from the colour of the tube).  On my lips it just leaves a lovely dark pinkish nude gloss.  I think the key here is just try them all on to see which is best on you.

This is what the tube looks like

clarins tube




And here it is on my lips

clarins lips





A quick google search revealed a plethora of prices ranging from £14-£18!  At the moment Escentual seem to have some good prices so it’s worth a look though obviously if you haven’t tried the colours you probably need to get yourself to a local stockist!


The serious business of holidays


I was born in to a family of list writers. I am a list writer. I have a daily list, a weekly list, a shopping list, a random things list. I like to write things down and plan.

Holiday planning is my favourite kind – the promise of family time somewhere beautiful and hot, lots of clothes to be worn, multiple lists to be written in a new book with a fancy pen: bliss.

I start by writing out the days we will be away and split them into day and evening. Then I add travel days & split them into 3 (day, spare – a must with kids, evening) I do this 3 times so one each for me, Little Legs and La Bambina. You could do it on a computer but I like writing it out.

Then I go through my clothes and when I find something I like I fill in a day/evening. I do this over days, even weeks sometimes. It is the most important part of my packing. Things fit differently if you haven’t worn them since last summer, you notice a stain from last year, you think a new top will work perfectly with old white jeans. If I’m not sure about it, it goes in a separate list to be tried on again nearer the time. This is serious. It also means you never over or under pack.

It makes choosing bags and shoes easy. Last year the studded Kurt Geiger Moves in gold and silver were perfect so I will take them again as well as brown leather, navy and black Havaianas to wear all day. I’m taking one pair of heels – ancient black leather and raffia wedges. I am not that keen on wedges normally but they feel right in the sunshine and less formal than other types of heel.
Havaiana family.

I have a large selection of sunglasses and take them all away. I have a black cat eye hole in my collection so I may make a small purchase at the airport.

This made me smile.

I can’t recommend the Jantzen swimsuits enough. Supportive, flattering but not frumpy. The floral one with black sides is my favourite. The J Crew swimsuits are lovely quality though they offer less bust support than the others I have. The Midnight Grace was a last minute sales purchase for the pricely sum of £11.50.

I have a case of beachwear that only comes out a few times a year. Much of it is a few years old but here are some bits I’ve added recently. Topshop sundress, Next white bandeau dress, New Look denim playsuit, ASOS palm print playsuit, Seafolly kaftan (I have navy and the neon).
I like this last minute order off the shoulder cheesecloth dress from ASOS. I save white for holidays and wear a lot of it.

Evening wear
I’ll share some of my evening wear while I’m away or when I return. I don’t take anything too fussy. Lots of harems, silky shorts, cami tops and a few bright necklaces. I am taking the French Connection blue sunburst maxi I’ve fallen in love with again.

Make up & beauty stuff
I adore Chanel Les Beiges. I usually use shade 10 over my foundation but I shall be using shade 30 on holiday instead of foundation with a bit of my usual Nars creamy concealer (I wear Custard). I bought the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Ibiza as recommended by Gina and now I’m using it properly, I love it.

I really rate Laura Mercier eyeshadows. This Cognac is such a beautiful shade on – perfect for green /hazel eyes. I’ll take Forest Green and Bleu Marine too as well as the Chestnut I use everyday at home (good for eyebrows too)
Last year my lipsticks were Nars Schiap and Red Square. This year they’re joined by Mac Relentlessly Red and So Chaud.

Ann got on the case and found me a waterproof mascara.
First impressions are good – it’s waterproof (so many aren’t!), it doesn’t cake and I can get it off with a normal makeup remover. It has beautiful packaging to boot.

I really rate this Aveda sun shampoo and body wash which gets rid of chlorine. I got a handful of samples of Damage Remedy Restructuring Treatment too. It’s a bit too heavy for frequent use in London but great for in the sunshine.

What a long post! Sorry if I’ve bored you but a few people have asked for a holiday post.

I’m off to tick some more things off my lists. Back soon!

Saturday Night at the Movies

My sister surprised me on Saturday with a night out at a cool bar and open air cinema on the roof of an old car park.
Love the car plant pots.

The movie screen. You get headphones and blankets too. Luckily it didn’t rain but they give out ponchos if it does.

Red wine, popcorn, chocolate. Perfect.

I had no idea where we were going so tried to wear something that would be fine anywhere. Zara green jumpsuit, Zara black, red and leopard sandals.

What did we see? My favourite movie! 20140728-102206-37326064.jpg