Friday – making the most of sunny days

I love a Friday night. I do a big exercise session first thing on Fridays so feel virtuous by the end of the day and ready for a nice evening.

This afternoon we went for a walk/scoot along the river with my sister then dinner along the way.

I debuted the new sandals and Next dress.

Topshop sandals, Next dress, Topshop bag (sold out, this is a similar as I can find), ASOS hoops (so good I have two back up new pairs, in fashion or not, me and gold hoops have an unbreakable bond)

The second photo shows the dress as it falls on a larger chest (34G currently) I’m wearing a Fantasie full cup bra underneath, you could make it more or less booby with a safety pin / different bra.

Back tomorrow.

New things!

I am desperate to share these sandals. I’ve had them in and out of my basket and am so pleased I finally clicked buy!

Topshop sandals. They are leather and the same quality as my Ancient Greek sandals that are much more expensive. An initial try on makes me think they’re comfortable too, I have so many slide/mule style sandals and shoes, I’ve forgotten what real comfort feels like!

I realised recently that I have an opened toe heel hole in my shoe cupboard ;-).These are really comfortable, leather and seem true to size. Though for the benefit of anyone like my sister who hates there not being enough shoe at the end of the foot, with both of these you could consider sizing up. I didn’t for reference.

This H&M dress is a winner at just over £10 and perfect for anyone like me who hates sun tan strap marks. I am wearing a L here but have returned it for a M so definitely size down. It isn’t frilled at the bottom – it’s just too big as there is too much material.

This dress is part of the Next beach range but I never let those details worry me. I like it. A wrap dress that’s not a real wrap dress – I think that might be why it has bad reviews and why I like kt. Black frill dress, old Next sandals, & Other Stories earrings, Hoochie Mama necklace.

For the eagle eyed – I have white paint that won’t come off my toes and I have very sore fingernails (don’t look at them close up!!) from gel nails / pulling up carpets. Yuck, I know.

Back soon.

A jumpsuit

I spent a lot of last week in either gym gear or sitting in the sunshine in old shorts and ancient sun tops – the kind of outfits that no one needs to see.

I also took delivery of this jumpsuit though which I do want to share. I am not sure me in it will sell it to you, it’s a bit small and creased, but trust me, it’s worth a try. Uniqlo jumpsuit.

I am wearing a size L. I am returning it because it can see some back fat under my bra strap. They don’t do an XL but if you’re any smaller than me, it’s a great jumpsuit! You can wear a proper bra under it too and it has pockets!

It also comes in black but that’s sold out in most sizes though it says you can register your email for restock alerts. They have this cami style jumpsuit too which is reduced to less than £15 at the moment and comes in a lovely khaki.

While I’m linking to Uniqlo gear, have a look at these dresses for kids. We bought similar ones from the Liberty collaboration last summer and they’ve been some of my girls’ most worn dresses (in winter too with a tshirt and leggings)

It was my daughter’s birthday weekend so we had lots of celebrating.

All old for Friday in the park – Mango cheesecloth top, Topshop bag, Next sandals, Zara jeans.

My daughter choose this outfit for me. & Other Stories silk shirt, old ASOS jeans, Zara jacket, H&M heels.

Zara jeans, old Uniqlo black silk shirt, my mum’s old green Zara linen jacket (this looks interesting!), Marks and Spencer kitten heels.

Back tomorrow with some new gear.

Oh sunshine!

The sun is shining again!

I did my usual Friday outdoor exercise session this morning. It’s so much easier in the sunshine and makes me feel virtuous going into the weekend.

After I went to meet my sister and dad for lunch then to the park for an hour after school with the kids. I’m hoping we are going out for dinner shortly as our BBQ has rusted beyond repair and I have zero enthusiasm for cooking indoors this evening.

I am so happy to be wearing this Zara dress! I really love it.

Zara dress, ASOS hoops, Topshop bag (sold out, sorry), last year’s Next Pom Pom mules. The bag sold out quickly and I’ve struggled to find similar but I love this, this and this too.

It’s going to be a sunny Bank Holiday weekend so I shall be breaking out all my new dresses including possible this one from H&M.

Back soon.

Turban headbands

I suppose it was more or less inevitable that more hair adornments were coming after seeing the fashion pack wearing hair bows and embellished clips recently. Mix that with the current love for all things 90s combined with increasing references to the Hollywood glamour and yep, it is no surprise that turban style headbands are having a moment.

Excuse me for a second.  I am going to say now up front that I don’t expect I am the only one who has an odd relationship with the turban (of the non religious variety, I must point out!) They seem the main cover up recommended for people suffering from chemo related hair loss and as such hold a strange place in the heart and mind for many of us.  One of my best friends sent my mum a beautiful turban that she wore after chemo when it was cold.  Other than that, she went hair/hat/turban free with huge earrings and bright make up.  Maybe that’s why I can still wear a turban style hairband. If this blog makes you feel sad, I am sorry.

Moving on.

I first saw these on photos of the Gucci runway. This photo doesn’t do the look justice (google Gucci headband turbans and you’ll see what I mean) The riot of colour and print and texture looks fabulous!


At the top end we have the Gucci all silk printed headbands and Valentino doing the full on silk turban. It did make me smile to read Net-a-Porter suggest you might use one to keep your hair out of your face on the beach, I’d recommend a Claire’s £2 one for that and these for more fancy occasions 😉

gucci headband

On the High Street Zara is leading the way and have already seemingly sold out of their five most popular designs.

Zara headband 1

This is the one I have.

Me headband 1.jpgThis was an “it’s arrived, try it on” moment rather than how I would wear it (I was also trying on my new grey linen jacket).  I have a black H&M maxi dress and black ASOS t-shirt dress that are always crying out for an extra something.  I may’ve just found it.

stripe headband zaraThis striped one looks good, though for me not so good under a straw hat??Zara hat

yellow plain headband

If you’d prefer plain, Zara has you covered with red, yellow and black.  In for a penny and all that, I have ordered the red.  Zara headband red

This red and blue leopard version is rather cool for £7.99.leopard headband

More muted pastel colours from ASOS

.pastel print headband

I love this colour block tie-yourself scarf and look, polka dots! My daughter is a big fan of the Rosie Revere style head though so I will just have to watch her rock this knotted style.

multi colour tie yourself

Stories are in on the action too.  This pink pearly headband is rather special. What a cool alternative to a hat for a summer wedding.

pearl headband

I didn’t succeed with the skirt or dress in the peony print, maybe I need the headband 😉

peony print

How long do we think it will be until I buy this black and gold one? (clue, not long!)

black and gold

The other option is the actual headband, Anthropologie have a stash of beautiful ones (look at this!), and the kids’ sections at Zara and Mango usually have a fair few too.  anthro 3

I have ordered the one below while writing this blog post.  Since I realised how Bianca Jagger these all are, I can’t get enough.

Anthro 2

I can already feel the friction between how much I am going to love this divine red dragon print headband and how much my partner is going to loathe it!

Anthro 1

I have the shoes, now I could have the headband 😉

Interestingly they all seem to be worn over the hair rather than sitting under the hair at the back.  I will have to revisit this as I have a very small head and things tend to ping off it! Maybe I should use the school day to have a rummage in my daughter’s headband drawer.  Especially since I am expecting to lose my new Zara headband shortly after 3:30 when she arrives home and discovers me wearing it. As ever, I love to hear what you think.

Back soon.