Today was a good day

After weeks worth of sickness, we went out with friends for lunch and had a lovely time!

I was so happy with the two new things I wore. It’s really hard to take a good photo of black indoors in winter, especially when there are kids screaming for you just out of shot. This shirt is viscose but I really like it. It hangs well and feels special without being ott.  I have a 14. I have the shoes in a 7 (size up if you’re in between sizes) Sparkly, not too high and properly adjustable with all the straps. 

This week is going to be a good week!

Back soon. 

A bit of lace

What a few weeks! This is one of the reasons I hate winter – it’s been almost a month since we’ve all been well in my house and I’m so tired of it. It has felt a bit funny to be thinking about sparkly, fancy clothes while sitting in my pyjamas and cleaning up after sick kids!

Anyway, on to clothes.  

I’ve been looking for a black lace dress for years. I have lost count of how many I’ve tried. Perhaps part of the issue is that one of my sisters has one from Reiss. When we were on our annual sisters’ weekend away last year, she put it on and my jaw dropped. She looked simply stunning. Every time I’ve tried one since, I’ve thought of her in hers and none have made me look like that. 

On Thursday, after a week at home licking my wounds (or sore gums) I went for a stroll. We were going to a wedding on Friday night and I couldn’t find anything appropriate to wear in my wardrobe (happens often when I’m under the weather) I popped in to Joy to buy a wedding card and a black lace dress with a high neck and beautiful back detail caught my eye. So here I am in it, wedding ready. Louche at Joy black lace dress, Falke tights, Zara heels. I have the dress in a 14 as I couldn’t get the 12 done up. 

I bought this blouse in Joy too. It’s polyester but I can overlook that for a once in a while party top. I’ve tried it with jeans and heels and am really pleased with it. 

Saturday I escaped the house and took my eldest on our annual trip to Liberty to buy a Christmas bauble. It was really busy but we had the best day (and managed to find a few Zara treats for ourselves)Old Topshop coat, Office Lucky Charm boots, & Other Stories green merino roll neck dress (size down!), old Mint Velvet pleather leggings, old See by Chloe bag, ASOS hoops. Looking unusually prim for  Sunday dinner with the inlaws. Uniqlo merino crew neck, Zara skirt, Falke tights, old Zara bow kitten heels. I have a large in the skirt and an XL in the Uniqlo top. 

I have a few other bits to share. I adore these gold mules from M&S I have a 7 so they seem pretty true to size. 

Please bear in mind that I took this photo two days after having my teeth removed….Zara gold shirt, H&M velvet trousers. I shall be keeping both but not wearing them together. 

I got this lovely black lace blouse from Zara too. It’s quite cropped so I got these high waisted trousers to go under it. 

I have a few bits arriving today, mainly Christmas presents with my traditional one for you one for me approach 😉

I’m off to down some more echinacea and snuggle up with my little one. 

Back soon. 

When the going gets tough

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will know I’ve had some pretty heavy dental work done and am in a fair bit of pain.  Add to that the generally crap way our world seems to be going and I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps. 

And so I’ve been shopping. First the velvet. I don’t know how this will go as I loathe the feeling of velvet. I may have to wear gloves to get dressed. Velvet sweatshirt from & Other Stories. I am seeing this with jeans, sequinned harems and my plethora of pleated skirts as a very easy festive look. Velvet trousers from H&M. Not to be worn with the sweatshirt, promise! Add a silk shirt and who knows, they might work. H&M Satin skirt. I don’t know what it is about this skirt but I think it’s beautiful. It may well not suit me at all but I have to give it a try.  It should arrive tomorrow I hope. Topshop loafers. These came today and while I love them, they aren’t for those of you that need matching shoes – the pattern is random and different on each foot but that’s what drew me to them. They’re beautiful on and look good with cropped jeans. They’re comfy too. 

I added myself an embroidered dress to a Zara order for my kids too and have some new jeans and a poloneck dress I bought recently still to share – I’ll blog them when these orders have all come and I can report back. 

Back soon. 

Little beauty

I love make up and lotions and potions but am an easily led shopper rather than one who knows my stuff. I’m very lucky to have dear friends who are experts and I always ask for their recommendations now before I buy anything. 

A few weeks back I opened the parcel of dreams from one of these wonderful women. A box full of special treats with a note on how to use them all. 

I’m a tad embarrassed by how excited this product makes me but believe me, it’s a game changer and I had to share it. Hourglass Ambient Light Powder. 

I’ve been struggling with blusher this past year or two. I already (I am only just 40 fgs) have crepey skin and pretty impressive crows feet around my eyes and all blusher just seemed to somehow accentuate them (I don’t put it near my eyes, promise) After watching a few YouTube videos – another thing my friends have got me into – I tried using the third powder in the palette (Radiant Light) as a blusher and I love it. It’s quite subtle but warms the face rather than flushing / brightening it like lots of the blushers I tried. It’s easy to build up too. 

The middle shade Incandescent Light, is more of a highlighter, a gentle sweep down the nose and cheekbones is flattering but much more subtle than the Mac highlighter I’ve been using until now. This shade is a limited edition and only available in this set. 

The first shade, Dim Light is the truly amazing one. It creates a blur on the skin, doesn’t settle into pores and looks good in photos. A quick sweep through all 3 with a big brush and yay, glowy skin. I won’t ever be without this now. 

This is me with it on post long dentist trip. 

Back soon.