We’re shopping

I went to the shops with my mate today, mainly to do some returns and to buy some of the tiny gifts I need for my kids’ felt advent calendar (if you’re ever deluded enough to think they’re a good idea, think again)Marks and Spencer dress, Nike Air, J Crew leather biker jacket, Mama necklace, Chloe Mini Marcie bag, Zara neckscarf.

What’s in the Zara bag? So I returned both dresses from my last post. I bought another, of course. This photo isn’t doing it justice – it’s slightly silky, shirt style and has a big waist tie that you can put at the front or back depending on how many puddings you’re trying to hide. Christmas sorted.

Leopard print dress, Topshop boots. Actually I think I’ll wear it with black heels or a longer boot but this was just a quick try on.

I annoyed myself by buying this skirt too. I already have a leopard print skirt (from Zara) and don’t need another. BUT. Mine is a bit too short for trainers, winter etc etc. This one is inches longer and perfect. It has a split up the side too so is a definite evening wear contender too. (Skirt here with Stories jumper and old Topshop boots)

Ending with what I changed into for dinner in our local pub.Zara jeans, Zara boots, Stories roll neck, Cos coat.

I almost returned the boots. They’re substantial, leather and hug your foot. I paid £99 for them and they seem to be twenty quid cheaper suddenly. My mate reminded me how many lovely brown and tan items of clothing I have in my wardrobe and I tried them together and kept them. Thanks, Gina. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing them and am thinking I’ll be planning my wardrobe around them for some time to come.

Back tomorrow.

Another day, another green / leopard print dress

I have a few leopard print dresses. I have a few green dresses. Here are a few more I’ve tried recently.

I don’t think I’ve shared this leopard print Zara dress before. I’ve not worn it yet and am still considering whether it can stay in my wardrobe or not. The idea is great: a long leopard print shirt dress. All things I love. The cut isn’t friendly to those with big chests and a bigger belly though. I have an XL on here and could’ve done with a size if not two bigger to feel properly comfortable.

This is almost a green version of the dress above but the material is much thinner and it has pockets (I do love a pocket)Here with old Topshop boots and Zara coat.

This one is new and definitely an apple shape’s friend in terms of cut.  The material isn’t fantastic though – it’s an almost scuba like quality that makes me sweat looking at it.Here with old Topshop boots.

I like the shape and how easy to wear it looks but the material is putting me off.

Who knows, will I wish I had these in my wardrobe over the festive season? Will I turn to long lived dresses instead? What do you think?

Back soon.

Green dresses

I love green in all it’s shades and variations. It is my favourite colour to wear. I was having a little try on the other day to get me out of my jeans and a jumper rut and thought I’d share these two green dresses.

I bought this first dress from Zara when it was still sandal weather but after removing the tags I realised it was too short (I’m 5″6) I have no truck with the idea of age being a barrier to wearing things. I’m 42 and will wear whatever I want whenever I want but I couldn’t bend down in this dress. Add tights and boots though and it’s much easier to pull off.

Zara dress, Falke tights, old Topshop boots, green teddy coat, Mama necklace.

This next dress would be perfect if it was a roll not turtle neck (I love roll necks, dislike turtle necks)Old Stories dress (similar here), Zara coat, Falke tights, old Topshop boots, Mama necklace.

Have a good Sunday.

Back soon.

Silky skirts

I’ve been interested to see if the slip skirt and big jumper trend would work on someone bigger than the usual models.Zara skirt (another one to stalk, it comes in and out of stock), Stories roll neck, Zara boots, Falke tights (also with a very old Uniqlo silk shirt)

Not silky but a similar slip style skirt in snakeprint.

Zara skirt, Stories roll neck, old Topshop boots.

A note on the roll neck which I’ve mentioned before. I have it in the black, brown and last year’s orange. It’s warm but the kind of shape that you can easily fit a shirt underneath – it’s just the kind of roll neck you need for the chunky jumper / silky skirt trend.

Back soon.

Teddy bear

I have fancied a teddy coat for a few years. I really wanted one I saw in Urban Outfitters last winter but one of my teenage sister already had it. She didn’t mind me getting it too but I wasn’t keen on standing next to the beauty that she is (and twenty years younger than me!) in matching coats.

Fast forward to this year and they’re everywhere.

I tried this one from H&M, mainly because I was ordering some stuff for the kids and had heard it was good. The longer one I ordered keeps selling out but they have a shorter one here and check back if you really want it as they seem to restock a lot. I really liked how it looked on line but the colour is a bit paler in real life and less luxe with it. H&M teddy coat This was an “it’s arrived, try it on” rather than in anyway styled to show an audience as you can tell. For reference, the Ivy Park hoodie I’m wearing under it is pretty oversized. Here with an old Uniqlo merino jumper, this is a large and you can see that it’s a big old coat but I think a M would’ve been tight across the shoulders. I decided it was just too bulky and that the quality would annoy me so back it went.

One of my regular search terms is just “green” How pleased I was when a “green” Zara search showed me this! It’s perhaps more faux shearling than teddy but I like that.Zara green faux shearling coat

Zara coat, Stories cashmere jumper (old but this year’s version is here), Zara jeans, old Office boots, Zara neck scarf, very old Linea bag.

I like it so much I am wearing it straight away – always a good sign!

Back tomorrow with some silky skirts.