Leggings and a tunic

It’s nice to get out of my denim uniform every now and then.    
Isabel Marant Etoile Dita dress, old Mint Velvet pleather leggings, black suede Adidas trainers, Gap denim shirt (under jumper), Woolrich parka, Anya Hindmarch mini Gracie bag. 

I got the dress for my birthday six months ago but had been dithering over whether to sell it or not (the dropped sleeves add unneeded bulk to my top half) I tried it on again yesterday with a denim shirt underneath and really enjoyed wearing it. 

Hope you had a good weekend. 

Topshop temptation

So I was returning an on line order to Topshop earlier (Hayden jeans were too big, Kola mules were too small) Normally I do this via the Post Office but I needed to get a few presents so to Westfield I went.       

Always dangerous. 

The shop assistant said the Haydens were an old style and discontinued. Luckily I found a whole rack of them ten minutes later, reduced to £10. I need a 28 so the sizing must be huge!

The Kolas aren’t in store yet so I couldn’t try a 41. I will reorder them on line because the leather was buttery soft and I really, really liked them. 

I did try and leave the shop but then I spotted the green bomber jacket I’ve been eyeing up on line. Just a try, I thought.   This is me in the petite 10 I tried by mistake (with old Zara jeans, Adidas Stan Smith mid tops, Selfish Mother sweatshirt) I bought a 12 and returned home a happy woman.

Ps. If you’re tempted, smaller than me and want to spend less have a look in Berksha. 

Lust list

Random things I fancy. Topshop flippy shorts
Camel jacket, Next £65 I can’t find it on line but this looks interesting too. 

 Jimmy Choo Moxy leather sandals

 Sensi Studio cotton dress 

Self Portarit dresses are not made for women with my shape.  I’m very taken by this black lace panelled mini dress though and am hopeful the lack of the usual SP tummy band might work. Ancient Greek Ikaria sandals in silverAncient Greek Ikaria sandals in neon rubber Sam Edelman Gela fringes sandals in blue Topshop Kangaroo espadrilles Next green sequin skirtTop Shop Kola mule loafer New colour Rosa Topshop heels Hush black jacket 

Back soon.