Top knot & shorts

Wow it’s muggy in London today! 

I did my last bootcamp of the summer this morning, quick shower and off to the park in my summer uniform of denim shorts, Mango loose cotton blouse, Havaianas and a top knot. Back soon with something a bit more glam. 

Did you know….

I rarely go to Primark (I’ve never got over the rumours about how they clothes are made) but I made an exception yesterday to get a present I know a friend really wants. 

I had a little browse while we were there and I was over the moon to see they stock bra sized bikinis! 

I got these two – the tops were £6 and the bottoms £4. What a bargain!I’m wearing this one today in sunny London Town (in my garden I hasten to add!)

Enjoy the sunshine. 

Summer clothes

We had a lovely inpromptu few days in the sunshine. It was very relaxed break so I don’t have loads of outfit photos. I promise more from my next holiday :-)It took a while for me to realise I was wearing this Topshop dress the wrong way (the floaty bit is supposed to go around the arms) cue much faffing to get my arms in. I didn’t like how it felt so swapped back. It’s jersey and really easy to wear (my way) A good holiday staple and a lovely blue. This orange dress was from Zara moons ago and has survived several red wine spillages. I do like a bright dress for a summer’s evening. I’m wearing it with old black tasselled sandals. 

I am very pleased with this pyjama suit from H&M and wish they did it in another print. It’s true to size though beware, the top needs a safety pin to stop the button coming undone. This was another top from my H&M smash and grab.  It was £10 I think and I wore it loads. H&M top again with old Gap shorts. I found these loafers that I thought I’d lost just before we went away. Happy days!

I’ve treated myself to some new sandals. I have wanted a pair of the winged Ancient Greeks for years and hit buy as  soon as I saw these black and gold beauties on the Outnet. 

Back soon with more holiday outfit ideas. 


I got this pretty top and boyfriend jeans in the Zara sale. It is unusual when I want to keep everything I order from Zara, the quality is pretty patchy normally, but this time, it all stays.  The mirrors in the top aren’t actually mirrors but it’s fresh and pretty and I’m wearing it straight away, always a good sign. 

I also got this white shirt which has a pretty blue trim, a third pair of these jeans, this pretty top (consider sizing down), these short shorts (I have a 14), all in the sale. 

A few other recent purchases. I stalked these Kat Maconie sandals I saw on ASOS for a good month or two before they hit the sales. I had high hopes of wearing them for my birthday party but they’ve thrown me. The front is beautiful but the heel is a horrid bright shiny gold. I decided to send them back and boxed them up only for all my IG friends to say not to. So they’re out of the returns box and on the undecided pile. Truth is, I love the front so much, I think they’re the ones. High though, my poor knees!

I got this pyjama suit in H&M. It has done nothing to allay my partner’s concerns about the amount of nightwear as daywear slipping into my wardrobe! I have a 12 in the shorts and a 14 in the top. 

I got this bandeau top too. Great with denim shorts on holiday. I have a 12. 

All about Italy again tonight. Let’s hope we do it better sta sera. 

Back soon.