A dress, new boots & a Zara mooch

I love my new Office Lucky Charm boots so much! Old Zara dress, Office Lucky Charm boots,   & Other Stories bag

I had a stroll around Westfield yesterday with a friend and we both bought the same new top in ZaraIt’s my favourite colours, khaki and gold and I wore it straight away with Zara stepped hem jeans and the new boots of course. I have a medium (it’s a loose fit)

I’m going for a proper child free mooch round the shops with my sister tomorrow and want to try this top on in ZaraI like the Joseph-esque front tie and it looks like it’s fitted on the shoulders rather than the raglan style Zara seem to be favouring at the moment (awful on a larger chest I find)

I am going to try this leopard print top too. It’s polyester of course but I really like the look of it. I adore leopard print but seem to have “lost” lots of mine over the years and am over the moon to see it everywhere this season. 

This lyocell khaki dress looks worth a try too. My sister has a similar one from Topshop and every time she wears it I think “I need one of those”. I love how they’re styled it. Now I’m not going to be spending so much time playing and sitting on the floor, I might give tights and dresses another go this Autumn. With my Lucky Charms of course!

I’ve had my eye on this embellished sweatshirt in Zara too. I’m not entirely sure about the white ribbed back but will try it on. 

I really like the idea of this gold top under a black tux but need to see it in real life as it looks like it could snag easily. 

I’ll be returning the Zara embroidered jeans tomorrow. I didn’t realise they’d be so high waisted and I know from bitter experience that I just don’t wear uncomfortable clothes. I also struggled with footwear – the slits at the front just didn’t work for me. 

Finally I forgot to mention a new shirt I got from New Look a few weeks ago and have worn a fair bit. It’s on sale at ASOS here. It’s shorter than my Zara plaid shirts so I got a 14. 

Back soon.  

What a difference a week makes

This time last week I was sweltering in denim shorts and a cami, yesterday I froze down by the river. Autumn is definitely in the air. 

I’ve yet to spend any real time thinking about what I want to wear this Autumn. Jeans of course, trainers (these Gola ones are my latest addition and I fancy some new hi tops) and I can’t see myself giving up on plaid shirts for a while. Times are changing here though, my baby has started school so I’ll be spending less time sat on the floor playing and more time doing, well, other things. 

Something I won’t be wearing again is these trousers from Next. I wore them yesterday and they were so uncomfortable that they made me feel irritable all day. I think they’re too short in the leg and too tight around the ankles. The area around the embroidery is all puckered too. Not good. I’m hoping the sweatshirt will serve me better. Or maybe one day I’ll learn that Next just isn’t a shop for me. (If I’ve not put you off, you’ve got shorter legs than me and fancy giving the trousers a go, they’ll be on eBay next week with loads of other stuff already listed)

I tried this Gap khaki jumpsuit last week with 40% off. I tried the small first of all as the reviews say it fits very large. I couldn’t move my shoulders in the S so this is a M. Another fail – it’s decent quality but the proportions and fit are wrong on my shape so back it went. 

Friday wasn’t a great day – my smallest was very upset at having to go to school and I spent the day feeling a mixture of panic and sadness. Luckily my dad came over to cheer me up and took me out for lunch. I wore my favourite stepped hem Zara jeans (I have three pairs), gold Nike Cortez, old Cos black tshirt and an ancient leather bomber jacket I found in a forgotten storage box. 

Out for a movie, run about in the park and Sunday lunch today and I’m wearing two new things that I adore. Topshop shirt, Zara jeans, Office Lucky Charm boots (the black have sold out but have a look on eBay or here for the divine red)

I was worried that the gold on the Office Lucky Charm boots looked cheap but as soon as I put them on, I knew they’d stay. It’s a brilliant feeling to have wanted something so much, finally get it and love it! I want to sleep in them!

This Topshop shirt is a satiny material and really does look like a pyjama top. I really like it. My partner does not (the earrings are just adding to the offence apparently)I think Topshop do really good printed shirts and am keeping my eyes open for new ones. Let me know if you’ve spotted any gems. 

I’m collecting these Zara jeans tomorrow. I need to check out the legs slits and how they sit with boots/shoes but they look promising?

Other than that, nothing’s grabbing me at the moment. Let me know if you’re feeling inspired by anything and I’ll be back soon. 

Get Lucky

I look at the Chloe Susannas at least one a week. I adore them but they’re out of my league.

I usually steer away from total High Street copies preferring a gentle tribute but when you love a pair of boots this much, well, as near to a copy as they can do is a good thing. 

I’ve spent a winter kicking myself for missing the Office Nighthawks that ever blogger I follow nabbed and sold out long ago. Today I used the 25% off code mariec25 to order their new version, the Lucky Charms. I’m hoping they’ll live up to expectations (and that the “gold” tabs on the straps won’t be as bright as they look) 

I’ll report back. 

New things

A few new bits.ASOS ballerina flats. They’re a kind of satin so won’t last forever but they’re pretty and for £18 I can dip a satiny toe in the trend. 

This Topshop bag is really lovely. I’ve managed to loose much of the animal print from my wardrobe and am looking forward to wearing this with my favourite khaki. 

My love affair with Topshop shoes continues and I kept both these boots and the full loafer version of the Kylies I’ve loved wearing since spring.I really like these Apple-Pie boots and the leopard version of the Karates look fab (I have last season’s silver) too. 

I have been trying to eek every moment of fun out of the summer and have been very bad at taking outfit photos. Here’s me today. Zara playsuit, Mango fringed sandals and my new favourite bag, a grey Disco-lookalike from Italy from one of my lovely friends. 

I’m having a huge clear out soon as I try and cut my wardrobe by half, no more “I might wear it one day”, if I don’t wear it, it goes. Wish me luck!

Cheap frill

Well, reasonably cheap. ASOS frilled leather clutch

It’s not structured which I like. It zips up too under the frilled flap unlike many of the simple leather clutches. I’ve used my plain & Other Stories one many, many times and am pleased with this quite subtle update. 

Back soon with a few new bits and an update of what I’ve been wearing while I’ve eeked every ounce of fun out of this summer.