My nan is 100 today and I’m off to collect my girls early to take them to a little party for her. 

I am wearing a bit of colour and my new Topshop Karpenter loafers. The rest is mainly old – Zara jeans, Cos coat and H&M shirt (size down at least once)The Karpenter loafers were a surprise. They’re slimmer than both the Topshop Karters and the Office Dappers. I have my usual 7 and they took a bit of pulling to get on. I am so pleased I wasn’t put off though, the leather is really soft and it’s like wearing slippers! They feel very luxe and I’m really pleased with them. 

Back tomorrow. 

Slogan tops

Slogan tshirts are having (another) moment. I have lots of them so this makes me happy. They’re easier to wear than band tshirts for me – I hate heavy metal and rock and just can’t bring myself to wear the tshirt. Give me a message about love (or feminism) and I’m there. 

Here are a few of my current favourites. 

I got this last week from La Redoute. There is a sweatshirt version too which is £12 and you get another 10% off with code save15. Bargain. 

This is new too and from Topshop. They only have petite sizes left so get it quick! I have a medium in the regular and it’s loose so I’d say they’re oversized. 

This “Addicted to Black” tee from H&M is on the way to me. You can get 10% off and free delivery if your order is over £50 with code 6015. 

I have a Mickey Mouse t-shirt very similar to this (maybe the same though mine was from Uniqlo) which I love under a black blazer with jeans.  My kids hate it with a passion and I’ve had to promise not to wear it to collect them from school! Here with the Zara velvet blazer I got just before Christmas and H&M heels. The blazer sold out fast but this and this are similar and both reduced. 

This 1972 white and red t-shirt from Topshop looks good. Black jacket, Mom jeans and maybe these heels that I have my eye on. I’m really attracted to red at the moment. 

This was made for me. Story of my life. 

Not a slogan but I really like this cactus print one and what a steal at less than a tenner. 

Another logo rather than slogan and stolen from the boys but what a lovely colour this tshirt is (doesn’t the model look like David Walliams?!)

This is supposedly for men too but its slim fitting and I know quite a few women who prefer men’s tshirts and jumpers anyway. A.P.C Oh l’Amour tshirt 

I haven’t shopped in Mango for quite a while but they have some great t shirts in.  It won’t let me link to this for some reason but I might get the smallest size in this for my daughter. This is worth a look too, again from Mango. 

New Look is always worth a browse for tshirts and sweatshirts. I like the colours on this tattoo heart one, not bad for under £10. The red version looks great too but is only available in a 10 and 16.  

Nice and sunny with a slight 70s vibe from La Redoute

Simple and black from River Island. I really like this black one and might order this one with a bit of leopard print to try too. 

Hush isn’t a brand I have bought much from but I see it everywhere and after kicking myself for missing out on the black lightening tshirt, I hit buy as soon as I saw the grey and metallic was back in stock. I got an M. 

Random but how about an Edward Scissorhands vest? I find these sleeves quite flattering on the upper arms. 

I like a slogan sweatshirt too. Today I’m wearing the “Feminism” one I got from H&M last year. 

The Selfish Mother sweatshirts are really good quality and a percentage of the sale from each one goes to charity. I have the grey “Mother” and “Winging It” and the black and gold “Strong” that a mate bought for me. I’ve just bought this “Rebel” t-shirt. 

If you have £500 burning a hole in your pocket, this might be for you. 

I’m struggling with links today so I can’t show you the J Crew ones I wanted to. Some of my old favourites are J Crew, the “Bon Vivante” and “Vote for Love” grey ones I have and my black days of the week in French. 

More good news that blazers/jackets are cool to wear again –  music to my ears. Jeans, slogan tshirt, blazer, heels. Comfortable and stylish and my spring summer uniform I’m sure. 

Here I am in my favourite (ancient!) slogan tee, Zara jeans, Hush black jacket, Topshop shoes.  

Back soon. 

Ps one for the little people in our lives

Tuesday treats & temptations

Finally it’s starting to get a bit warmer, it’s been freezing and grey in London for longer than I care to remember. I have had no inspiration whatsoever in terms of what I’ve been wearing and so nothing outfit wise to share. Jeans, trainers and jumpers all the way. Yawn. 

I do have a few new things and an update on a pre half term purchase though, and of course a list of things I want. 

First the red Zara shoes (which aren’t red) When I saw them they were described as red, now it says “strawberry” which is definitely a truer description. The heel height is good – just enough to give a slight lift but fine to run around in. I liked the idea of a shoeboot, I don’t have any, but these are not the ones for me.

M&S have 20% off at the moment with code FB6F5. I bought a few bits to try.  These blue bow fronted heels looked dreamy. I had in my mind that I’d wear them to a wedding or a christening or some such occasion. I don’t have any weddings or christening to go to though nor any stiletto worthy event and the blue is too pale for me so yup, back they’ve gone. This blue striped top from M&S went back too. It creased just putting it on giving it a big thumbs down from me.  This top stays, it’s black with a khaki embroidery. It has a coin detail on too which I have a soft spot for. I’d have preferred it floaty without the loosely elasticated waist but I like the colours so much and am looking forward to wearing it with jeans and sandals as soon as the sun comes out. I’d say to size up, I have a 14 and it’s not baggy (I’m usually a 12)

Now for what’s tempting me. Black Topshop Karpenter loafers. I’d decided to get the pink Karters but dithered and they sold out. Black it is. 

Red Chicago Bulls sweatshirt. 

Khaki paper bag trousers. I know these are going to make me look huge but it’s an itch I may have to scratch. 

Sports socks are a Big Thing apparently. This pleases me greatly as a big trainer wearer. My regular training socks won’t do so I’ve ordered these

As luck has it, my sister and kids have their half term a week after us and so we’ve had a glorious Tuesday after school together hanging out with them beating our post holiday blues.  Life’s for living after all, even on a Tuesday. 

Back soon. 

Sock boots

Since the start of the year I’ve been back to boxing a few times a week, making sure I don’t drink alcohol in the week and working through our family to do list (this week we are redoing my eldest’s bedroom) I find myself enjoying Fridays even more now – all of us home, good food and maybe a glass of wine. Happy days. 

It’s really cold in London and even snowed a bit a few times yesterday. It was too grey to get a decent shot of my dark outfit but I wanted to show you the boots. I’m in Mango jeans which are now in their sale (I like the look of these too), Boden cashmere roll neck, Zara black sock boots, old Cos grey coat. The boots were £29.99 and are great! They have a low kitten heel and pull on. I was complimented on them four times on the school run. They’re not leather but I can’t see how pull on boots like this could work in leather. They are perfect for under slightly cropped jeans, good news for me and my ankles as I chopped the bottoms off almost all my jeans last summer. 

Back tomorrow. 

Zebra mules

I love Topshop shoes and am building quite a collection. 

I put the gold Juicy mules on my obsession list on Monday. Then these came up on my daily “new in” scan on the Topshop website. I couldn’t resist. The sizing is slightly on the small side but only just. The heel is low enough for them to be totally comfortable. They remind me of the often fluffy house slippers I used to swoon over on women on US TV shows when I was a kid. Shoes that make me smile = happy days. 

Back soon. 

p.s these might be next.