Are you cooler than a ten year old?

Those of you that have daughters might agree that one of the joys of having a little girl is getting to choose her outfits. Well, enjoy it while it lasts – my ten year old daughter has her own ideas about fashion and they don’t include me choosing her clothes! No more pretty dresses or floral prints in her wardrobe thank you very much!

This has been coming for a while but it was really brought home to me at the weekend when we were in town, in our snazziest department store. When we got to the children’s department, I made a beeline for Bonpoint and Phoebe was magnetically drawn to Zadig and Voltaire – it seems I have a rock chick in the making! We were there to look at dresses, an item of clothing now looked upon with utter disdain. This is what I loved…robe-tikala-span-noir-span-999-1_4

robe-tikala-span-reglisse-span-569b-3_1Bonpoint Tikala dress, I love the dropped waist and the print

But this was the one that Phoebe liked, and to be honest, I can’t fault her, it’s pretty cool (and crucially – it’s black!) Zadig & Voltaire



The two of us have been stuck in the house with colds for the last couple of days and when boredom set in we decide to do some virtual outfit making. Thanks to the technical expertise of the lovely Belinda we were able to put together these boards, which was really fun.

So here’s my choice for an everyday outfit…

4d14ec9a85e8ddc33f0951b34380721aBlouseJeans, boots from Cyrillus , Jacket, hat and bag from Zara,

And this is Phoebe’s…c8a876116050686a9ac56e10c94d4f19

Jumper from Gap, bag from M&S,  Leggings, shoes and hairband are all from H&M and are all sold out now but we bought the leggings last week in store so  you might find them in real life

So how to deal with the reality that liberty prints and smocking are off the agenda? Well maybe I’ll have another baby just so I can shop in Bonpoint again…or perhaps I’ll just wait for the grandchildren!


Old Friends

It’s only in the past few years that I’ve been able to occasionally buy designer / high end / luxury brands. I’ve come to realise that for me some things just aren’t worth the ££, but also that some things really are (my next post will be on this)

Last year I ummed and ahhed over the Joseph cashmere bobble hat (seen here). In the end I got it (thanks to my dad) but then somehow I lost it. I am very careful with my things and couldn’t believe it had gone. I replaced it via eBay with a navy Chinti & Parker hat with a neon bobble but it wasn’t the same.

So I saved an eBay search “Joseph cashmere hat” and yipee, one came up last week. Less than half the original price. It is a proper jet black, it’s so soft it doesn’t itch my head or static my hair, most importantly it does what it’s supposed to – it keeps me warm. (Less £ but still beautiful and soft, my mum recommended the John Lewis cashmere hats last winter)

As if I need reminding of my chaotic state of mind, I also lost my beloved Zara Mongolian shearling scarf. It was £70 when I bought it a few years ago – it seemed like such a lot to spend on something I wouldn’t wear much. In the end I wore it loads and more importantly, I loved it every time I put it on. This was it’s last outing (with me anyway, I suspect it has a new owner) I’ve been looking for a new one since but decided the Helen Moore ones would replace it even though they’re pretty different. Then last week we were strolling around Greenwich and my sister said “There it is! Your scarf!” I resisted for a few tense minutes and then I just couldn’t. An exact replacement.
Reunited with old friends.

Have a good Tuesday.

Festival gear

So yesterday we went to a festival. Young Fathers, Aloe Black, Grace Jones, Massive Attack, some of my closest mates and family, tasty food and good beer. I’m not feeling my freshest today but what fun it was!
Eve: Black Zara ripped super skinnies, Cos black tshirt, Next bomber jacket, Adidas Stan Smiths, black Zara studded bag. Ann: Converse, J Brand jeans, Reiss Sofa jacket, J Crew tshirt, Mulberry bag.

Don’t I look pleased with myself!

Today we are going to visit one of my best mates. He’s a very good cook, he and his wife dote on our kids and he often makes me laugh so much I cry. What a lovely way to recover from yesterday. I’ll share my outfit tomorrow but I am going to debut the Toga Pullas.

Hope you’re having a happy weekend.

New Boots

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll be tired of seeing these by now.

They are my new shoes, Toga Pullas.

There are some things we all have soft spots for even though they’re not “in fashion” or are sometimes distinctly unfashionable. I suffered many “how 80s” comments for years due to my love of ripped jeans and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Hammer Time” being hummed as I sashay past in my harems.

Cowboy boots are another soft spot of mine. My parents bought me some Harley Davidson boots when I was in my teens. They were a knee high Cowboy style with a Cuban heel and a huge eagle on the front. How I loved them. I remember too the cowboy boots one of my sisters bought in a thrift store in the US and I claimed on her return home. The sole cracked and still I wore them. I think it’s the same love that draws me to these boots. They look like the boots to conquer the world in.

I always feel a bit silly posting outfits I have just tried on rather than worn out yet but here are a few ways I’ll wear them. (I’m sorry the photos aren’t the greatest – this was during nap time with the curtains drawn. I am also suffering from under eye burns after a particularly painful incident with some Kiehls cream)

Zara ripped jeans (same throughout), Uniqlo merino sweater, Cos grey coat, Toga Pullas. You will be seeing this often.

Cos black silk blouse with collar, Zara soft culottes, Zara studded black bag, Toga Pullas.

Uniqlo dress, Toga Pullas.

Uniqlo merino sweater, Cos cardigan, zara jeans, Toga Pullas.

Zara jeans, Whistles silk top, All Saints black jacket, Toga Pullas.

Zara jeans, Topshop black tshirt, Topshop leopard print coat, Helen Moore faux fur scarf, Toga Pullas.

Topshop sheer tshirt, Zara jeans, Zara bag, Topshop Pullas.

My new favourite outfit. Zara jeans, Zara shirt, Toga Pullas.

Zara jeans, Uniqlo shirt, Cos coat, Toga Pullas.

You get the picture. I will wear them a lot.

Finally, IMG_2081.JPG
I tried these in Zara and they’re really lovely. They don’t have buckles but are properly pointed and have the same vibe as the Toga Pulllas. The front looks patent in the photo but isn’t as shiny in real life. They are very statement – they wouldn’t mould to your foot I don’t think, they’d remain structured which is part of the reason I was so tempted (before I got the Togas)

Hope you’re having a good week. Weekend soon.

Three Things

I’m very happy with this Cos dress. The print is beautiful. It’s a shirt dress, a style I find forgiving and comfortable. Holy grail.
I have decided to stop keeping things for special so I wore it today with mini Gracie and Sam Edelman Gigis (I wore these because I put all my other sandals away and then found these hidden in a box) Yes, I am in a loo in the photo and my funny look is due to the bad makeup I’d had applied at the Bobbi Brown counter.

I bought two (soon to be 3!) things today that have made me smile.
This bag is fantastic! It’s not leather but it looks it. I thought I’d get to the check out and be told it’d been labelled wrongly but no, it was £29.99.
I wore it to the park with denim shorts and an ASOS tshirt this afternoon (same bad makeup)

I went into Uniqlo looking for a roll neck and ended up buying this shirt.
It’s 100% silk and is just beautiful. I have a S which is unusual.

And the third thing? Well, the Marant boots went back and my wonderful friend Mon gave me a Matches code so tonight I am going to buy something. Can you guess what?

Planning ahead

Thank goodness it is still sunny and warm (well mid-afternoon at least), but I am dreading the winter ahead and being cold for months, so I have been researching my options for the warmest yet lightest winter coat. I have some very warm coats, my vintage navy faux fur is one of my favourite coats I’ve ever possessed but it is bulky, and I have a couple of down coats but they are a bit utilitarian and I really don’t enjoy wearing them.

My first step was to rule out wool or cashmere as they are just not cosy enough. My wool coats are strictly for late autumn/early spring wear. For winter I need the big guns and that means down of some kind. So, the challenge was to find a beautiful down coat – is that possible?!

I looked everywhere from Zara to Matches, but my googling and pinning led me to three labels – Herno, Moncler and Max Mara. I needed a proper trying on session and with the children back to school I was able to shop alone – woohoo!

I had a camera fail mid morning, but these are the coats I tried…

498900_light_grey_1_3Herno from Harvey Nichols. I didn’t like it at all, the fabric was too shiny and although it was lighter than your average down coat it still felt a bit too unwieldy. So that was a ‘No’

While I was there I had to try this one, I can never resist anything sparkly

498893_light_brown_2A gorgeous coat, I loved it, it’s more mole coloured in real life which is beautiful with sequins. But not what I was looking for. If I had an unlimited budget though…

Next  tried the Moncler. There were a couple of coats, lots of jackets, but I didn’t want a coat with an elasticated waist, I don’t like that shape, so I tried this

508825_navy_2It was a major disappointment, far too mediocre to justify the price. I didn’t like the style and I hated the zip.  Honestly it was very similar to a Zara coat but 10 times the price. That was all a bit disappointing and I was tempted to console myself with cake. I had a green juice instead and planned a trip into town to see the Max Mara’s.

Now, Max Mara know how to do a good coat. I didn’t even need to try it on to know it was  ’The One’!

WOQ9DC870004NAV_1_largeIt is super light, luxe fabric, it’s reversible…WOQ9DC870004NAV_4_large

Comes with divine accessories and in a gorgeous selection of colours

WOQ9C8870002BEI_2_zoomThe lighting wasn’t the best in the changing room, but here it is on me

IMG_3751I’m planning to wear it without the belt, and I have bought some navy faux fur which I’ll use to make cuffs and a snood/collar of some kind.

I have never said this in my life, but I am, ever so slightly, looking forward to winter this year!






Trainers & a dress

Yesterday I wanted to be comfy, able to walk a lot and wear bare legs for probably one of the last times this year.
Black ASOS swing dress, Nike Airs, mini Gracie.

We went to watch more Tall Ship action, eat a hog roast and enjoy our wonderful city.

Today we are starting the redecoration of our whole house. Wish me luck. I’m just going to focus on how much I love these boots instead.
Here’s to a good week.

Burgundy shoes & Tall Ships

A lovely woman I follow on Pinterest pinned this image a few weeks ago.
The heels are lovely but it’s more the colours that have obsessed me. (The mix of silver ankle strap and gold trouser zip has me frowning!) Burgundy doesn’t look great near my face but burgundy shoes – yes please! So I’ve been pinning away and scouring online stores.

And then I spotted these in Zara.

Yes, the white sole lets them down. Yes, I’ve not worn my similar shoes since spring. Do I love them? Yes. What to do?

In other news, I’ve spent most of this weekend looking at Tall Ships. Great fun.

Zara ripped jeans, Gap shirt, Stan Smiths.

I’m off for some more river action. Hope you are having a good weekend.

Random photos, Cos jumper & Marant boots

It’s not been a great week. I won’t write loads today but have put together some random bits from my week.
I’ll start with the boots. These are the Isabel Marant Chess boots in black. I thought they were going to claim the main space in my A/W wardrobe but they’re not. They have a concealed wedge in the heel which I don’t like at all. I tried one on and didn’t bother with the other foot. They’re too short in the leg and will bag around the ankle. Back they go.

This is the Cos jumper I mentioned. I found it itchy and oddly shaped on me. This is the M. Back it goes.

A few photos from the week. Zara bomber jacket, new Zara scarf, Little Legs returns to school, new shoes and a skirt for La Bambina (both M&S)

My new shirt and jeans. I love them!

One of the highlights of my week! For my birthday my sister organised for me to receive a book a month from The Willoughby Book Club. Lovely wrapping and a beautiful anniversary copy of a brilliant book.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.