Falling into place

How often do I look at an outfit I’ve tried on and think “nah, I don’t have the right shoes”? Very, very often.

I’ll give you an example. My leather Zara trousers. They tick all my boxes for style and comfort and I love them but I’ve struggled with what to wear on my feet. Skaters are good but all mine are uncomfy. Stan Smiths are good but mine are grubby now and just don’t look right with the clean, shiny leather (look) trousers.

Dresses are another dilemma. I like trainers with dresses but my feet are a bit too big to pull that look off. I like dresses with Ash Jalouse but sometimes even the slight heel is too much for me (remember I have a 2yo who is very active)

So I present to you the/my answer. The Office Vibrant.

They are everything I hoped they would be. I love these shoes!
I wore them to a party yesterday with my red Cos Pixel dress, Zara leather jacket and See by Chloe bag.

They’ve made me feel that my autumn wardrobe is all falling into place. I should say that the Toga Pullas will be my winter footwear answer but I’m saving them for my trip to Paris in a few weeks before I start wearing them every day.

A few more images from my week.
My new Jigsaw pompom on my Zara bag (with Uniqlo red merino jumper and old M&S snakeprint scarf), beautiful pattern on an old tea tray at my nanny’s, on the train up north again (I have to get a grip on my popcorn habit!), Zara jeans, Office Vibrants, Whistles “C’est la vie” sweatshirt.

Hope you’re having a good weekend. After another manic week we are doing little more than taking a stroll in the park and going for Sunday lunch. Have a good one.

Do you wash often enough?

I’m talking about make up brushes of course!

Since I started investing in some proper brushes I am making more of an effort (well I’m washing them more than once a year for starters).

There is mixed opinion on how often is enough, obviously if you are a professional you need to wash them after using them on each client but how much is enough for a mere mortal?  I’ve found advice to suggest once a month is fine but as it actually on takes 5 minutes I do it weekly now.  I’ve got very sensitive eyes so found that using shampoo or harsh brush cleaner irritated them but I’ve discovered a great alternative…

I use the cheap(ish) and wonderful Dr. Bronner 8 in 1 magic soap.


It’s readily available on line but here’s a link to the Dr. Bronner main site

I just put a small amount in the palm of my hand (about the size of a 2p piece) and massage the wet brushes into it (because I”m lazy I do a few at the same time) then I just rinse them under a warm tap.  It’s super quick and gets everything out.  I do take care to rinse the brushes downwards to try and avoid getting the bit between the handle and the actual brush too wet (I’m sure there is a technical term for that part of the brush – goodness what it is though).  Once I’ve rinsed I sort of squidge the excess water and slightly reshape them.

And that’s it.  I then just roll up a flannel and sort of balance them on it so the brush bit is slightly pointing downwards if possible (or you can hang them over a table edge).  I find they can take quite a while to dry so I usually do it on a weekend morning as if I do them in the evening sometimes the larger brushes aren’t dry the next morning.

There are of course spot cleaners you can use but as I haven’t tested any I wouldn’t know which were best to recommend.  So…how often do you wash?


If the shoes (don’t) fit

A quick one.
I wanted the Office Vibrants so much I bought them in a size 6 which was all they had left. I am a 7. They don’t fit. Surprise!

Luckily the 7s came back in to stock and I pounced. They are on their way to me now.

I know lots of people wanted these so thought I’d check if any reader wants them instead of me returning them? Message me if you do – they’re £55. I’ll be returning them at lunchtime tomorrow if I don’t hear anything ….

Colours are calling me

I mentioned before that I’ve been obsessing over muted camo colours with burgundy and trying to work out a way to make them work for me. I’m still not convinced by camouflage but the colours are my favourites.
Zara jeans (I have two pairs of these in different sizes), J Crew sweatshirt, Zara shoes, beer blogger’s own.

Today I wanted to try something comfy but a bit different.
Zara pleather trousers (they feel like jogging bottoms on!), Uniqlo merino sweater (I’m wearing an XL), Gap ponyskin leopard skates.

Hope you’re having a good week.

The week that was

It’s not been a great week. Life is hard for us all at the moment. But I still wear clothes (you’ll be glad to know!)

I will start with my new hat.
It’s from Jigsaw and I love it. I was reading Porter magazine on the train up north and this article made me smile. (My top is by Zoe Karssen – appalling quality)

Zoe Karssen top, Cos cardigan, Zara jeans, Next silver brogues. Top right is old Zara ponyskin zebra loafers, Zara studded bag, grey Zara jumpsuit. Bottom left, the Toga Pulla’s first outing (with old dress), bottom right, Zara jeans and Zara bow kitten heels.

Zara snakeprint blouse, Zara jeans and Zara bow kitten heels for lunch at my best mates last weekend. J Crew sweatshirt, Zara jeans and Birkenstocks for a morning of gardening and cleaning (photo taken in a Garden Centre – that carpet is not mine!) Zara grey jumpsuit, old Zara ponyskin loafers, Zara bag for a treat shopping trip to Claire’s with Little Legs.

The treat!

The jumpsuit doesn’t work on me and will be eBayed soon.

I woke up today with a sore throat, achy shoulders and an overwhelming need for more sleep. Yuck! Pyjamas, movies and sofa day for us I think.

When I get some time I’ll do the £££ vs £ article I mentioned last time. Hope you’re having a good weekend.

To the point

Just a quick post about my new shoes. I’ve been looking for navy pointy flats for ages and spotted these from Mango. I love them and also love the fact that I ordered them on Wednesday and they made it all the way from Barcelona to Dublin by Friday morning. Delivery to Ireland usually takes 5 days or more, even if you pay over the odds, so I am very pleased all round. Now, they’re not leather so I’m not sure how durable they’ll be, but they’re not the kind of shoes I’d be doing huge mileage in anyway.They also come in black if that’s better for your wardrobe.





Are you cooler than a ten year old?

Those of you that have daughters might agree that one of the joys of having a little girl is getting to choose her outfits. Well, enjoy it while it lasts – my ten year old daughter has her own ideas about fashion and they don’t include me choosing her clothes! No more pretty dresses or floral prints in her wardrobe thank you very much!

This has been coming for a while but it was really brought home to me at the weekend when we were in town, in our snazziest department store. When we got to the children’s department, I made a beeline for Bonpoint and Phoebe was magnetically drawn to Zadig and Voltaire – it seems I have a rock chick in the making! We were there to look at dresses, an item of clothing now looked upon with utter disdain. This is what I loved…robe-tikala-span-noir-span-999-1_4

robe-tikala-span-reglisse-span-569b-3_1Bonpoint Tikala dress, I love the dropped waist and the print

But this was the one that Phoebe liked, and to be honest, I can’t fault her, it’s pretty cool (and crucially – it’s black!) Zadig & Voltaire



The two of us have been stuck in the house with colds for the last couple of days and when boredom set in we decide to do some virtual outfit making. Thanks to the technical expertise of the lovely Belinda we were able to put together these boards, which was really fun.

So here’s my choice for an everyday outfit…

4d14ec9a85e8ddc33f0951b34380721aBlouseJeans, boots from Cyrillus , Jacket, hat and bag from Zara,

And this is Phoebe’s…c8a876116050686a9ac56e10c94d4f19

Jumper from Gap, bag from M&S,  Leggings, shoes and hairband are all from H&M and are all sold out now but we bought the leggings last week in store so  you might find them in real life

So how to deal with the reality that liberty prints and smocking are off the agenda? Well maybe I’ll have another baby just so I can shop in Bonpoint again…or perhaps I’ll just wait for the grandchildren!


Old Friends

It’s only in the past few years that I’ve been able to occasionally buy designer / high end / luxury brands. I’ve come to realise that for me some things just aren’t worth the ££, but also that some things really are (my next post will be on this)

Last year I ummed and ahhed over the Joseph cashmere bobble hat (seen here). In the end I got it (thanks to my dad) but then somehow I lost it. I am very careful with my things and couldn’t believe it had gone. I replaced it via eBay with a navy Chinti & Parker hat with a neon bobble but it wasn’t the same.

So I saved an eBay search “Joseph cashmere hat” and yipee, one came up last week. Less than half the original price. It is a proper jet black, it’s so soft it doesn’t itch my head or static my hair, most importantly it does what it’s supposed to – it keeps me warm. (Less £ but still beautiful and soft, my mum recommended the John Lewis cashmere hats last winter)

As if I need reminding of my chaotic state of mind, I also lost my beloved Zara Mongolian shearling scarf. It was £70 when I bought it a few years ago – it seemed like such a lot to spend on something I wouldn’t wear much. In the end I wore it loads and more importantly, I loved it every time I put it on. This was it’s last outing (with me anyway, I suspect it has a new owner) I’ve been looking for a new one since but decided the Helen Moore ones would replace it even though they’re pretty different. Then last week we were strolling around Greenwich and my sister said “There it is! Your scarf!” I resisted for a few tense minutes and then I just couldn’t. An exact replacement.
Reunited with old friends.

Have a good Tuesday.

Festival gear

So yesterday we went to a festival. Young Fathers, Aloe Black, Grace Jones, Massive Attack, some of my closest mates and family, tasty food and good beer. I’m not feeling my freshest today but what fun it was!
Eve: Black Zara ripped super skinnies, Cos black tshirt, Next bomber jacket, Adidas Stan Smiths, black Zara studded bag. Ann: Converse, J Brand jeans, Reiss Sofa jacket, J Crew tshirt, Mulberry bag.

Don’t I look pleased with myself!

Today we are going to visit one of my best mates. He’s a very good cook, he and his wife dote on our kids and he often makes me laugh so much I cry. What a lovely way to recover from yesterday. I’ll share my outfit tomorrow but I am going to debut the Toga Pullas.

Hope you’re having a happy weekend.