Bed jackets

Truth is, I have no idea what these thin (mainly) cotton jackets should be called but ASOS calls them bed jackets and I like it (and love the jackets). If only I got to stay in bed long enough to need a jacket. 

Yesterday was warm and sunny but I had one of those out all day days which started with me needing to be reasonably covered up and ended with several hours in the sun in a park. What to wear?

After many increasingly frantic outfit changes, I wore my navy H&M thin not cotton jacket (black version here and in photo below) over a grey ASOS Forever tee with ripped jeans and black Figs and it was just right. Sorry no photo of it, I’m a bit rusty at this blogging malarkey. 

Today I am wearing my white thin cotton jacket from Zara last year, with old Zara jeans, another ASOS Forever tshirt and black Topshop Figs. I’m really pleased they are doing them again this year, they’re the comfiest sandals I own (in every colour!) The jacket is probably my most complimented item of clothing ever, four women stopped me on the school run to ask where it’s from! Size wise they’re a smallish fit, I have a medium and could’ve done with a large. 

These jackets are brilliant for holidays, not only for covering up in the evening but for day trips to churches and the like too. I used mine almost every day in Dubai, they fold up small, don’t show creases and are light enough to be comfortable even when it’s really hot. 

Mine are both sold out/old season but these are some of my current favourites. I did try to steer away from the more substantial padded jackets in lots of stores but had to add a few at the end. 

I am siting on my hands to not click “buy” on this beautiful jacket from Zara. Denim shorts, plain tee, perfect. One of my school run friends that I see every day has beaten me to the Zara pompom sandals I wanted so I’ll wear my pompoms on my jacket instead. 

I really like the colours on this from Zara, I’m not entirely convinced by the sleeves but it’s one to investigate. 

This black and white version from Glamorous via ASOS is the one described as a bed jacket. This is the kind of jacket I like, the colours make it very easy to wear over black, white, grey, khaki even and the sleeves look sensible. 

This is from ASOS too, from a brand I’ve never tried called Kiss the Sky. Lovely colours and decent sleeves again, just enough coverage. 

This Zara offering is perhaps my least favourite in terms of colour, I’m really drawn to bright coloured embroidery at the moment, but it looks very versatile, like my white one from last year which I have had a huge amount of wear from.  

Now I haven’t seen this in real life and it looks a little thin in one of the on line photos but I’ve found my jacket in this colour surprisingly wearable.

This is more of a padded jacket but so beautiful, I had to include it. Zara again, they really do sell good jackets. Oh my, oh my. The colours in this jacket! 

If I worked, this would be on my jacket list. So chic over black capris and a shirt, and a good price too.

I’m off to spend another few hours in the playground. The joys (?) of sunshine!


I love a shirt. I find them much more flattering than tshirts, a half tuck into my jeans waistband and I’m ready. 

Here are some of my current favourites. This Topshop khaki shirt is brilliant, I’ve worn it so many times already including on Christmas Day. It’s sadly out of stock but I saw one in store a few weeks back so it’s worth a rummage. 

I’ve been stalking this cheetah version in the khaki colour way on the Topshop website for weeks. It came back into stock in a 14 on Tuesday and I ordered it straight away (see me in it below) I am tempted by the tan version now too. 

I bought this Jack Wills black star shirt after seeing it on The Fashion Lift and it was one of my favourite purchases of last year. I like it so much, I’ve ordered this Mango version too.

This Joseph tribute will be my next purchase. Beautiful colour and will look great with denim cut offs.  

Here I am in the khaki cheetah shirt. Topshop shirt with M&S jeans from last year and Topshop sandals from last year (the green version of the black ones I wore yesterday). When I posted them I suggested a few alternatives. My sister reminded me of these from Zara which I left out and are almost identical to mine. 

Back soon. 



Finally the sun is back! 

A bit too early for denim shorts and full legs out for me but if this lovely weather keeps up, it won’t be long! In the meantime ripped jeans are perfect. Not a hugely exciting outfit but old Zara ripped jeans, Topshop espadrilles from last year, J Crew tshirt, Hush grey jacket. 

I love these shoes. They’re the perfect mid season shoe and are really comfortable. This year’s version are here, they’re less substantial and are lower than mine which is a shame. 

These from River Island look good as do these eyelet numbers below and they’re a bit higher like mine. 

I might get these next time there’s a Kurt Geiger code, snake print and tassels, what’s not to love!

The jacket was a random buy in the Hush sale a few months ago. I’ve never had much success with Hush, things seem overpriced to me and I struggle with the sizing. I saw this jacket in the sale for £19 and didn’t have high hopes for it but I was very pleasantly surprised. It is a fleecy sweatshirt material and perfect for spring. I wore it to travel to Dubai in and it kept its shape and kept me warm. This is the current season version

Right, I’m off to enjoy the sunshine!

When eBay works

Years ago Zara did two animal print jackets, one was a silk snake print, the other a beautiful black and tan leopard print. 

My mum bought me the snake print one that I’ve happily worn many times (here and here

But I missed out on the leopard print. 

Until now. Thank you eBay. 

New things

I may not have been blogging but I have been shopping!The Topshop camo joggers have been getting a whole lot of love on social media. Many of my friends have them and despite my pacifist tendencies meaning I usually steer away from camo, I couldn’t resist.I am now the proud owner of both the khaki and faded blue joggers and the khaki hoodie (not to be worn together, promise) The joggers are true to size, the hoodie is oversized though I still have a 12 as it is so snuggly I appreciate the extra material. 

You knew I’d be on it, surely! Beyoncé’s Ivy Park range launched a few weeks back. I have the black tshirt (sold out but the vest version is available here), the grey hoodie and the grey sweatshirt that was a present from a lovely friend. I know there has been some criticism about the sizes the range goes up to but it is all on the generous side and I think the hoodie I have in a M would fit a size 16 easily. 

I shared this Topshop khaki bomber pre tech issues but I adore mine and wear it almost every day. With Cos cashmere scarf, metallic Nike Cortez, old Zara jeans and shirt and appalling fishnet socks. Never again. I have a 12 and have machine washed mine twice. My eldest daughter has the Next version, tiny sizing but lovely (size up twice). 

Topshop khaki smart joggers.These really are a smart jogger and I wasn’t sure when I first put them on. Then I tried them with some old strappy leopard print & Other Stories heels and decided they’d stay. I am hoping to wear them lots in the evening as soon as the sun appears. 

ASOS Forever tshirtsThese won’t last forever despite their name but I’ve never worn V necks despite them being the style of choice for lots of women with a bust and fancied giving them a try. I have the black and grey and have worn both lots already. A bonus is that they don’t need ironing if you dry them on a hanger. 

We spent a week in Dubai at Easter and I bought a few things before we went. These red fringed sandals are lovely and a cheapy update. I bought this hat from Next Girls for my eldest and then stole it for the whole holiday. 

I did a H&M raid and got what my girls call the “orange bus dress” (it’s on adverts on the side of London buses), this cotton cream and orange kaftan and the blue embroidered dress. I can’t find them on line but believe they’re all still in stores. I got this thin jacket (similar to the Zara one, cheaper but not cotton) from H& M too and this lovely black and orange kaftan top. 

I’d been lusting after the Topshop Rosa heels but they were just too high for me.  Then these appeared with a lower heel and in gold!These are such beautiful shoes and they are reasonably comfortable considering the height. Here with ancient Zara silk studded trousers. 

I wore a lot of old favourites in the sunshine. Zara jacket from last year (similar here) with a Topshop cami (this year’s here) and old Gap shorts (me and my sister are on the hunt for a similar dark denim pair so please share if you see any)Old Zara dress that’s fought back against multiple red wine incidents, with last year’s Topshop heels and an old Zara clutch (meant to be a make up bag)Old Gap clutch updated with Topshop initial stickers, and Madewell dress (super comfortable, super unflattering)

This Zara fringed jacket isn’t the best quality ever but I really love it. It makes me feel happy when I wear it and I can’t ask for much more than that.Here I’m wearing it with old Zara jeans, Topshop glove shoes, old Gap clutch with Topshop stickers and an ASOS Forever tshirt. Beware though, there is something about this jacket that makes shimmying a must!

The Outnet is my “I can’t sleep” late night fix. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with these Valentino khaki sunglasses. They’re more flattering than black on me and not as blingy as some of my sunny collection so perfect for every day. They’re sold out but I find the Outnet restock often so keep checking!I am waiting for this W118 jumpsuit to arrive from the Outnet as a birthday party contender. I’ll report back. 

I discovered a new favourite film on the flight home from Dubai. “Carol” is truly beautiful, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I headed straight to the Chanel counter to get the lipstick Cate Blanchett wears for much of the film. Of course I look nothing like Cate and so the lipstick looks a bit silly on me. But a girl can dream!

I bought these Topshop silver shoes a few weeks ago but it’s only been nice enough to to wear them once. I far prefer them to heeled glove shoes (the gold ones a few photos back crippled my feet)

These dresses will arrive next week. & Other Stories have 20% off dresses at the moment so I’ve ordered these four to try. Their site is impossible to link to but take a look if you’ve just been paid, they have some real gems. I really like this & Other Stories cuff and the necklace too. Rachel WornOut was wearing the ring version when she visited me and my girls last week and it looked amazing.

I am living in a mix of jeans, trainers and sportswear in this funny season of sun and snow. I’ll be back soon when I start wearing something a bit more exciting!