That jumper

You’ve all seen it. GreyPink

This is one band wagon I have jumped on with both feet. Seeing Alex from the Frugality in it convinced me. Truth is, I’ve been feeling particularly unstylish and a £35 jumper looked like it might perk me and my wardrobe up. 

Here’s me in the grey the day is arrived (with H&M jeans and shoes). Headless as is my right after the week we’ve had (if you get the flu jab and give it to your kids at the same time, prepare for a few Armaggeden days) 
Back to the jumper. 

I thought I’d give the pink a try. It’s a big colour at the moment. Um, yeah, that’s a no. No, no, no, no. 

The grey stays though. I am wearing it today with Topshop boots and H&M jeans.Here with my Cos grey coat. The sleeves of the jumper are fluted so really need to poke out of the sleeves of your coat. You might remember these Topshop boots I bought at the end of the summer. I’ve never worn them but the gold bit on the front has tarnished too badly to sell for anywhere near their original cost, so I am wearing them (similar in gold here in the sale) I may also have seen Alex in them and am desperate for inspiration at the moment when it comes to footwear. 

I have been having a problem with shoes. Nothing feels right, not trainers, not boots. My beloved studded Lucky Charms don’t go with ankle cropped jeans, my trainer collection just isn’t cutting it.  Maybe I just need it to be Spring. I have my eye on the pale pink Karters. I love all my other Topshop loafers and I think I have clearly demonstrated why pink will be on my feet and nowhere else (apart from my lips maybe) 

I couldn’t mention pink Topshop shoes without a link to these pairs. Swoon. Pink Topshop Unique heels Throat pink heels (have a look at the Jessie too)

My eldest has been home with me this week and when she saw me looking at these pink heels she rummaged in my wardrobe and came out with these. Topshop pink heels for a few years ago. Not the most modern shape but result!

On to a few other recent outfits. Diesel Fayza jeans, Stan Smith hi tops, navy cashmere Boden roll neck, old Mango jacket. 

Mickey Mouse t-shirt, Zara velvet jacket, H&M jeans, H&M heels, H&M belt

Zara top, H&M jeans and below with the Cos green wool cardigan (the Zara top is too revealing for day wear otherwise, for me at least)

Finally some things I’m thinking about. 

Gucci gear is everywhere at the moment. It’s way out of my league so I’m doing my own nod to it without the price tag. 

Gucci logo t-shirtSticking with Italian brands, here’s my new Ellesse tee. £300 less than the Gucci. 

These Gucci Jordaan loafers are sublime. These aren’t quite as amazing, but then they’re less than £40. I haven’t bought them as I’m hoping Topshop will do a proper loafer version rather than slippers but they look good, don’t they!

Now, if I could just find an affordable version of these!

Let me know if you have any thoughts, particularly footwear inspiration. 

A nice cardi

I’ve never been a big cardigan wearer. I bought a few from Boden after I had my first child and thought I should start dressing like other mums I saw around. Luckily I saw the light and they were ebayed moons ago. 

I was reading Alex’s The Frugality blog the other day and was reminded that I’ve been meaning to buy a new cardigan. Cos khaki wool cardigan. Luckily the one I’ve had my eye on is now in the sale for £30. 

These are really oversized, I have a small as that’s all they had in stock and it’s fine and still suitably oversized.

Stay warm!

A few of my favourite things

& Other Stories cashmere turtle neck

I wear my black Boden Off Duty cashmere roll neck at least twice a week. I’d have bought one in every colour if they had stocked it again this year. Instead my partner bought me the Me + Em Textured Stitch Cashmere Jumper (now OOS) for Christmas. One wear and it had snagged so I’ve returned it for a refund and have just got this & Other Stories one as a replacement. My only gripe is that the neck is a turtle not roll fit. I like a chunkier neck usually (though this is a particularly substantial turtle neck) but the cashmere is soft and beautiful and the oversized fit and side vents make it a keeper. From experience, & Other Stories cashmere is some of the best quality on the high street. I put it on as soon as it arrived, always a good sign. 

In winter I wear the same combination every day during the week – Uniqlo Heattech, jeans and a cashmere or merino crew or roll neck. This new & Other Stories frilled merino jumper adds something to my uniform and looks good with a skirt too.  I have a large. 

Nike MD Runner 2These are my favourite trainers ever and I wear them almost every day. They are currently reduced too and less than £40. They go with jeans, leather trousers, culottes, long dresses even. I still love my Adidas Stan Smith high tops but have packed my Superstars off to the charity shop this week along with numerous other pairs. I’m all about wearing my clothes this year, not collections of things I might wear once or twice. Trainers are always a good buy in my world seeing as I wear a pair daily. I’m thinking I might get these Nikes in the ASOS sale – they’ll be my nod to the pink trend for S/S and will fill the white trainer hole in my wardrobe. I’m really into big gold hoops. My favourites (in the comedy NYE photo below) were from & Other Stories this spring but they have some gems in at the moment too. & Other Stories earrings, Topshop bargains, H Samuel have some decent real gold options in their sale. 

Back soon. 

Happy New Year

Unplanned radio silence from me over Christmas – I started one of my 2017 resolutions early and hardly used my phone. I hope you all had a happy time. I’ll be back soon but in the meantime, here’s me on New Year’s Day hiding my hangover under makeup as we headed for lunch with friends. I’m wearing my Christmas present J Crew leather jacket which I love so much it makes me smile whenever I spot it hanging up.  

Happy New Year. X

Christmas I

With a family as large as mine, it’s impossible to get us all in the same place on Christmas Day so we have a mini Christmas before hand. 

This evening we are having a gathering of our many sisters and our lucky chosen partners (I’m not sure how lucky they feel when we sisters are all together, all talking loudly at once but hey, they get drinks and presents and to look after the kids while we dance to old Motown classics on my sister’s jukebox)

My girls are so excited that there will be cousins, aunties, uncles and presents! My eldest said it’s her favourite day of the year because “after a while the grown ups all dance and let us eat all the sweets we like” That’s wine for you 😉 

A bit of colour today, well, not black. Chosen by my kids too!Zara jeans (old favourites), & Other Stories silk leopard print shirt now reduce in their sale!, Zara velvet blazer, Office loafers. 

Back tomorrow.