WIT: Lazy Day

Lazy day.  A movie, library and I am just preparing a BBQ for my dad and some of my sisters. Old Zara jeans, ASOS top, Topshop Kingfisher shoes, Mango belt. This top is really useful, it’s not as well made as most of the embroidered tops I have, but I wear it time and again because it’s black. I rolled the jeans up a bit after this photo, to show off the shoes and to balance myself out a bit. 

Back tomorrow. 

A few outfits

A few very practical outfits from the last few days. 

Today for a museum trip and pizza with lovely friends.Old Zara harem shorts, old Mango crepe tshirt, Topshop Feline sandals.  I had planned to wear my green Topshop espadrilles but wasn’t keen to christen them with rain. I really, really like them and want them pristine for holiday in a few weeks. The black arrived today. I really like these too though agree with one of our readers that the quality of the straps is inferior to the green suede. Are they too similar to the Felines? Does one of my feet look deformed? I’m undecided.

I dug my old China Glaze Flip Flop nail polish out last night. Neons are so hard to capture in photos but this shows how bright it is!   It takes a long time to apply (it took me two episodes is House of Cards to do it). I do 3 coats and then a top coat and find it looks tatty by day 2/3 hence it’s usually a toe polish for me where it lasts a week or so. ASOS Reclaimed vintage top (sold out, sorry), old Gap denim shorts, tan Topshop Figs for La Bambina’s birthday picnic. For a birthday trip to London Zoo, Topshop Dree jeans (now £10), old Nike Airs, H&M lips tshirt, old Next bomber jacket, Anya Hindmarch mini Gracie. I was so unhappy with this outfit, well the top mainly, that I wanted to rip it off. It’s Zara’s Marant copy, now sold out but this is similar (I wouldn’t recommend it anyway!) I dislike how hard it is to find a bra to wear under it but wow, I hate the tight armholes. I didn’t realise how bad they were until I tried to lift La Bambina off a climbing frame and the circulation in my armpits stopped.  Here with Zara jeans, old belt, Topshop Figs and Grafea bag

Concluding with something decidedly unpractical.  I’ve tried what feels like every fringed skirt on the High Street. They’re not made for my shape!  This beauty is from Topshop and is simply lovely. It only goes up to a 12 and it’s very slightly tight on my tummy but I will only ever wear it with a loose top anyway; I tried it with a black silk Uniqlo shirt and loved it. 

Hope you’re enjoying the start of the holidays. After another action packed day, we just beat the rain home and are about to settle down with a movie and some popcorn. This is the life!

A dilemma

So the Topshop shoes arrived. Green suede espadrilles. I’ve just bought the black leather too, they are that lovely and comfortable. Nomad suede leather mid heels. Had I tried these earlier in the summer, the tan might’ve won me over instead.  

I love them both. Here they are on me.  Can you spot the problem? The black Nomads gape slightly at the heel.  It’s only slight and I think I can just lace them up a bit higher but they’re not cheap. I’ve been wondering if I could tighten the heel strap a bit but am not convinced. 

What do you think? 

WIT: School’s out!

Finally the celebrations can begin! 

We kicked off with a picnic to celebrate the start of the school holidays with Little Legs’ mates in the park. The last day of school is one of my favourite days of the year; ahead of us we have all the weeks of both my girls together and promise of adventure and sunshine. 

I knew there would be much running after La Bambina at the picnic who wanted to join the Big Kids’ every move. It’s wasn’t very sunny but was a bit clammy so I wore the H&M palm print culottes I got last week and an old Topshop cami.  I got changed to take the girls out to eat. I’m not entirely sure about the cut of this dress on me but the print is so beautiful and it is very easy to wear. Here with white Topshop Figs. 

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I’m dithering about this other & Other Stories dress too. I adore the print and am tempted to keep it. The waist has a drawstring which I’m not convinced about.  I think I might hang it up for a week and see if I wear it, my new test. 

I’m waiting for two pairs of shoes from Topshop, green espadrilles and a pair of heels Michelle alerted me to after seeing them on Mission; Style’s blog, and then my summer shopping is (more or less) done. 

We have a weekend of parties, a friend’s today then our beautiful La Bambina’s tomorrow. 

Here’s to the summer! 

WIT: off the shoulder playsuit

We have close friends over from Hong Kong so are going out for an early dinner with all our brood. 

It’s so muggy in London. I made the mistake of wearing the 100% polyester Mango Alambra dress (newly snipped at the neck, thanks for the push iwontwearsludgebrown)) out shopping for party supplies earlier. Hot was not the word! 

Back to black this evening.   Topshop Bardot crinkle playsuit with old Zara sandals. 

Perfect for holiday evenings and ones where all you have time for is a one piece outfit.

Holidays start tomorrow and I’m counting the minutes.