Sock boots

Since the start of the year I’ve been back to boxing a few times a week, making sure I don’t drink alcohol in the week and working through our family to do list (this week we are redoing my eldest’s bedroom) I find myself enjoying Fridays even more now – all of us home, good food and maybe a glass of wine. Happy days. 

It’s really cold in London and even snowed a bit a few times yesterday. It was too grey to get a decent shot of my dark outfit but I wanted to show you the boots. I’m in Mango jeans which are now in their sale (I like the look of these too), Boden cashmere roll neck, Zara black sock boots, old Cos grey coat. The boots were £29.99 and are great! They have a low kitten heel and pull on. I was complimented on them four times on the school run. They’re not leather but I can’t see how pull on boots like this could work in leather. They are perfect for under slightly cropped jeans, good news for me and my ankles as I chopped the bottoms off almost all my jeans last summer. 

Back tomorrow. 

Zebra mules

I love Topshop shoes and am building quite a collection. 

I put the gold Juicy mules on my obsession list on Monday. Then these came up on my daily “new in” scan on the Topshop website. I couldn’t resist. The sizing is slightly on the small side but only just. The heel is low enough for them to be totally comfortable. They remind me of the often fluffy house slippers I used to swoon over on women on US TV shows when I was a kid. Shoes that make me smile = happy days. 

Back soon. 

p.s these might be next. 

Monday musings

Last week was a bit of a write off, I had both my kids home for most of the week and then felt ill myself. Let’s hope this week is better. 

I did manage to get out to a classical music concert with my dad last Tuesday and wore the red Cos pixel dress he bought me a few years ago. What an unflattering photo but here with Falke opaques and H&M heels. 

I mentioned the Zara order I’d place in my last post.  Apart from the boots, it all went back. The white top was huge! I had ordered an XL  (when Zara do an XL is generally a sign of small sizing) but it was too short anyway.The red stripe top I liked but it creased just putting it over my head so back it went. Less I say about this top the better. Just no no. (Though I did see Trinny wearing it beautifully later in the week)The navy dress with fluted sleeves was much better. I liked it quite a lot but as my sister pointed out, it’s very figure hugging and when would I wear it? Back it went. I had ordered this & Other Stories jumper too. I got a M and perhaps a L would’ve been better but no, the style just isn’t me. The Zara boots however, they stay. I’ve not worn them out yet but will take some decent snaps when I do. I really like the sock fit and the small kitten heel makes them really wearable. 

Friday I whizzed to the shops to return my Zara haul and to nab the H&M zebra blouse I wanted. I’d ordered it on line a few weeks ago but I didn’t realise how big the sizing was! I’d ordered a 14 which was huge. This is me in a 12, in the end I got a 10.   I was wearing my old Zara zebra print loafers, one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own! I’m in love with my J Crew jacket too and can’t wait for the cold to go for good so I can wear it everyday. I changed into the squeaky shoes in the evening to go for an early dinner in our local pub and really enjoyed wearing them. Here with H&M jeans (out of stock on line, loads in London stores and I have and love these too), Boden cashmere crew neck (size up at least once, I have a 16), J Crew leather jacket. I’ve no idea why but thankfully the shoes stopped squeaking all of a sudden. 

My obsessions for this week are loafers and gold mules. I wore my Topshop leopard print loafers on Saturday when it was a lot warmer and I can’t wait to get back in them full time. Jack Wills shirt (similar herehere and here), old Hush jacket, Topshop bag (sold out), Topshop loafers from last year (in their sale here!), old Zara jeans, H&M belt. 

I am trying to decide between these 4 pairs of loafers for Spring. Red Kendalls Pink KartersBlack KarpentersOffice Delight loafers (these look interesting if you’re into bows)

And these sublime heels. Gold Juicy mules

If only they were less £ and I could get them all! Not that it’s going to be loafer or mules weather for a while again apparently. 

Finally I wanted to mention my new bargain white and gold Stan SmithsI hadn’t planned to buy any more trainers until the weather starts picking up but these were a great price so I bought them. 

Back soon. 

Tuesday Treats (& a bit of a squeak)

Today I am going to choose a treat from my wish list. 

I have been struggling with footwear this winter. I don’t want to spend much on boots at this time of year though. These are (just) under £30 and look promising. I love a bit of gingham (woozers to these?!)I have a gorgeous blouse that’s similar to this from ASOS a few years ago that I love wearing with shorts in summer. The ASOS one is getting a bit washed out so I’m hoping this will replace it. Could this work with a larger chest? I’ve ordered both to try, yup, the corset too!This blouse looks like it could be beautiful. I am really excited to try it on.  I expect this dress to be a huge no but it’s an itch I must scratch. I sent the ASOS ruffled gingham skirt back. This skirt from Topshop looks much more me. Cool jeans from Topshop. Another stunning blouse, this time with broderie anglaise frills from my favourite shop, & Other Stories. 

I took delivery of these heels from Topshop yesterday. The flared heel isn’t my favourite style (I find flared heels a bit slippy somehow) but despite that, I love them. Apart from the fact they squeak a bit! What do you? Is there anyway to stop it? 

Back soon. 

Baby it’s cold outside

My kids had a sleepover with their grandparents this weekend. It was the first time since they were born that we’ve had a whole day and night free with nothing to do and it felt good!

We went for dinner at Sexy Fish then cocktails. I wore old H&M pleather trousers, & Other Stories frilled shirt, Zara velvet blazer, H&M heels, Alexander McQueen clutch and Topshop faux fur coat on top because it was freezing!The & Other Stories blouse was my Christmas present from my dad and it is beautiful. It’s just the right length for wearing with (p)leather trousers and even with the frills it fits neatly under a blazer. It doesn’t need to be done up to the top for the frills to work either, great for a larger chest. I really enjoyed wearing the H&M heels, I added an insole as they’re a tad hard inside but they are lovely and look much more luxe than their £24.99 price tag. I enjoyed wearing them so much that I bought these divine heels which are a similar shape with a thicker heel over the weekend. They should arrive today and I’ll report back.