Yesterday I took my kid to a party. As we were going out my partner asked if it was a fancy dress party. After a mad scrabble around the kitchen looking for the invitation I confirmed no, it was not. Much laughter followed, it was a reference to my outfit- “Are you dressed as Mozart?” Ha ha. No bother, I ADORE this shirt and no jokes are putting me off.

Stories shirt, old Zara coated jeans, old Zara sock boots, old Topshop leopard coat. Stories shirt, I have a 40. It comes in a rather splendid purple too.

Back soon.

Baker boy

Family legend has it that a school friend (who went on to become my adored brother-in-law, hence the story sticking around) once spotted me years ago during the day on the street (not on a corner) wearing leather hot pants, a leather bra and a leather baker boy hat. For years my sisters defended me against such allegations until one day I had to admit that yes, it could well have been me.

Twenty odd years later I am returning to the baker boy hat. Leather seems a popular choice at ASOS but I’ve opted for two more muted ones – this is wool mix with dull metal work (from ASOS but sold out, this one is very similar) and this plain one from Topshop. I’m so smitten I have this khaki one on the way too.

River Island coat, last year’s Zara sock boots, old Zara jeans, black Boden cashmere jumper (excellent quality, size up once or twice) ASOS hat (similar here), Chloé bag.

Back tomorrow.

Style Vs Fashion

We went to the excellent new Design Museum yesterday, I highly recommend it for a day out.

These are all made with their 3D printer which you can see in action.

The architecture is stunning, the free exhibition is really good and the cafe is one of the best museum ones I’ve eaten in.

It’s right next to the beautiful Holland Park too if you’re lucky enough to go on a day when the weather is as glorious as it was in London yesterday.

Before we went I’d had the usual “do you have to wear that today?” “discussion” with my kids. I am all for individuality but sometimes just sometimes I’d like them to wear one of the outfits I have carefully curated hanging in their wardrobes.

I lost the debate as usual and my daughter (dressed in tribute to Frida Kahlo) wasted no time pointing this sign out at the museum.

Touché. Individual style wins.

Here’s me dressed only mildly less exuberantly than my kids (next to my new car)

Old Zara pleated leopard skirt, Stan Smiths (which feature in the exhibition), black cashmere Boden crewneck (25% off with J3U3 / size up at least once for slouch), J Crew leather jacket, mini Chloé Marcie bag.

Back soon.

WIWT – sock boots

I find the What I’m Wearing Today posts easier to keep up with. Well, what I wore yesterday and the day before in this case.

I went out for lunch with my dad on Thursday. I’ve been fasting twice a week for the last few and it makes me appreciate good food even more than usual!

Boden cashmere jumper, black coated Zara jeans (old), last year’s Zara sock boots, Mango coat.

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my partner to reward ourselves after a stressful morning. We remembered our youngest’s dress up as a rainforest animal day half hour before we had to leave for school. Cue frantically looking for her leopard print leggings and me making a jaguar mask at 8am. All while our eldest was making and icing the 30 cupcakes she needed for a school cake sale that we’d also forgotten. Agh.

I’m wore old Hudson jeans, last year’s Zara sock boots, old Jack Wills star shirt, Mango coat (& H&M cashmere scarf on my arm)

I didn’t wear the sock boots much last year but have really been getting into them this autumn. I’ve yet to wear them with a dress or skirt; I have very skinny ankles and am not sure the look will work on me. I’ll give it a try next week and see. I am considering trying these but Next sizing is often on the larger size so they might be too loose – I’ll report back.

I’ve found a few similar pairs here in black, red and navy, here in satin and here for a decent price with a block heel. These are higher than mine but look great for evening / work, these have a different shape and interesting stud detail and I couldn’t not include these beauties and these amazing electric blue ones.

Back soon.

Black & (Navy) Blue

Old Zara jeans, black Boden cashmere jumper, Mango wool coat, old & Other Stories gold hoops, Stan Smiths (here with 40% off using code BIG40)

The coat is new. It’s navy, from Mango and is mainly wool. I have a large. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for – a mix of winter coat and wool blazer.

My Boden cashmere jumper is from last year but assuming the sizing has stayed the same, I’d suggest going up at least a size or 2. I have a 16 and it’s not that slouchy. It’s beautiful soft cashmere and washes easily.

Back soon and probably wearing this coat as it’s suddenly cold in London.