Up town girls

Yesterday I went to meet the beautiful Joanna and some of my WornOut besties.

It’s rare for me to go out without my little ones and I like to wear heels when I do but we thought we might want to move round London a bit so in the end (as ever!) I went for comfort. 

Still it was a little bit of a new look for me. This oversized white shirt is from Topshop. I would never have picked it up but my sister saw it and brought it to our changing room. It looked fabulous on her!  

I wore it with black H&M faux leather leggings, Adidas Superstars and my grey Cos coat. Michelle at MyFashionable40s reminded me how much I love Mac Relentlessly Red so I replaced mine this week and wore that today too. I need it with the shirt or the white makes me look ill!

Obligatory loo selfie. 

What do you think? I’m sure people with my bust/heavy top half aren’t “supposed” to wear this kind of thing but I have never been a fan of rules. 

Me and the lovely (& funny!) Joanna before I had to make a mad dash home to my kids. 4am and I’ve not been to sleep yet. Yawn. 

Have a good weekend. 

Hitting the High Street

I have been shopping. 

I bought some dungarees in Primark last year but ended up giving them to one of my teenage sisters.
Me in dungarees last year. 

I’ve seen lots of bloggers in black dungarees recently and thought I might give the H&M ones a try but missed the boat. Then a few weeks ago Next sent me a gift card to apologise for a delivery mess up (stuff for my kids that didn’t arrive for two weeks then came three times?!) I’d already got the Next heels I wanted and thought I’d use it to get some basics for the little ones.

And then I saw these.

Now I am aware that dungarees are not the most flattering on my shape. The bit above my hips is curvaceous and I have an ample bosom even in a minimiser bra – both these bits are highlighted by dungarees.

Anyway, I tried them on and I like them. My kids LOVE them. My partner will hate them but that’s fine. My only problem is finding a day when my children aren’t wearing theirs! I am definitely not doing that kind of double denim dungaree look this (or any!) season. 

Here with an old Topshop jumper and Nikes. If you’re an apple shape and fancy a pair, I think the key is to wear a loose top underneath. I’m hoping some of my J Crew tshirts that are fitted on the shoulders but looser at the waist will work (they’re bad quality in general though!)

This dress is new from H&M. It’s called a Crinkled Dress, not sure why. It’s very soft and has an air of Marant about it, I think. 

I spent much of the past seven years pregnant or breastfeeding and swerved dresses almost entirely. I stopped feeding La Bambina at the end of last summer and enjoyed a month or two of throwing on a dress and sandals and loving it. This is from H&M and is described as navy but looks dark grey to me. It’s a bit crumpled but I’m planning to wear it with strappy flats, cross body bag and off I go. (Here with £5 H&M sunnies and old Zara boots)

This bag came home with me from H&M too. I used the black version a lot a few months ago (I’m inseparable from my Alexander McQueen Stepney now) and think it will be great in summer. Just wish I could dull that gold. 

I’ve been boring my WornOut and other friends wanting a coat like the ones Stella and Kendal are wearing here. 

Shot from Erica Davies’ Instagram (thank you!)

Today I found this in H&M for £39.99. (with Helen Moore faux fur scarf)Here it is on with old Topshop flares, Office shoes and a Uniqlo cashmere navy roll neck. I shan’t be wearing it out like this, outfit fail but I like the coat. (You’ll also see I’m struggling to style the new hair!)

Finally what I went shopping for and failed to find!Please, please let me know if you see them in store! (I tried these faux suede ones but they looked really cheap in real life)

What do you think of my haul? Please be kind about the dungarees :-)  

Half term

I’ve been busy enjoying half term. Hope you had as good a break as us.

On to clothes.

So I started to go out like this on the first night of half term but an overtired Little Legs melted down with loathing for my “bin bag trousers” and so I got changed. Monday I tried it again.
Zara pleather trousers, Adidas Superstars, J Crew Tippi, Next bomber jacket, Anya Hindmarch mini Gracie. It was quite warm in London, well 7 degrees, but pouring down. More important than staying dry, I needed a coat I could take off and stash easily. That ruled out my parka and all my wool coats so I layered up a Tippi with a Heattech and cashmere scarf and my Next sweatshirt jersey bomber on top.

We spent the early part of the week up at the brilliant Imagine festival at the Southbank. The Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups was our highlight. Not many kids’ events end with a Junglist After Party and parents and kids throwing shapes together. We loved it.


Zara jeans, Adidas Superstars, Iris & Ink cashmere roll neck, Cos grey coat, ancient Jeepers Peepers sunnies.

Red Cos pixel dress, Falke tights, over the knee boots from Italy.

We ended the week with a few days in the beautiful New Forest to celebrate our anniversary.

Zara jeans, Uniqlo Heattech under J Crew khaki merino jumper, Toga Pullas, Per Una Speziale coat.

Night out in Next black strap heels, Zara jeans, Cos shirt with leather collar, & Other Stories black leather clutch. The jeans were a last minute change – the leather leggings I’d planned to wear were just a step too far for the laid back restaurant we went to.

Obligatory photo with a New Forest pony! Boden cashmere Off Duty jumper, Zara jeans, Ugg Gershwins, Woolrich parka.

If you follow me on Instgram you’ll have seen that I’ve had a hair cut!
Properly styled.
My hair is totally straight naturally. I’m going to have to plait it every night to get a bit of a wave I think.

Before I go, I’ve had a flares post I’ve been waiting to finish since early January. Truth is I have a few pairs but and I am struggling greatly with how to wear them. Tops I can kind of do, footwear is a fail every time. I’ve tried Toga Pullas (on the basis you can only see the lovely pointy toe), Ash Jalouse, old Zara high heel boots, old black Zara pointed high heel boots, old M&S black suede pointed heels boots, Superstars, Stan Smiths. So I really have a footwear gap in my wardrobe?? I might give them another go this week if the rain stays away. Let me know if you’ve had success with them.

Have a happy Monday.

Kids stuff

It’s half term so this is a random post all about things for little ones. It was going to be double the length but I’ve had to edit some bits. Truth is, I’m tired!

I find a grey jersey / sweatshirt dress the most hardworking piece in my girls’ wardrobes. They can be layered over anything.
They’re deceptively hard to find but Gap has a great one on line (we have this one too and Little Legs has this) Both my girls wear theirs over stripey long sleeved tees (I stock up at H&M every year) with leggings (Next ones serve us almost as well as the lovely POP ones that are 3 times the price)

Talking of POP, I love this dress.
It’s so hard to find good black dresses for kids and I might well get both my girls this one (to be worn at different times!)

I love this Gap horse dress too.
A steeper price than lots of their clothes but I waited for a discount so got it with 25% off. I got a few other bits too. I’m struggling to find good photos from Gap so links will have to do (I’m tired, sorry!) This, this, this and this.

How adorable are these shoes?
We are getting the mermaid turquoise. On the subject of M&S shoes, I can’t recommend these enough.
They seem indestructible and have out lasted shoes four times the price. My crazed puddle jumper never gets wet feet in them and they look good too. Win win.

We have a bit of a Zara wish list going on. Green parka, fringed cardigan, striped shirt, star shirt, cotton trousers, if only these were leather, so cute, beautiful floral dress, argghh viscose. Long list!

On to decor.

I used some special money to get both my girls Miffy lights for Christmas from the beautiful Deco Baby.
They’re bright enough to be a proper light and dim right down to use as a night light.

I bought this beautiful print from Deco Baby to go in La Bambina’s room too. It makes me smile every time I look at it and goes well with the Farg and Form cloud paper on the walls.
It’s well worth the price but I recoil at the prices many places charge for kids’ art and prefer to make my own. I was a huge Miffy fan as a kid too and have the original books. We are having a series of pictures from one of our favourite Miffy stories framed later this week.
I can’t wait to put them up.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen my DIY efforts this weekend.
I finally put up a sign we had made when La Bambina was born.

Right, I’m off for an early night before the half term fun begins. Have a good one.