More leather trousers

Adidas Superstars II, H&M pleather leggings, Boden Off Duty cashmere jumper (over a Uniqlo heatech), Joseph pom pom hat, Woolrich parka.

After I bootcamped we went down to the river where it is always freezing. Little Legs is almost 7 and very organised so when she said she had her coat in the car I didn’t question it.
Moody shot. Maybe I should’ve been paying more attention to my children.
Because no, she didn’t have a coat. Here she is in my Woolrich parka. I’m wearing the outer layer of my partner’s Belstaff jacket while he made do with the body warmer bit.

Hope you’re having a good weekend. Today is all about flares! More tomorrow.

Some little treats

We’re almost there, just one more week and January will be over. I find the winter an endurance – the cold, the darkness – Christmas distracts me, but the crash when it’s over is hard, so I hibernate and make crafty things, cook and watch movies. Clothes wise, it’s just layer upon layer of thermals and cashmere. I can’t bare to look at the lovely spring things online as it will be months before it’s warm enough to wear them, but we have a family wedding at Easter so hopefully some outfit planning will get me out of this rut soon!

It’s all about little treats to make life nicer right now. I’ve probably mentioned before that I’m a hand cream and lip balm addict and I had some lovely new one’s to try in my Christmas stocking…the Aesop Ressurection Hand Cream (thanks to my lovely boy who only needed the tiniest nudge in the right direction) is AMAZING – the scent is divine, I’m hooked now! I also have the Nuxe in my bag at the moment, and highly rate the Nivea CoQ10, it is an absolute bargain and I have tubes in the car and littered all over the house.


I always have a jar of special lip balm by my bed, either By Terry or Dior’s rose balm, but I like to have a stick for when I’m out and about. The Dior Lip Glow is lovely, and the Burt’s Bees are brilliant and really good value, but for the last while I have been using the Fresh Sugar Lip Balms and they are my favourites. I love the Rose and my other favourite is the Coral, which looked too bright in the bullet but is lovely on, just a nice warm glow. The Plum was a little too dark for me, so I gave it to a friend, but I have high hopes for the Cherry which is in the post to me. I can’t get them here, but buy mine from US Ebay or Amazon


I have been using Clarins facial oils on and off since my mum first took me to the Clarins counter as a teenager, when I was kitted out it Lotus oil for my t zone and Santal oil for my dry cheeks, they are such a treat for dry winter skin, but I came across this L’Oreal Extraordinary facial oil, which is gorgeous and a bargain especially as it’s on offer at Boots at the moment. Lisa Eldridge has a video about facial massage and I love doing a version at night.

I was treated to Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream for Christmas. Now my inner sceptic tells me that it can’t perform miracles, but one month on and I like it. For the last year I have been using a lot of retinol and glycolic acid on my face. I’m 45 with very fine skin and it did take a while for the minor tinging and irritation to calm down, but my complexion was looking bright and glowing. Then I read an article about retinols and acids on skin and how we are essentially burning off the upper layer of skin which creates a cycle of sensitivity and in the long term it’s better to use collagen and hyalurons to nourish the skin and create that glowy effect. The Magic Cream has a lot of these ingredients, so I’m giving that approach a try. I’ll let you know if I like it enough to buy myself another pot!


Leather joggers

I’ve had a horrid sick bug this week and have been feeling very sorry for myself. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get my youngest to watch TV so I can lay on the sofa and cheer myself up by thinking about clothes. Wearing my leather joggers has taken up a fair amount of brain space. I love them but have struggled with what to wear on my feet now it’s too cold for Stan Smiths (I only wear them without socks)

At Christmas I wore them with a silk shirt and heels. I like this a lot but not great for everyday.

Today I wore them like this.

Unbranded ancient sunnies (maybe Jeepers Peepers), Zara pleather joggers from last year, Uniqlo merino roll neck (with roll neck heattech underneath), Adidas Superstars II, grey Cos coat, Joseph bobble hat. Yes, the trainers are staying.

If I was getting a pair of looser fit (p)leather trousers now I would go for these real leather ones from Mango which have 50% off. I recommended them to a good friend earlier this week and have been trying not to order them for myself since.

I always change into house clothes when I get in apart from when I’m wearing these leather joggers. They are just too comfortable to take off which is the highest praise I can give!

Have a good Friday.

High Heel Sneakers

I don’t like wedge trainers. I sold my Ash wedges years ago and never thought I’d buy more. But here I am and I’m all a dither about whether to keep them or not.
These are Adidas Superstars with a concealed wedge.

These are the original Adidas Superstars II.
What I actually want is Superstar hi tops without a wedge but I can’t have them.

I think the wedge is pretty well hidden?
What do you think?

Sunny Sunday



I’ve always thought there’s no point (paying to) living in London if you don’t try and enjoy it. Me and my partner are both proud Londoners and until we can retire to Italy, we will never move. We both and our families have worked on the river and many of the capital’s iconic buildings and public spaces which makes us even prouder of our city. Our poor girls don’t have much chance really – almost every weekend they’re coerced into another ‘appreciate London’ activity. Today we went to the park my partner used to play in as a kid and played football until dusk (I may’ve hobbled for most of it)

Can you tell my blog photos aren’t high on the family agenda?! They do try (so they say!)
I was wearing an olive cashmere Uniqlo rollneck with Zara ripped jeans, old Nikes, Woolrich parka, Joseph hat and Mac Relentlessly Red lippy.

Hope you’re all set for a good week. I’m expecting two deliveries which I’ll report back on soon.