It might seem a bit early to be thinking of hot weather footwear but the sun is shining in London and if you don’t get in early, the best sandals are long sold out when the weather for them finally arrives. I am also feeling grotty with a horrid cold so am only sharing photos of my feet today.

First up a bargain leather pair from Topshop.These come in lots of colour ways – I have the orange and am considering the gold. I really like this kind of go with anything sandal.

These are also from Topshop.  My sister spotted them when we were out shopping last week – black and gold, my favourite!They’re quite substantial and have a utilitarian feel.  They look like the kind of sandal you could happily wear for a day of walking – a failing of many of the thinner soled sandals I tend to love.

I normally wear reasonably cheap shoes in summer – most of my sandals are about the £15-30 mark. A few years ago I bought my first pair of Ancient Greek sandals and I got the black studded Niki last year as a present from my kids (here on me last summer with the Stories dress I can’t wait to wear again!)img_5628.jpgThere is definitely a difference in quality with these more expensive sandals. The leather is soft but not loose and the anti slip heels really do work.

Net a Porter have 15% off at the moment with code NETAPORTER15 if you’re tempted. I am hoping that these might fall in to my lap on Mother’s Day (sadly not from NAP but use FREEDEL for free delivery at Matches) These are a good less expensive alternative?

I saw these Figue sandals on Laura Fantacci a year or two ago and really wanted some but missed out.Then last year I picked up some tributes in a Next Outlet store for a tenner and wore them a lot.  The only problem – and I expect why they were in the Outlet store – was the dye – greeny-black stained feet isn’t a great look! img_0448-1.jpgImagine my delight then when I saw these from Zara.Here they are on my pasty feet. They’re true to size / slightly large – I had considered sizing up so I didn’t get heel overhang but I didn’t need to. They’re quite a loose fit, more a summer mooching sandal than a city walking affair. I find I have to get my feet muscles used to these kind of sandals over a few weeks then they’re comfy as anything.

I wore the white strappy sandals I got from Topshop loads last summer. I loved them with jeans and dresses and danced the night away in them at my dad’s wedding party. I wish I’d bought two pairs because mine are looking a bit battered. Luckily strappy sandals are everywhere this season. img_0115-1.jpgThese look similar though the heel is a bit meh for me.

These are a more delicate pair with a slightly higher heel.

These aren’t so strappy and I know three people who have bought these and love them.

These are totally flat and look great!Moving on from white, I loved these when I saw them on line.Here I am in them. What do you think?

C’mon summer.

A Spring bag

Straw bag. Straw bag here with shell earrings (I can’t find them on line but similar here) and a pretty red scrunchy I fancied that is from H&M too. Of course I can’t find the hair ribbon on line but I did spot this in Accessorize which looks pretty special. The bag comes in black too which I meant to pick up and forgot. I’ve spotted this one now which I might get instead. C’mon sunshine!

Back tomorrow.

A Spring coat

I convinced myself a while ago that I needed a mac / trench coat. I thought one might make me look wafty and chic and like the glossy women I see out on the town.

So I started trying some on.

I am not alone in my family in loving clothes – my partner, my dad and one of my sisters in particular share my love for fashion. My sister did a lot of reaseach before she bought her French Connection trench a few years ago. I borrowed it last Spring but after multiple tries I had to accept that it just didn’t suit me.

Having decided that structured trenches don’t suit me, I spotted one in Zara the other day that looked more flowy and I thought might work better for me. I quite liked it, enough to get my sister to come and see it with me.The photos are particularly unflattering but I left the shop without it.

Then we wandered in to Topshop for my sister to collect a delivery and I mooched around the Miss Selfridge section while I waited for her (I didn’t know Miss Selfridge still existed!) And then there it was, the Spring coat I “needed”. Not floaty, not tan or beige either but a lot more me.Miss Selfridge coat, Zara jeans (similar here), Zara shirt (old), Nike Air Max (old), Chloe Mini Marcie bag. My hair clip was a Christmas present so I don’t know where it’s from!

The jacket is lightweight but substantial enough to wear a jumper underneath and be reasonably warm. Best of all, it was £15! Now of course it seems to be out of stock in lots of places that stock Miss Selfridge but Westfield E20 had tens in their Topshop. Debenhams had some but have only a size 6 left. I sized down once and could’ve gone down to a 10 so a 6 might be worth a try if you’re small.

While I am mentioning Miss Selfridge, my sister bought this midi skirt and it’s lovely – it has pockets too.I bought a dress I just couldn’t resist in Stories and some jewellery too but I’ll share that when I have more time over the weekend.

Back soon.

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Calling Spring

Thankfully the howling winds have left London. They were not happy days! Today it started chilly but is positively warm this afternoon. It has put me in a good mood and made me think about sunnier days.

I have a few new things to share.

First up, sandals. These sandals are new in at M&S. I ordered the brown and the black and am tempted to keep both. They have a studding on the leather straps and on the base of the sandal. My only small gripe is the buckle, the quality isn’t in keeping with the rest of the sandal but they go with everything and I really like them. (Beware to put the shorter strap on top when you do them up or they’ll cut off your circulation)

I am totally fed up with my winter wardrobe and I bought some new khaki trousers to cheer myself up. These were from H&M and I have a 14 as they’re tighter on the tummy if a bit loose on the leg (in hindsight not the best fit for an apple shape) H&M trousers, Gucci belt, H&M top (I have worn this so much since I got it a few months ago), orange sandals (true to size).

On to dresses.

I had such high hopes for this Stories zebra print dress. Here it is on me, the photo makes it look better than it did in real life. This is the material up close. It has a kind of sheen that I wasn’t totally keen on. On my shape the drawstring waist just doesn’t work. I dithered enough to pack it up to return and then unpack it to try it on again but no, it must go back.

Again, this green dress had my heart beating fast and I thought I’d love it.I just don’t. Stories dresses aren’t very generous on the bust. I am wearing a 42 here and a 44 might be better as this gapes very slightly. It’s a lovely summer dress for work, or for a wedding but it just didn’t make me feel great and so it goes back.

Now this dress I did love. I wear more colour in summer than winter but nothing can beat a throw on black dress for me.It’s never that simple though, is it. This dress has a deep V neck that is cut in a way that means there’s no pinning it up. I tried it with every bra I own and you could see them all. It did make me wonder if it’s supposed to be more of a beach kaftan – it’s also a tiny bit see through. I liked it enough to order a size down and will let you know how I get on. Ps it has pockets!

Another black dress now, this one from M&S.I forgot to take a photo when I tried it on but I like it. I have a 14 so that it hangs properly on the chest but it’s a loose dress so you could consider sizing down.

Now this dress is a bargain from H&M that is far more flattering on than I have made it look! I am all for the ease of a throw on dress in the warmer months, add a necklace or two, sandals, sunnies and I’m off.

This dress isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love it. The tan colour is just beautiful and I am a fan of the kangaroo pocket too. You can see the side detail better on the model here.

Ending with another Zara dress which I just love.It’s a slightly darker blue than the Zara photo and is a lyocell Tencel blend. I have a large.

Now all I need is some sunshine!

Back soon.

All my posts may contain affiliate links. Everything I write about I have bought and paid for myself, nothing is sponsored or gifted.

White boots?

I am not sure.

These are from H&M. They were £35 (or £25 to me as I had a ten pound off code on my H&M card) They’re not leather.

Beautifully modelled here with my Nike running leggings 🙂

This is more how I’d wear them (ignore my hair, I’m off to the hairdressers to have it dealt with) Zara jeans, H&M boots, old H&M jumper, Gucci belt. My mother in law asked if I’d like her to hem these jeans for me!H&M dress

Just like any other boots then, only these are a rather bright white.

If you fancy investing a tenner more, these look interesting.These Mango ones have a lovely looking heel. They were more than I wanted to spend but look great if you’re a committed white boot wearer.

I don’t like having my heels out but if you don’t mind, these are interesting.

Finally these from Topshop. They have a stud detail and are in their sale with 50% off.

As I dither over whether to keep the boots, I keep going back to this Wardrobe Icons article. Truth is I never buy anything they suggest anymore but as a lover of Laura’s old style I keep thinking, if she gives them her seal of approval maybe I should keep them.

Back soon.

All my posts may contain affiliate links. Everything I write about I have bought and paid for myself, nothing is sponsored or gifted.