A dress

Old Zara dress (similar here), Stan Smith hi tops. This is a man repeller outfit in my house, my partner hated it. (I’ve cleaned my mirror since this photo, eek!)

I have ordered a few things from Zara this morning. I’m most excited about these jeans and this batik shirt too. I’m really in to shirts with jeans at the moment and hope the colour is as vibrant in real life. I’ll report back. Hope you have a great long weekend. 

Look, white jeans!

After a crazy busy few weeks I took half hour out this morning to browse Grazia with a coffee. This article made me remember a random Gap purchase I made a few months back. 

Ok, these jeans aren’t actually white, more an oatmeal, but the grey tone puts them more in my comfort zone (I am totally out of my comfort zone to be truthful, how am I going to sit down on the bus?!)Gap jeans, grey ASOS Forever tshirt, grey Hush sweatshirt jacket, white Topshop Figs. 

I’m not sure they work on me. I have a tendency to suddenly become a messy eater / my kids insist on floor based activities whenever I wear anything white. My friend Tracey swears by them though and I’m keeping them on for an afternoon out with my kids.  

I have an update on the only dress I loved from my & Other Stories haulI exchanged it for a smaller size and it’s taken almost a month to get the new one so I’d recommend reordering rather than exchanging if you need something quick!& Other Stories Embroidered dress with Topshop Pistachio bow sliders. The dress is box fresh, excuse the creases. 


Back soon. 

Old friends, new friends

There’s a nip in the air today but I couldn’t resist the colours in this beautiful Zara dress I got last year and am wearing it anyway. I don’t wear many brights but there is something about this dress that reminds me of the ones my mum wore in the 70s and that makes me smile. (I have the top version too here which has huge sleeves, this has fluted mid sleeves)Old Zara dress, Topshop Figs, old See by Chloe bag. 

And new friends, a real person. I mentioned how much I loved my Mango black dress from last year and how I was failing to find a replacement (here). 

This blogging malarkey is a funny thing, I write posts with no idea who’s reading. The total upside is the friends you make blogging. After my Mango dress blog I got an email from the beautiful Becky at re:style blog

And look what she sent me! A brand new replacement of the black patterned dress and the black version I missed out on last year!

Old friends and new friends make for happy days. 

Pistachio mules

Topshop Pistachio black bow mules 

The gold Karters are winding their way to Joanna in Atlanta so I went for the next pair on my wish list and got these black bow Pistachio mules instead. They are also available in a nude pink. 

They are Limited Edition and come in a fancy box with a proper shoe dust cover. I like details like that.  

My dilemma is the sizing. I have a 7/40. I’m just over a 6.5 so I usually wear a 7. I’m right on the edge of the back of the shoe in these (I mentioned last week that Topshop sizing is all over the place this season!) What do you think? 

Topshop shoes

Topshop really do seem to be having a shoe moment. Here’s a round up of some of my favourites. 

The Figs are my favourite sandals in years. They’re doing the black again this year. 

I really like the look of these fringed black leather sandals. I’ve been won over to the statement shoe, fab with a black summer dress. 

It looks like they’ve restocked the gold Kimmis. I wear mine with ripped jeans to de-smarten them but they’d be a great summer work shoe. 

These Nino suede mules are designer dupes for a fraction of the price. I would wear them with this gorgeous & Other Stories dress if I didn’t look so silly in pink. 

Now these Royal embroidered sandals are so beautiful I think I’d have to keep them on a shelf! I am thinking of trying them with this dress (& Other Stories again) for my birthday in Italy. 

These mustard Liana platforms look a bit high for me but I really like the colour. 

If you can wear super high heels, these Ripley sandals are so beautiful. My knees would never forgive me!

Topshop are doing these tie up sandals in three heel heights. I have the gold mid heel and had my eye on these Not black lower heeled ones as potential birthday party shoes but they sold out while I dithered (these are quite similar without the strappy leg bit)

I tried these blue tie dyed Nadine heels on in store. I had an idea that this suit would see me through Ascot, two birthday parties and a wedding this summer. It wasn’t to be, the shoe sizing didn’t work for me and neither did the suit. 

Just look at these grey and white strappy heels. I tried them but they didn’t fit my skinny feet properly. 

These are the shoes of my dreams. They’re pricey but oh so gorgeous.

I have the yellow gold Karters in my possession in a 6 (all they had left) I am undecided and may return them to fund the ones above. 

In the meantime I am franticall checking their “new in” section praying they’ll do the Kylie sling back loafers in the same yellow-gold as the Karters. A girl can dream!

A note on Topshop sizing – their shoe sizes are all over the place this year! I have an 8 in the Kylies, a 7 in the Kimmis and almost fitted in a 6 in the Nadines and Karters.