Peasant tops

Peasant top, boho blouse, folk top, embroidered blouse. You know what I mean. A summer staple that are everywhere right now. 

I know some people find them hard to wear and they can look a bit like maternity tops. I love them though. They are the perfect foil to denim shorts, the long sleeves but light material balance out all the leg on show. I always tuck a tiny amount into my waistband which stops me looking pregnant (you’ll have noticed I often do this) but not too done up. 

There are loads of this style of top out there at the moment. Here are some of my favourites. 

This Mango blouse was my first purchase of the summer. 

 I almost sent it back because it looked unflattering. So pleased I didn’t as I’ve worn it many times already.  Here with ancient ripped jeans, a tan woven leather belt I’ve had twenty years and shoes from Bertie a few years ago. It has shrunk slightly so don’t size down if you’re unsure. 


This red Zara blouse is in stock now. I’m not convinced by the V neckline but I do like the colour and have worn it twice already. Here with a Forever 21 necklace and ancient ripped jeans. Not sure what’s going on with the Tamara Beckwith style hair. 

  Belinda alerted me to this black embroidered smock from Warehouse and I think I am going to give it a try. Ideally I’d like a black one with a neater shoulder but I haven’t found one anywhere.  

  I have this from Zara but it’s obscene on my bust so will be a holiday top only. 

 These two from ASOS Reclaimed Vintage are lovely. 

 I should’ve shared earlier that I returned the Next top I blogged a while back. It made me look like a lampshade, not good. 

  I am very tempted to try this chambray top from Boden. It looks very easy to wear and is 100% cotton. 

I ordered this Boden top a few weeks back but got the sizing wrong and it was huge. It’s viscose which I don’t love but I really like the colour so am giving a smaller size a try. 

This is from ASOS.   It’s polyester but looks quite slinky and could be worth a try.       This Mango blouse is on ASOS too and looks very versatile. 

 This looks pretty for £15 in the sale and also comes in red (viscose though of course)

 This is pretty from New Look with a kimono sleeve. 100% cotton too. This looks nice from Michael Kors. 

 I adore this Suno top, 100% cotton and a smart fit. For over £300 it won’t be mine though. 

 Ending with my favourite. The Vicky from Etoile Isabel Marant. If you’ve seen anything similar with a friendlier price tag, please do let me know. 

Finally, what I wore this weekend. 

 Lovely shot of a bin and me in the Forever 21 jumpsuit again on Friday night with my new Warehouse denim jacket and Boden flats and Next bag.  

I think it goes without saying that I’m not a fancy dress kind of woman. I get a sinking feeling when invitations have those two dreaded words on. Parties are for favourite clothes, sparkly shoes, not grown ups dressed in togas. But when my own daughter asked for a fancy dress party and for me to join in, well, I am not a killjoy. 

She had a disco party and asked her mates to dress as their favourite musician/band or to wear their best dancing gear. There were some amazing outfits! Abba, Michael Jackson, one of the coolest girls I know as Harry Styles, two Pharrells. My birthday girl went as Taylor Swift. 

And me? Here’s a clue?   

Me and my babygirl as RunDMC.  
We both wore our Superstars of course.  Their Daddy joined in too but I promised I wouldn’t blog him.

Till next time. 

What I wore last night

   Last night we went out for a beautiful birthday meal. My outfit was chosen by my girls. Even they love the Uniqlo silk shirts! Uniqlo cream silk shirt (this season’s version on sale here), M&S cropped jeans, Coast Celita shoes, Zara silk snake print jacket (very old) Only the jeans are current. They have 20% off today.  Size down! 

 Here’s the shirt and jacket in a better light. I had to wear a cami top this time. Note to self, I must buy a new white bra this weekend. 

    How I love these shoes. Thanks for finding them Belinda!

Another celebration this evening. I think I might wear the grey Forever 21 jumpsuit again!


WIT: Jumpsuit

Special day here so I’m wearing something new.  

   Forever 21 jumpsuit, Adidas Superstars, Warehouse denim jacket, Next suede bag, Nars Red Square lip crayon. 

I’m looking forward to rolling the legs up a bit and wearing my silver Boden strappy flats when it’s not pouring down like it is today.   What a stylish cagoule! I look very crumpled I know, getting soaked then sitting on the floor for La Bambina’s ballet class did that to me. 

What do you think of the jumpsuit? 

Out for dinner later so I might wear something else new. 

True Love

This was on my wish list for 6 months before I finally got my hands on it, it was so worth the wait, I am reducing the cost per wear rapidly. If you buy it from the Chinti and Parker site you’ll get 15% off if it’s your first full price purchase from them. It’s oversized, which is not something that works for me, so I got the XS. It makes me smile every time I wear it!




WIT: Reclaimed Vintage

I got a lot of Instagram love for this top from ASOS Reclaimed Vintage when I wore it a few weeks ago before the sun disappeared. 

 Today I’m wearing another one. This one is navy with multi coloured embroidery, 100% cotton again. I find this style of top so easy to throw on in the morning with whatever jeans I fancy, pair of slides and away.  Zara jeans, New Look slides from last year. They don’t seem to be doing my leather version this year. (Bad news to look at New Look’s shoes, I am loving these and these which would look great with the navy top, and these I may have to try) I’m feeling a bit worse for wear today after a great night out last night. I forgot my door keys and spent a while on the door step feeling like a silly teenager. Luckily I have a very lovely partner who was far more gracious than I’d have been at being woken up in the early hours. Oops. 

Back to clothes. The Reclaimed Vintage prices are a bit higher than usual ASOS own brand but I’ve been impressed with the quality (not always the case with ASOS)

These are the current bits I like. 

 I love this white dress. If this jumpsuit wasn’t 100% viscose it would be mine. This shape of dress can be really forgiving, this might scratch my red boho dress itch, this dress is so pretty and 100% cotton. They have quite a few things in the sale which are worth a look too 

Right, I’m off to attempt a panda birthday cake. Wish me luck!