ASOS Drape Maxi dress

I don’t usually get on with maxi dresses but I really like this ASOS drape pocket maxi dress.

I tried the khaki in a 12 which is a good fit. It covers a strapless bra and the cut is flattering on the upper body. I’ve never been a fan of hi-lo hems but the draping around the bottom of this dress seems to balance me out – always a problem in normal one length maxis.

I have the similar black long sleeved tunic version and it’s washed well.

I liked it with Birkenstocks, a lighter tan sandal and my stone Ash Jalouse. It is the kind of dress that goes perfectly with a denim jacket on top and I tried a draped tencel jacket which I liked too. When I am less pasty I will share some photos.

It is reduced to £26 and comes in black, grey and khaki.

Parking it

I saw a pic of Michelle Pfeiffer at Coachella, wearing some khaki trousers w black ankle boots and thought it looked good. I haven’t actually worn my skinny khakis w black shoes – going for nude / neutral shoes instead. I thought black shoes would look too grungy, somehow. A photo of Michelle Pfeiffer would convert anyone to an idea, though, wouldn’t it?! So I gave it a try – here’s my heavily modified version…

Outfit: H&M wool mix black biker | Zara cream cotton blouse | Warehouse skinny khakis (Gap are doing a good version this season) | Dune Nins black leather ankle boots (I wore these for a LONG walk chasing the Bolters through the park – they were fine. I doffs me cap to Dune for making good looking shoes that are comfortable).

It’s glorious in London at the moment with the blossoms out. Pretty street scene for you – doesn’t get any lovelier than this.




Mummy uniform today. Jeans and a stripy top.
I’ve seen lots of red striped tops in magazines recently and was on the look out myself. This was from New Look many years ago and was in one of my summer clothes boxes. Result.

What was I wearing on my feet?
Birkenstock of course!

H&M follow up

Quick post… I found the black dress after spending ALL morning on Tuesday looking for it. I found it at Oxford Circus, on the rail parked next to the counter on the first floor. The dress was so flattering that I HAD to have it. I pretty much never get this crazy about a dress, so it tells you how much I thought it suited me as opposed to most other body con dresses. It’s the generous middle section – perfect for a hourglass cum apple.

Anyway, look at this wicked, sassy skirt H&M have just brought out. It just made me smile. Ah, Glomesh, you are marvellous stuff. A really fun summer party skirt for £30.

Off for a walk in the sun, hope you are getting out in the glorious weather, too!



Yeah to meh

I loved Belinda’s Fantasy & Reality post. So, so often that happens to me. I think of what to wear then have to change the shoes or put a big coat on top (it’s almost always the shoes) and it goes from being a good outfit to a meh one.

The day I read B’s post I was wearing ripped boyfriend jeans, grey tshirt, snake print scarf and ASOS Disco skaters. Not groundbreaking but an okay outfit for a day racing round. But it was warm and since they’ve been replaced the skaters aren’t so comfy. So I changed into the ballet flats that live by the front door (ancient Sam Edelman Frankies – THE most comfy shoe ever!) And with that shoe change I went from looking like I was gently nodding to a few trends to looking what I can only call frumpy. The rest just didn’t work without the slight “edge” of the skaters.

What happens more often is an outfit needs a heel and I just can’t face wearing one now it’s too warm for my Acne Pistols. If only it would warm up again enough to wear my beautiful array of flat shoes. Anyway, enough rambling from me.

Quite a few meh outfits from me this week. Reflecting the weather (though today’s lovely) and my state of mind I think.

It was pouring with rain in London for the start of the holidays but there were Easter egg hunts to do so out we went.
Zara jeans, J Crew pink cashmere jumper (over a black H&M vest), Gap denim waistcoat, old Zara leather jacket, Malene Birger scarf, silver Adidas, ancient H&M black bag (v unstylish) Slightly crazed smile as the Easter bunny bounced past mid photo and La Bambina began to scream “chocolate” and run in circles.

I don’t know how well this worked. The camera height didn’t help but I think I maybe dressed myself like a weeble. Gap jeans, Topshop quilted pleather tshirt, Gap leopard skaters.

A bit of yellow to watch my sunshine in a play. J Crew sunshine yellow merino Tippi jumper, ripped Zara jeans, Topshop snake skaters. (The jumper had been ironed Mon, I promise!)

I was thinking about slogan tees and suddenly it came to me! Look what I dug out. Printed tshirt, Zara jeans, Birkenstock Arizona.

Hope you’re having a good week.

H&M : hideous and marvellous

I had seen some things on the H&M website that I thought I’d check out, since I happened to be nearby this morning.

I wore: Zara navy wool coat | Uniqlo grey cashmere roll neck | Only patched jeans | Marks & Spencer Autograph pewter ankle boots | Marks & Spencer black croc leather bag.





I saw:
- this pretty pink necklace that is £15 (I will try to come back w links soon);
- this silk camisole (I love silk. It feels wonderful to wear);
- this marvellous slightly bodycon dress that is one of the best dresses I have ever known H&M to make. I want it in the black in the S (the size I am wearing). It will look perfect w my new TopShop Nina strappy sandals and my old TopShop cotton leopard print cocoon coat. Is it online? No. Is the black sold out in the store I went to? Yes. Am I now fixated on getting it? Yes. Of course. Esp as it’s lovely and only £15. Watch this space.
- these lightweight jersey tops. What on earth is going on there?! Not good.

Night, night.










Cake & leopard print

It was my dad’s birthday earlier this week. I cooked for him and all my sisters on the actual day, our gaggle of girls, great fun. This afternoon we went out for dinner.

You’ve seen this outfit before but I like it so I thought I’d blog it again.
Whistles silk leopard print sweatshirt, Zara ripped jeans, & Other Stories strappy heels, Zara leather lapel blazer.

Hope you’re having a good weekend. And that olive oil can come out of silk. My smallest beloved smeared some on the leopard top. (Maybe I should’ve listened to the mummies can’t wear good clothes brigade!?)

Blonde mash up

Quick post while I am on the bus to Marylebone High St for a look around…. Let’s see how much I can post before I get there!

Yesterday I went shopping. Ostensibly charity shop shopping. Nada. As Avril of School Gate Style noted recently, it’s slim pickings at the moment. So, I was forced, FORCED I tell you, to look at regular shops. And there were a few lovely things I found and bought:

1. KG Kurt Geiger Nina leopard print ankle strap sandals. I love leopard, I love sandals and I often love Kurt Geiger. But what I love most of all is a bargain. Well, Reader, what do you think – reduced from £95 to £29. Obviously this is hardly a bargain if the item is either shoddy quality or not something you would wear, but neither of those points apply here. I often wear simple outfits, so these sandals will be perfect for my black dresses, jeans and white, cream or black T get ups etc. Something to note: I struggle with ankle straps – my ankle bone gets in the way and they often hurt. Not with these.

2. Banana Republic Monogram silk shirt. Slim cut, opaque (oh how rare this is for silk blouses – often they are like gossamer. Farewell, modesty. But not this one). Reduced to £40, and I sized down to a ridiculous UK size 6 [eye roll at such vanity sizing].

3. TopShop Nina kitten heel suede ankle strap sandals. Same name, similar style but different enough that I needed both. Needed. Ok? I rounded down to a 39, and these are fine. Comfortable and chic – that’s what I’m looking for in shoes these days.

As to what I am wearing today, it’s a blonde coloured mash up: Beige / cream wool coat (this old thing!? Yes, it’s 8 years old if it’s a day) | TopShop cream blouse that ever lovely Eve gave me | TopShop Baxters | Aldo Dobrus nude asymmetrical flats | Zara cream leather bag | Helen Moore asymmetrical fur collar (I’m a little cold, but this thing requires some special skill, that I lack, to put it on properly). Amazing fur, though – best quality I have seen.

Hope you are going to have a good weekend. I will be back soon to tell you all about my Big Idea, too (oooh, errr!)








Printed Strides

I love loose printed trousers and wear them all the time in warmer weather. Like most of the clothes I love, they are easy to style and comfortable to wear. Simple jewellery, a plain tshirt and sandals and you’re ready to go.

Here are some of my current favourites.

I must start by linking to these Mango Bambi trousers again. These are my new favourites.
Excuse the funny pose (& odd lumpy arm?), I wanted to show the harem drape.

Mango really are on fire with their trousers at the moment.

These black printed Mango trousers would be so easy to wear. I have a similar Zara pair (below) from a year or two ago that I wore yesterday.
Zara black printed draped trousers, black ASOS viscose tshirt (do not buy this – it’s crap), black Birkenstock Arizona.

My Euro Trash tendencies mean I have always loved a bit of Tropicana (the look, not the juice) and I am so pleased palm prints are everywhere this season. The Ganni Palm Playsuit is on my birthday list. In the meantime I am barely resisting these Ganni printed trousers.

These red palm print trousers look a fabulous, cheaper alternative. I have some red ones from Zara a few years ago that I love and wore earlier this week.
Here with black Topshop snakeprint skaters, black ASOS tshirt, black Topshop jacket, old black Warehouse scarf.

These floral ones are a more delicate alternative and would go with a variety of more colourful tops.

Leopard print loose trousers are a wardrobe staple for me. I have a (surprise!) Zara pair which I wear out in the evening, to travel, as general day wear and even while heavily pregnant. I am sure Zara will do them again soon but these from H&M look similar, ASOS have a lighter pair in the sale. Mango have a pretty stunning Palazzo version too!
Mango Leopard Palazzo Trousers.

These from Zara are 100% polyester but look good. As you can probably tell from my collection, I rate Zara printed trousers and monochrome is “in” this season.

A nod to the Folk trend with these Floral Utility trousers from Topshop that have had very good reviews.

I like these navy striped trousers from Zara.

ASOS have a large selection as you’d expect. I keep meaning to say that for just shy of a tenner you get free ASOS next day delivery (& collection of returns from your home) for a year. Worth every penny for me.

Will I resist these?

I have tried these Oshyo Beach Trousers and they are really nice. True to the description they are more of a beach than city trouser I’d say but great for holidays.

I really do like these American Vintage Fayettville printed trousers.

Yellow from Essentiel Antwerp who are being pushed in lots of fashion mags at the moment.

Rose print from Ted Baker.

Oh what beauties from See by Chloe.

Printed trousers with elasticated waistbands are great for wearing under a baby bump too. I wore them almost exclusively when I was pregnant with La Bambina (almost two years ago?!)

The next few styles are all more fitted. They just don’t work on me but I could easily see most of these being work appropriate in the height of summer and they’d work as well with sandals on holiday.

They do nothing for me but I have heard good things about the Boden Bistro Crop Trousers and this green print is really pretty.

I haven’t seen these Zara Printed Trousers in real life but they look really good. They are mainly cotton and the print is just beautiful.

Lovely grafitti pattern, again from Zara. These are 97% cotton with a bit of stretch.

I so wanted these Topshop Moroccan Tile Cigarette Trousers to suit me because the print is just stunning. Sadly they did not.

I tried these too and desperately tried to convince myself they looked good but alas, not for my shape. They are beautiful.

These are a slightly different shape and I can imagine them looking so chic and cool on with a simple grey tshirt and slightly flowing grey jacket.

Polyester but how lovely is this tile print from Topshop? Belinda has a stunning pair from Topshop I hope she will share soon.

Back to palm print (I can’t resist it!) and perhaps only for less formal workplaces but these cotton Topshop Palm Print Trousers are really nice in real life.

I have a problem with the fit of Gap trousers but these Striped Broken in Straight Khakis look interesting.

And if the man in your life is looking for a pair, how about these?

Now all I need is to find the perfect black tshirts to go on top. I am considering silk. Many of these trousers have high viscose/polyester contents and I think they need a quality top with them in general. Two years ago Uniqlo did some great silk mix tees I shall keep my eyes open for. Any other suggestions very gratefully received!