Rainy Sunday

We are going out for a family Sunday lunch to celebrate one of my sister’s birthdays. It’s grey and raining outside and I wanted to wear something a bit different.

Zara flares, really old black silk shirt from Uniqlo, Acne Jensen boots, All Saints jacket.

I have the flares in a L and could’ve sized down – the waist is elasticated at the back. To be honest, they are loose on me particularly on the thighs but I think this is why they work and that they’d look cheap if they were skin tight. Be warned though, these trousers ensure your kids will be totally embarrassed to be seen with you!

Back soon.


The weather, in London at least, is insane at the moment!

I’ve decided to stay in my summer gear and just change my shoes/ add a jacket.

Yesterday I wore my favourite Stories kaftan with my new trainers.

Today it is a M&S dress with the same trainers and my Topshop camo jacket from early Spring (this is the maternity version as they didn’t have the regular one in my size)For the beady eyed, the wine glass in my “I’m a little tea cup” arm bend was left over from last night’s reading in bed with wine – it wasn’t breakfast!

I’ll think up some more interesting outfits over the weekend.

Back soon.

New kicks

These are my new Air & Grace trainers. They have a look of the Golden Goose about them but having never got on with GGs, I’m over the moon with them. They’re not cheap at almost £200 but they’re so comfy and are beautiful.

They are a grey suede leopard print, with a gun metal trim and a beautiful black shiny almost jewelled section at the back.

Air & Grace Altos. Old season & Other Stories kaftan dress.

Back soon.


Too much?Zara flares, Mango boots, Stories jumper (it’s oversized, I have a M), Cos coat, Marks and Spencer bag (still 20% off with a Sparks card)

Not everyone likes brown and I’m sure it hasn’t had a moment for a long time. I’m a huge fan though.

My mum had a camel coat she used to wear to go out – you knew it was a special occasion if she was wearing it. It’s definitely a thing in Italy too, I remember blowing a month’s salary on a pair of camel Krizia trousers because I wanted to look like all the chic women I saw swishing around me. Problem was that I was just 17 and not very swishy. I think I wore them once and I definitely did not achieve the look I wanted. I wore them with a Mark One jumper and my grubby Palladium boots (they’re back!), the look required cashmere, a certain age and well, not grubby canvas trainers.

Moving on.

The Zara cord flares are a lovely fit. They’re true to size but they have a bit of stretch so you could consider sizing down (I didn’t) They’re mid waist. I tried them with a black roll neck too and it’s a look I like. The only issue is the length, they’re fine with a decent heel but anything lower and mine would drag on the floor. Flares can’t be too short though so I’ve decided not to have mine taken up.

I hope I don’t look like I’m in 70s fancy dress as my partner suggested. I’ve dug my old Mango flares out too so he’d better get used to it!

In other news, I went out on Saturday night. Few cocktails and a chateaubriand with my partner.I wore my usual autumn/winter going out gear. Stella McCartney for Equipment silk shirt, All Saints jacket, Next coated jeggings , & Other Stories shoes. The shoes are the most comfy heels I own, I am seriously considering a back up pair. A note on the jegging trousers, I have the long version and they’re the right length on me (I’m 5″6) I almost certainly I saw them on a blog or Instagram post (maybe DMBL40) but I can’t for the life of me remember so sorry for not crediting if it was you!

Back soon, maybe tomorrow with some new trainers if they arrive in time!

A black dress

I’m not 100% sure about this dress.I like that it’s long and black. I don’t like the odd gaps and potential flashes of flesh. If you’re any taller than me (5″6) it would be indecent / require a certain braveness without an underskirt – the buttons stop high up.

It may also err on the wrong side of too Victoriana, on that this jury is out. This is how I’m wearing it today, with Zara red boots and my J Crew leather jacket. But, but…. I wanted a long black dress and this is the best I’ve found for now. I am after a long khaki one too, it must be long and not fitted around the tummy. Let me know if you spot anything.

Back tomorrow.