I love having my big girl off school and think I am more excited than her at the prospect of two weeks of holiday.   

We kicked off with one of my sister’s kids coming over for some Easter craft and lots of chocolate. And wrestling (not me & my sister!) 

 What’s the story with Easter bonnets?  I don’t remember them at all as a kid. 


Then off out for sushi and home for a family disco.  I wore old Zara jeans, Uniqlo silk shirt, old Zara pleather fronted blazer. 

We wore Spring shoes! 

Mine are last year’s from Office, La Bambina’s are from Marks & Spencer as is her dress. 

Happy holidays!  

My old suede bag, my new suede bag

I love fringing. My late night insomniac shopping sessions have seen me search very many varieties of “fringed” goods to wear or have about my person. More than anything I wanted a fringed jacket to swoosh in but I have admitted defeat. Same with tops and skirts, no and no, no, no! I am not giving up entirely though, I am just sticking with fringed bags (and shoes)

What I want more than anything is a fringed suede bag I had twenty years ago. It was a ginger colour, soft with a wide strap I could wear over my shoulder or across my body on a Vespa (this isn’t a dream, I used to ride a Vespa like every other young person in Italy) I bought it in an expensive shop in Bologna with a week’s hard earned wages and it made me feel so grown up (and subsequently a bit hungry) Every fringed bag I’ve seen I compare to that but I have to face facts, there’s nothing I could buy to live up to that one. It was not just a bag. 

So, moving on, I love my Forever 21 fringed rucksack but reality is that a backpack without a serious clasp isn’t always great in a busy city.  I am over the H&M ones I obsessed over too. It sounds petty but I can’t get over the gold hardwear.   


You might remember the suede Zara one I got from the girls section last year.   I still love it though it’s now been claimed by a not so Little Legs. 

So here is my new bag When I saw it in store my heart leapt a bit. I dithered over the neutral but I can’t see a light colour and suede faring well in my life. Grey is my colour anyway so grey it is.   I love it. It’s life with me might be a bit less exciting than my ginger bag’s (now it’s jetting round with scooters of a different sort!) but I’m hoping for sunnier weather and sunnier times really soon. 

Exit through the gift shop

I was very excited to go to the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A yesterday. It is a powerfully moving, exciting, thought provoking exhibition. I highly recommend it. I am going back in May and am looking forward to it already. 

I showed my customary total lack of restraint in the gift shop. 

 Alexander McQueen for the V&A sweatshirt and bag, Zara jeans. 

  I wore a Topshop white shirt, Zara jeans I chopped up, Adidas Superstars, Cos grey coat, Mac Relentlessly Red lipstick, Alexander McQueen Stepney tote. The coat feels too heavy and wintery now but it is still quite chilly out and believe it or not, I don’t have a suitable alternative. This moody shot was taken by sister about five glasses of prosecco in. 

I went out on Saturday evening too. We went to see A View from the Bridge at the Wyndham Theatre. It was quite simply mind blowing. Our tickets were a gift from my sister and I know they’re hard to get hold of but it really is a breathtaking performance if you get a chance to see it.    


It was freezing in London so I wore H&M pleather trousers, black Boden Off Duty cashmere roll neck, Toga Pullas and a wrap coat from years ago. Luckily there was nothing to buy at the theatre!

I hope sunnier and warmer days are on their way. 

Back to Zara

After much proscrastination I took the both the black and khaki Zara jackets back today. I tried an L in the black jacket* but it was too big. In the end I decided that lots of my friends have one (or both!) of them and look great so I will find something else. Also, as we know, I am not good with clothes that take as much thought and effort as the jackets were doing. 

I have to share two things I love. They have been in and out of my on line basket for weeks but when I saw them in real life there was no chance of me not getting them straight away. 

I like this top more than anything I’ve seen in ages. I cannot wait to wear it!

I couldn’t ignore this dress either. It’s quite short but that’s fine with me (here I’m modelling it with my khaki joggers underneath, so chic) I am wearing a L in the top and tunic. 

I have been looking at this cardigan/jacket on line for ages too and finally I tried it on today. I liked it but the faux suede looked quite delicate and incompatible with my life. 

This dress reminds me of those the beautiful women I grew up with used to wear. I am going back for it soon. I have my trousers on underneath but you know sometimes you just fall for something, that’s how I feel about this dress. 

Some things were a fast no. Ha ha ha ha

Um, no no no.

I went in to Forever 21 too on the advice of the lovely Mel. I couldn’t find the jacket she mentioned in the comments of my last post but I did find this jacket in the sale section. So it’s not fitted but it is khaki, has epaulettes and is more me (obvs not with matching trousers!) I have some summer dresses I love but that could easily feel a bit dressy with the strappy sandals I’m stockpiling for summer. This jacket will sort that out. 

Finally here is what I was wearing today. Old H&M khaki joggers, Adidas Superstars, J Crew black merino Tippi, Forever 21 bag, Only denim jacket from eBay. I’m so pleased I got this jacket and can give a nod to the military look for less than a fiver. 

Hope you’re having a good week and thank you to Joanna and Michelle for listening to my faffing over the jackets. 

* The black jacket is out on line but Stratford Westfield had loads in stock in all sizes. 

How to build a Georgian dolls house

This is a post I have been meaning to write for a while.  I wanted to buy my daughters a Georgian dolls house, but I couldn’t find any that I liked.  Most dolls houses were too small, too pink, too plastic, too expensive and aimed at collectors (rather than enthusiastic children).

So, I ordered this MDF flat packed house from eBay (£47) and built the dolls house that I wanted:


The colour scheme I had in mind was this:

It took hours, and was quite fiddly (I’m not gifted at DIY or craft).  However, I am delighted with the result, and its a big, open dolls house that the girls play with a lot.  Here are the photos showing how it turned out:





Those damned ponies – when will it end?!  Anyway, after some trial and error, the paints that I used were:

Exterior roof: Dulux Urban Obsession

Exterior yellow: Dulux Soft Vanilla (I think!)  The first yellow I used was Ivory from Little Greene and was far too dark.  I kept it for the attic, and chose a paler primrose for the exterior.

Exterior white trim and interior ceilings and hall ways: Dulux Timeless

Yellow room (attic): Little Greene Ivory

Pink room: Little Greene Pink Slip

Blue room: Little Greene Drizzle

Green room: Little Greene Eau de Nil

For the floors, I used a pale wood sticky backed plastic.  The furniture you see is Melissa & Doug doll house 1/12th furniture.

Overall, I aimed to keep the dolls house as light and open as possible, and I didn’t decorate or trim it any more than necessary.  The girls can freely play with it, without reminders not to touch bits etc, and I painted it in colours I wouldn’t cringe at, so we are all happy.  Especially the ponies.