Back home

I hate it when holidays end, particularly ones as spectacular as the holiday we’ve just had. 

A few final holiday outfits. I did wonder if this Topshop dress was a bit too much but bought it anyway. In reality I wasn’t keen, it went baggy quickly and I felt too exposed. I really needed a heel too instead of the Ancient Greek sandals. Luckily one of my teenage sisters loved it so she went home with it. & Other Stories black silk dress (from my sister at Christmas), old Topshop strappy heels. I adore this dress. They do a version every season and I’d highly recommend it. I’ve worn it over leather leggings a lot too. I may need to get this one soon too. Last Umbrian evening in an old Zara skirt and Topshop cami. I’ve had to bid farewell to the skirt after an incident with a flagon of red wine (eek!)

Out for Sunday lunch today in a beautiful part of London to ease us back into real life. You can see I’m firmly in the holiday habit of doing zero with my hair! Old Boden top (I don’t suit stripes but have nothing else clean!), old H&M shorts, last year’s Mango fringed sandals, (& cloth bag from Tiger)

I’ve bought two things with birthday money to make me smile. & Other Stories red leather bagTopshop Maximum fringed loafer boots  The gold are sold out in my size but divine!

I’ll report back when they arrive. 

Holiday 4 – celebrating

I was 40 over the weekend and what a day I had! I have my sisters, their kids, our dad, my godparents and close family and friends all here in our Umbria. I feel very lucky. 

I shunned the dress I had bought for the occasion to wear a birthday present instead. The shoes are last year from Topshop, the earrings were my Mum’s own 40th birthday present, the bag is a birthday gift Alexander McQueen De Manta watersnake clutch. (I am less baked than I look!)

Yesterday we celebrated Ferragosto in family style and I finally got to wear the cami dress.Here with new Prada sunglasses, new clutch, last year’s Topshop sandals and my sister also in black lace!

Happy days. 

Holiday 3 – a festival

Well, an Italian village festival.Old Zara dress, Ancient Greek sandals, old Tom Ford sunnies, Anya Hindmarch mini Gracie bag. 

I love this dress and it’s my daughter’s favourite thing for me to wear. I only wear it abroad with a tan so it’s a proper holiday dress. I was actually freezing, we had a few cloudy days and I’d didn’t bank on it being quite so chilly in the mountains! Being up so high did mean the views were stunning. My dad and the first of my sisters arrived a few days ago. Happy times! By the pool waiting for my dad and sister to arrive in an old black Topshop maxi dress (with flip flops!) and red & Other Stories sunglasses. Chaos was taking place while this photo was being taken! Holidays aren’t all Instgram worthy perfection, are they?! We seem to have two slots a day where my children go a bit wild. Unfortunately one of them is at 7:45am (grits teeth and tries to enjoy the views while wrestling said children)Looking pleased with myself in a Zara cotton jacket from last year and & Other Stories gold hoop earrings.  Ready for a pool day in a Primark sundress, my daughter’s Next sun hat and old Topshop sunnies. 

Yesterday was grey and raining but still warm so we went out visiting. I wore old H&M denim shorts and Ancient Greek sandals with a Zara floaty top I got last year in the sales. I adjusted it after I saw these photos – my belly exposing days are long gone!The weather was chilly again last night and I was glad I packed my favourite jeans and shirt. Zara jeans, Jack Wills shirt, old leather tasselled black sandals, Tom Ford sunnies, & Other Stories gold hoop earrings. 

Today more family arrive and by tomorrow evening our clan will be complete in time for my birthday weekend. I can’t wait!

Back soon. 

Holiday 2 – dresses & day time sparkles

You might remember the Mango dress I wore many times last summer. This is the black version that the lovely Becky sent meObligatory Italian photo with a Cinquecento in the Mango dress with new Ancient Greek sandals and old Tom Ford sunglasses.  Action shot to show you the sandals. I love them. 

Yesterday for a trip to the supermarket (pretty joyful when the food is so tasty) and lunch out. Dress from Crete a few years ago, old white Topshop Figs, Ally Cappellino cloth bag, vintage Dior sunnies. 

Today it’s a bit cloudy so we went sightseeing. You can imagine how pleased my children were, lots of gelato rewards for them after a fabulous long lunch. 

Old Gap denim shorts, black and gold tasseled cami from the & Other Stories sale, black Ancient Greek sandals, old Tom Ford sunnies, Ally Cappelino bag with all my kids’ stuff. 

It’s not all pasta, wine and sunshine though. The drive to be fit at forty continues!Back soon. 

Holiday part 1

We are a few days into our holiday in Umbria and I’ve worn very little of note. A few of my stash of Seafolly kaftans over a bikini in the day and surprisingly my packed-at-the-last-minute jeans and a long sleeve kaftan most evenings. We are high in the mountains you see and it gets quite cool. I’ve also been eaten by the mozzies. Not cool and very itchy. 

I will not complain about anything holiday related. I am a very lucky woman. However, we could’ve done without the three hours to get the hire car and the wheel exploding on the motorway ten minutes into our journey. The mild 😉 stress meant we didn’t go near any greater civilisation than the local family run supermarket for our first days. My best mate, her husband, kids and dog came to join us an hour after we arrived. Blissful (if very loud!) days and nights. 

Last night we went out for a pre dinner passeggiata. It was still really warm so I wore the & Other Stories embroidered dress and old Topshop sandals. I do love this dress and it is so easy to wear. The black cotton marks easily though which makes me feel a bit scruffy in it. Must up my game next time we head out for dinner. (Wet, flat hair you’ll note, there is zero hair drying going on this holiday)

Today I spent again in a bikini, Seafolly red spotty sarong (I get mine BNWT on eBay) and my new red & Other Stories sunnies I got in the sale. I’ll be back when I wear something more interesting. Until then I’ll leave you with my current view. Ciao!