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Occasion dresses (for younger women)

I’ve spent a bit of time looking at dresses the past few days. I’ve said these are for younger women only because I’m looking for one of my cool younger sisters going to her 6th form college prom.  For her, it has to be a dress but nothing flowery or flowy and nothing long, and no ASOS, River Island or New Look either. Not as easy as you’d think! I’ve tried to keep the cost down too. Here’s what I’ve found. 

This black lace dress is nice. It’s from Warehouse. A strapless bra and some kitten heels – helpful for those who don’t wear heels often. 

This satin dress from Mango comes in khaki, silver and an orange print. A bargain at £19.99. 

I have this leopard print cami dress and it’s lovely. Again, a simple sandal and big earrings& Other Stories leopard print dress

My sister asked me to steer clear of ASOS so she’s not wearing the same dress as all the other young women. Topshop could be the same though I thought I’d have a quick look. I quite like the colour of this dress from Topshop (and the Tall sizing would come in handy for my tall sister) but I wonder how comfy the nylon fabric would be after a dance. And of course, being less than £40 and Topshop, she may well have a dress twin at the prom. 

Totally 90s and Topshop again but wow, what a dress! If I was 18 again, this would be mine!

Personally, this dress is my least favourite but it’s eye catching and more modern than lots of the prom dresses on the high street. 

This Whiston dress would look beautiful on anyone! It is more grown up and subtle but stunning. Such beautiful detail at the back too. 

As far as shoes are concerned, I’d say kitten heels all the way. They’re “back” again and easy to walk and dance in. I don’t think you can go wrong with these from M&S for £25. I have them and they’re true to size. 

These ruffle front low heeled sandals come in lots of colours. Here in gold and here in goes with everything black. The reviews aren’t great but I tried them and thought they were comfortable (albeit just trying them on in the shop)

Higher and not subtle at all, I expect I’ll have added these beauties to my shoe collection by the end of the month. 

I’d carry a plain black clutch with any of these dresses. This from Misguided via ASOS is a good buy for £10 and has a removable gold toned chain.  

On top, I’d shoulder robe with a tux (on sale for £10 in H&M) but a cool teenager could get away with a denim jacket. 

As far as my occasion dressing is concerned, I am (probably) only going to Henley this year. If they didn’t have such an insane dress code for women, I’d be wearing this top and trousers together. I’m trying to think of an occasion I could wear them for anyway…. maybe my birthday!

Back soon with some every day dresses for those of us over 20. 


I was raised by women who loved big earrings – huge in-bloom fuschias, multi coloured bicycle part extravaganzas (that my sisters often wear now), huge matte black and bright pink liquorice all sorts style clip ons and these beauties below that were my mum’s 40th birthday present and I wore on mine. 

I’ve been wearing big hoops for the past year and I love them. I’ve added some brighter, bigger pairs I’ve the past few months – they are everywhere on the High Street. 

These three pairs are all from Next. Gold toned pink pompom earrings  

Multi coloured beaded hoop

Orange and turquoise drop earrings 

I have just ordered these from Mango in both the cream and black. (Peach here

These red tasselled earrings are stunning. 

I don’t wear much silver these days but I really do like these faces

I took delivery of these watermelon earrings last week but they arrived broken so I’m waiting for a replacement pair. A great, fun summer earring. 

I’ve resisted these so far but aren’t they great! 

A serious effort from Johnny loves Rosie

Much more subtle and grown up at Jaeger

I really like these from Topshop, perfect for dressing up a shirt and jeans. 

On their way to me, black and gold, how could I say no?

A few of my favourite pairs have sold out so I haven’t linked to them but Topshop, & Other Stories, Mango and H&M seem to be the stores to watch for big earrings. Only note of caution, the best pairs sell out fast so be quick!

I’m off to cook more pasta for my carb loading London Marathon runner, back soon. 

New gear

This red dancing woman emoji dress is from Zara. I was sitting on a sunbed in Cyprus and added it to my basket on a whim. This photo isn’t great, I admit. It is longer at the back than the front, has short flute sleeves and an elasticated off the shoulder fit. It is a knitted material which doesn’t look brilliant quality but there’s something about the dress which makes you smile when you put it on, smile and dance. I’m wearing it here with Topshop Jemmas which are back in stock (and already oss in some sizes so be quick!) What do you think?

Another random addition to my Zara order was this blue dress.  Here it is on me below – it’s a pleasingly neat fit on the shoulders (I have a large) and is quite stretchy which feels good on my post-holiday tummy. I could imagine wearing it for a work summer event perhaps, or maybe to a wedding or christening (I have neither this summer) But it’s cheap material, the sleeves aren’t even hemmed and I can’t imagine choosing to wear it over my better made dresses, so it’s going back. This was the reason for my Zara order. I’ve been waiting for this dress to come back in stock in an XL (the Zara restock notification system is very good) This is the XL. I’ve put weight on recently and am nudging a 14 at the moment. This was it box fresh (hence the creasing) with Topshop sandals and & Other Stories glasses. It isn’t my usual style but some days I fancy something a bit different and there’s something about the dress which I really like. It stays. 

I tried these & Other Stories leather and suede tassel sandals. They’re excellent quality and felt very comfortable and sturdy. They tassels are a good weight and the sandals look luxe. They felt like they’d be a good summer all rounder – fancy enough for relaxed evenings and sturdy enough for holiday sightseeing.  Mine have gone back, I bought these Mango slides before my holiday and I’m still so in love with my Ancient Greeks, these wouldn’t get a look in. A great choice though if you’re on the look out for similar. 

I wore the Instafamous red embroidered Next top so much on holiday, I bought the blue too. It isn’t the most flattering shape in the world but it’s lovely to wear and so easy. Here with ancient Gap paint splattered jeans and new Marks and Spencer sandals which I adore. 

Continuing with the holiday photos, a few things I’ve bought recently and enjoyed wearing in the sunshine. I knew these H&M trousers would be useful and I wore them three times. They’re sold out on line but I saw some in store before I went away. Here with a new Topshop cami, old Warehouse jacket, ASOS sunnies (sold out) These look good for less than £10 if you’re a 12. It’s only the second time I’ve worn these Topshop zebra mules but I was so pleased I took them away. I have a 7 and they’re just big enough so I’d consider sizing up if you’re between sizes. Here with an ancient ASOS tshirt dress (similar here – a great buy, I wore mine 4 times!) and old clutch. This M&S top is great! It’s black with khaki embroidery, small gold effect coins and fluted sleeves. It’s out of stock at the moment on line but a friend bought one in the Westfield store at the weekend so it’s worth a look. Above with ancient H&M denim shorts, Havaianas and gold & Other Stories glasses (& my little photobomber!)

Finally the last installement of the red shacket saga.   This is me in the 38 (with old ASOS jeans, Topshop sandals, old Pull & Bear tshirt & H&M belt) I had planned to return it again and give up. Then I couldn’t find a jacket I wanted to wear so got it out and put it on. Now it’s been worn, so it stays. 

I have this skirt (& boob tube!!) and some white Zara jeans in my possession too but require more strength to try them on and share photos. Bare with me. 

My beloved is running the London Marathon again this Sunday so I’m off to make lasagna to assist with the carb loading. Back soon. 

Ps I know you still can’t comment on the blog and I’m sorry. You can email me at or message me on IG if you fancy. 



I love sunglasses.  I have lots of pairs from vintage designer to High Street and have been collecting them for many years.  These are a mix of my current favourites and pairs I’ve seen people wearing. 

I am really into flat top frames at the moment. I’ve always had a soft spot for a substantial pair of sunglasses and this style is brilliant. They cover a multitude of sins, don’t sit on the face (no rubbed off make up) and can be pushed up on to the head if necessary (not a look I favour) without taking half your hair with them. (Be warned though, I’ve heard all the Will.I.Am jokes a woman can take!)

Celine at Matches (currently sold out but they’re expecting more stock)These come in black too. I was saving up for them until I saw 4 girls from Towie in them and decided to divert the funds elsewhere. 

 Loewe FilipaI adore these glasses, for me the perfect summer in the city pair. 

These are my tributes to them. Topshop WrenThese are my every day sunnies at the moment and I get asked a lot where they’re from. They were from ASOS but sold out fast, they’re called Flat Top Aviator if you want to check if they restock. 

Aviators are big at the moments. I have the original Rayban style in both silver and gold. I also have these in tortoise shell and these in black, all years and years old. My favourite aviator style are these old glasses from Tom Ford in the photo below. They’re out of stock but these would be a brilliant update (sits on hands)Now for some random ones I’ve seen and liked. A slightly more subtle pair from Tom Ford hugely reduced at the Outnet. I love these. I waste hours looking at sunnies on the Outnet. They have some great pairs like these below which suit almost every face shape from Thierry Lasry with 50% off. Not reduced but modern classics from Saint Laurent. One of my friends just got these and they’re lovely. The dream. Falabella from Stella McCartney.Prada cat-eye with a twist. I don’t like these but the split lense is a trend. This shape is really popular this year. I’ve seen quite a few cool kids wearing what I am almost sure are this Topshop pair in recent weeks. If you like this style of round glasses with a twist, the RayBan Gatsby are reduced in a few places. My sister has them and they’re a great quality statement pair of glasses. (Check these out for a slightly more subtle version)These from & Other Stories are similar too. I have the gold below but they also come in black. Me in the gold. These round frames from Saint Laurent are a good investment. I have a Prada pair I got as a birthday gift last year and they’re one of my main go to pairs. They go with everything.  Me in my Prada pair (now out of stock) If you like the shape but not the price tag, there are some great cheaper versions.

These are lovely from Topshop, the colour makes them softer on the face than black and they look more £ than the price tag suggests. They come in a wide range of colours. I had these Cheap Mondays ones before I got my Pradas and they are very decent for the price. (Even cheaper with no silly writing at the side here)This Monki pair are a great colour and price! These are good quality from Whistles. I don’t like the gold W at the side but that’s just me. A friend has them and you can’t see the logo of you have longer hair. (I suspect you can’t really trust my judgement anyway, these are the next on my list 😉 

& Other Stories make brilliant sunglasses. I have these in black and last year’s red (v similar here). They are doing them in pink too. They are a very substantial pair of sunglasses. Me in the red. I just got these metal framed aviators from & Other Stories too, they’re a creamy white with gold detail and I love them. I do like a pair or two of quite out their sunnies for summer holidays. I can’t remember where I got the white ones below from but I love wearing them. Similar here

If none of these hit the mark, there will always be Wayfarers 😉 

Right, I’m off to open some parcels. Will report back tomorrow. 

A new dress

Summer is a good time. More carefree and happy than British winters. My wardrobe follows suit. 

This dress might work, it might not. I had to give it a try after loving their lace cami dress last summerI may be wrong but I don’t think the model has boobs that have breastfed two kids for two years each. This is the back on her. It has what can only be described as a gape on me. I’m hoping the sunshine I am heading to will make the gape disappear. Just in case it doesn’t, I got the shirt too 😉

Back soon.