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Pyjamas and a dress

I like to have new pyjamas at Christmas. These Eberjey ones are my favourite colour, suitably festive and jersey which is a must for my pjs (the top is here). I may have also bought the dressing gown while compiling this post. I think you can still get 20% off with code APPTWENTY. I have a L in both but they’re a roomy fit and I could easily have got away with the M.

I haven’t shopped at French Connection for ages but their sale email caught me in a bored moment waiting for my nails to dry. My partner says I’m a shop keepers dream which I fear is true. I bought this dress. In my defence I have been looking for a one shouldered top for ages and I have returned a very unflattering dress (this one, full of promise but not good at all on me at least) so it’s kind of ok in my book.

I have an unusually sociable weekend and week coming up. This morning we are preparing for my girls’ Christmas party with their mates next week then it is our first Christmas Day later – there are so many of us we have to have a few Christmases to make sure we all see each other – and I’m really excited about being with all my sisters. I might even wear the new dress if it arrives in time and is a success.

Back tomorrow.

Play time round II

Quick one as I head out to another Christmas show. Nothing that special but it’s the first time I am wearing the shirt so thought I’d share.

Next shirt, very old Gap jeans, Acne Pistols – I’m still not a huge fan of these but it’s cold and raining and needs must. Odd angle with my head too – probably as I am desperately trying to block out being asked 2 times tables on repeat.

Back tomorrow.

Christmas Shows

We have a week of Christmas shows here. My kids are in shows every night and I’m ferrying them around / cooking / encouraging / watching and feeling emotional.

The first one was earlier today (my girl shone of course) My daughter insisted on choosing my outfit after I turned up in gym gear to last year’s show. As soon as she asked if she could choose what I wore I knew it would be this top. It’s not really my usual kind of top but I saw it on my IG friend Max and loved it. I understand from my kids that Claudia Winkleman wore it (or maybe a designer version) on Strictly a few weeks ago too – a big reason for its popularity with the young people in casa mia who are Strictly obsessed. Zara ruffled top with neck tie, old Zara coated skinnies, last year’s & Other Stories heeled boots, Mango coat.

I have an XL in the top. It has a pearl button closure and to be able to do it up I had to get the biggest size (and wear a minimiser bra)

Back tomorrow.

Party time pt 1

Before I had kids I used to love the getting ready for a night of partying almost as much as the actual going out. Now I am always in a rush, generously “helped” with my hair and make up and invariably answering millions of questions while trying to decide what to wear.

Becoming a mum also means that outfits have to be multi tasking. Can you breastfeed in them? Can you bend down to play without flashing? Can the beautiful top withstand snot/Velcro shoes/Sharpies (who the f though to remarket marker pens for kids?!)? My kids are getting beyond some of the little kid stuff (just) but so bloody much of our going out seems to involve being outdoors then indoors and/or A Walk. So going out has changed and clothing must too.

Personally, I absolutely hate going out feeling that I’ve worn the wrong thing. I also hate being cold. I wish it wasn’t so as it doesn’t fit with how I try and live my life but it’s true. So, I am getting planned, trying a few new outfits every few days in the lead up to party season (I have a couple of nights out and lots of family stuff)Zara black jeans with a gold stripe, & Other Stories shirt, & Other Stories shoes (mine are last year’s but these look the same)

Outfit numero uno sorted.

Back soon.