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Christmas pt1

Attitudes to presents seem to have changed a lot over recent years. There’s been a move towards Secret Santa style gifting and I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that the stress of present buying means families only giving presents to kids.

Each to their own of course but I love the choosing and giving of gifts. We use it as a time of year to get both functional things (new glasses for my dad) and something luxury we would love but wouldn’t otherwise buy. It means I have to be very organised with my Christmas shopping. I have a big blended family with 6 sisters and lots of undefinable family members that we have mini Christmases with in the build up to the Big Day.

Anyway, if you’re a gift giver or just fancy a treat yourself, here are a few random ideas. This is part 1 – all these things have money off today. Part 2 coming soon.

The festive season starts when I break out The White Company Winter candles. I buy one set like this (a quick squirt of the room spray before visitors is lovely), a medium candle and the tea lights. These make good “host gifts” too. There’s 20% off for the next few days with code WHITE20.

I love flowers and one of my sisters bought me a 3 month Bloom & Wild delivery last Christmas which cheered up the winter months.My sister bought me a gorgeous black vase from H&M similar to this with the flower delivery. I like this quirky tin vase too (HELLO20 gets 20% off)

A cashmere scarf is a true grown up luxury gift. I have had several of these from & Other Stories. They’re soft, warm and beautiful colours.

I like buying beauty stuff for my sisters and friends. This year’s hands down winner for me is this mascara – I will never use another.We always have a Christmas Eve box with presents the night before Christmas. It eases the pain of dragging our kids home from our annual Christmas Eve party at friends when they know there’s a box of gifts to open! Me and my kids get new pyjamas and they get very excited about unwrapping the Christmas delivery of Post Poo Drops (extravagant perhaps but they last all year)

For little people. I love the Mud Puppy Mini Feminist range.My youngest niece will be opening these beautiful board books on the Big Day and my youngest daughter will find this lockable journal under our tree.

Back soon.

Cold(ish) weather clothes

It is now cold in London. I’m not that happy about it and I think you can see it in my appearance. I’ve been trying to liven myself up a bit with some colour.

First up green, my favourite. Here I am looking like a yeti. Zara jeans, Zara coat, Marks and Spencer boots, old Iris and Ink cashmere roll neck (excellent quality – this looks similar), new green faux furry snood from TKMaxx.

Ancient ‘Only’ jeans, old Nike Air Max, old Stories jumper (red is similar), old Stories coat (same coat in different colours here).

Old Gap jeans, Stan Smith hi tops, old H&M linen tshirt, old Cos cardigan but this looks identical.

Back soon.

We’re shopping

I went to the shops with my mate today, mainly to do some returns and to buy some of the tiny gifts I need for my kids’ felt advent calendar (if you’re ever deluded enough to think they’re a good idea, think again)Marks and Spencer dress, Nike Air, J Crew leather biker jacket, Mama necklace, Chloe Mini Marcie bag, Zara neckscarf.

What’s in the Zara bag? So I returned both dresses from my last post. I bought another, of course. This photo isn’t doing it justice – it’s slightly silky, shirt style and has a big waist tie that you can put at the front or back depending on how many puddings you’re trying to hide. Christmas sorted.

Leopard print dress, Topshop boots. Actually I think I’ll wear it with black heels or a longer boot but this was just a quick try on.

I annoyed myself by buying this skirt too. I already have a leopard print skirt (from Zara) and don’t need another. BUT. Mine is a bit too short for trainers, winter etc etc. This one is inches longer and perfect. It has a split up the side too so is a definite evening wear contender too. (Skirt here with Stories jumper and old Topshop boots)

Ending with what I changed into for dinner in our local pub.Zara jeans, Zara boots, Stories roll neck, Cos coat.

I almost returned the boots. They’re substantial, leather and hug your foot. I paid £99 for them and they seem to be twenty quid cheaper suddenly. My mate reminded me how many lovely brown and tan items of clothing I have in my wardrobe and I tried them together and kept them. Thanks, Gina. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing them and am thinking I’ll be planning my wardrobe around them for some time to come.

Back tomorrow.

Another day, another green / leopard print dress

I have a few leopard print dresses. I have a few green dresses. Here are a few more I’ve tried recently.

I don’t think I’ve shared this leopard print Zara dress before. I’ve not worn it yet and am still considering whether it can stay in my wardrobe or not. The idea is great: a long leopard print shirt dress. All things I love. The cut isn’t friendly to those with big chests and a bigger belly though. I have an XL on here and could’ve done with a size if not two bigger to feel properly comfortable.

This is almost a green version of the dress above but the material is much thinner and it has pockets (I do love a pocket)Here with old Topshop boots and Zara coat.

This one is new and definitely an apple shape’s friend in terms of cut.  The material isn’t fantastic though – it’s an almost scuba like quality that makes me sweat looking at it.Here with old Topshop boots.

I like the shape and how easy to wear it looks but the material is putting me off.

Who knows, will I wish I had these in my wardrobe over the festive season? Will I turn to long lived dresses instead? What do you think?

Back soon.