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Now, I haven’t blogged in an absolute age, so I thought I’d better get my act together, even though today’s outfit is hardly a thrilling one. What you gonna do, though? It’s the summer holidays, the weather is glorious, and I’ve got a long list of errands to run with a five year old in tow, so jeans and a cami, with a blazer for extra coverage will have to do. I am, at least, rather thrilled with my little red bag, one of my only sale buys, and only a tenner from Zara. I am pondering picking up the Bon Soir black one too.


School Dinners


An unlikely evening out last night at The First Born’s school. Michelin stared chef James Sommerin was hosting a charity dinner to raise funds for Ty Hapus, an Alzheimer’s charity based here in Wales. It was bring your own booze, with a menu of cheffy versions of school meal favourites, dished up from behind the serving hatch in the school dining room. Nice idea for a fun night out.

Now, I’m a big fan of a mid-week outing, as it leaves the weekend for family stuff (and I get to be hungover while everyone is at school), but I do sometimes wonder how much is too much on a rainy Tuesday evening. Especially when the dress code is, and I quote “Casual. School uniform optional”. Thankfully no-one went down the uniform route, but there was a real mix, from jeans to party frocks, and everything in between. I wore my new Theory (via TK Maxx) trousers, a Whistles lurexy gold knit, Clarks suede heels and a leopard jacket from H&M, which is a weirdly roomy and unflattering cut, but such gorgeous, graphic print that I occasional wear it anyway.

Good company, nursery food, and no-one got sent to see the headmistress.


Birthdays galore!


The Boy Child turned five! We had a proper kids’ party, with a magician, sausages on sticks and a homemade cake.

Luckily for me, a birthday present of my own arrived this morning, from my darling friend Ellie at The Mumday Times,
a delicious necklace, which I had been eyeing up in Zara. She’s a clever miss, that one.

I had planned to change into a frock, but the necklace persuaded me to stay in my Gap khakis and Whistles sweat, and just spruce things up with a dollop of Bobbi Brown lippy in Jenna.

The First Born turns eight on Thursday, so there will be more balloons, more streamers, more sausages on sticks. Can’t wait!

My number one holiday buy

Hola! A quickie from the Playa Dorada, Lanzarote. My beach holiday clothes live in a storage case under the spare bed, and rarely get added to. A few American Vintage sundresses, some Topshop t-shirt dresses and bunch of silky tops get hauled out every year, along with a beloved pair of orange leather flip flops which are held together with superglue and sand.

I’d love to be one of those women in ritzy kaftans with a dozen different bikinis, but I just don’t have it in me, so I rarely even look at beachy clobber, and keep my spends for the 50 weeks of the year I don’t have sand between my toes.

Never say never, though, since this kimono/wrap caught my eye in H&M the day before we flew out. Part of their Conscious Collection (so, ethically produced, in theory, but arguably Fast Fashion made in India can never really be ethical), it was £19.99, and is fab over a swimsuit or a dress, and could be belted as a mini dress if I had someone else’s legs.

I’ve worn it at some point every day since Sunday, and come the weekend will be cramming it under the bed, ready for our next trip.


A (Belated) Easter Bonnet


A couple of weeks ago I went to a charity lunch, to raise money for, I think, the NSPCC, though to be honest much Champagne was drunk, and the details are a little hazy. Anyway , the theme was Ladies Day at the Races, and we were invited to wear hats, with prizes to be awarded to the most striking/elegant/creative etc.

Never one to pass on a challenge (or the chance to get the glue gun out), I thought I’d make my own. And since Easter was around the corner, an Easter bonnet seemed just the ticket. I bought plastic eggs, fake blooms, and little fabric birds from Tiger, and a clear hair band and a fascinator base from EBay, then chucked them all together the night before.

With my sub-prime Phillip Treacy, I wore a silk blouse from the Marni for H&M collection, some River Island navy slubby trousers and orange suede courts from Clarks. The last time I wore the blouse I felt horribly frumpy in it, and nearly put it on EBay, but I’m glad I didn’t get round to it. My orange patent croc Mulberry got an outing to, so it was a good day for wearing old friends, all told.

The hat won a prize, requiring further Champagne. Sore heads (minus hats) all round the next day.