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French Pharmacy Brand Fans…time to stock pile…

Escentual are doing a ‘1/3rd off french pharmacy’ products so I’m stocking up on my beloved Bioderma which is one of the only things my stupidly sensitive eyes will tolerate as a make up remover.

I’m getting my 250ml for £6.80 instead of the normal £10.20 here

The discount also includes the fabulous La Roche Posay brand.  Nearly all the Wornouters have at one time or another used the the ‘Effaclar Duo’ when suffering breakouts or problem skin.  It’s magic stuff.,1&wid=504&hei=548

That’s down from £15.50 to £10.33 here

Lots more included such as Embryolisse which makes the cult Lait Creme Concentre, Nuxe and their beautiful – Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Spray – Face, Body and Hair 100ml and Avene.  I’m just picking out the few things I’ve tried  and loved but there is a lot more here

I’d love to know what your favourite choices from the french pharmacy brands.  I’m always trying to find new things to try!






O.k…I know it’s over but…

I know Christmas is finished but I’m stretching it out as long as I can.  I have long since grown out of advent calendars but have secretly lusted after the beautiful Ciate Mini Mani advent calendars that all the beauty bloggers show off throughout Dec.

I couldn’t justify spending nearly £50 on one but now it’s just £14.70 – well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it!  I found mine here – it took ages to arrive though (just to warn you).

I’m opening one each day throughout January and it’s a real treat.  There are some absolutely beautiful colours ( I’m sure there will be a few duds but with 24 to open who cares).  Anyone going to join me?


Clarins Instant Concealer Review

I’ve been a bit disloyal to my beloved Nars Creamy concealer.  The new Clarins Instant Concealer has taken it’s place (for now).  Along with the Charlotte Tilbury retoucher but I’ll talk about that another time as I’m aware I’m a bit heavy on the Charlotte Tilbury mentions (though I can’t help my obsession).

So back to the Clarins – what can I say?  It’s creamy, it doesn’t dry out, flake or highlight my fine lines.  It’s just easy.  I use it under the eye and on my reddish patches and it works.

My only gripe is the colour selection is a bit rubbish for my skintone.  The one I got is a little dark for me so I’m seriously tempted to get a lighter one to mix my own shade.  Then it will be perfection.

It seems to be, on average, £21 but I found it on escentual for £18.45 and before you groan at the price…you get a whopping 15ml which is very generous.  The Nars one is the same price (roughly) but only 6ml so really 3 times the price!.  It’s marked on escentual as a ‘special price’ and I have no idea how long they are keeping it for.  If it’s gone when you click on it sorry!  But I stil think it’s a great concealer at the normal price.

If you are near a Clarins counter I really urge you to try it to see if it works for you and get matched for the right colour.  Then order it from  Escentual at the discounted price.

When I’m testing a new foundation/concealer I do try to test it for a whole day before I purchase as something that looks amazing when first on really does change throughout the course of the day and can be awful by the evening and although the Clarins is great for me and my skin (40 plus and dehydrated) it may be different for you.

And if you do try it please come back and tell us what you think.  It’s great to hear in the comments what does and doesn’t work for different skin types.

Do you wash often enough?

I’m talking about make up brushes of course!

Since I started investing in some proper brushes I am making more of an effort (well I’m washing them more than once a year for starters).

There is mixed opinion on how often is enough, obviously if you are a professional you need to wash them after using them on each client but how much is enough for a mere mortal?  I’ve found advice to suggest once a month is fine but as it actually on takes 5 minutes I do it weekly now.  I’ve got very sensitive eyes so found that using shampoo or harsh brush cleaner irritated them but I’ve discovered a great alternative…

I use the cheap(ish) and wonderful Dr. Bronner 8 in 1 magic soap.

It’s readily available on line but here’s a link to the Dr. Bronner main site

I just put a small amount in the palm of my hand (about the size of a 2p piece) and massage the wet brushes into it (because I”m lazy I do a few at the same time) then I just rinse them under a warm tap.  It’s super quick and gets everything out.  I do take care to rinse the brushes downwards to try and avoid getting the bit between the handle and the actual brush too wet (I’m sure there is a technical term for that part of the brush – goodness what it is though).  Once I’ve rinsed I sort of squidge the excess water and slightly reshape them.

And that’s it.  I then just roll up a flannel and sort of balance them on it so the brush bit is slightly pointing downwards if possible (or you can hang them over a table edge).  I find they can take quite a while to dry so I usually do it on a weekend morning as if I do them in the evening sometimes the larger brushes aren’t dry the next morning.

There are of course spot cleaners you can use but as I haven’t tested any I wouldn’t know which were best to recommend.  So…how often do you wash?