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True Love

This was on my wish list for 6 months before I finally got my hands on it, it was so worth the wait, I am reducing the cost per wear rapidly. If you buy it from the Chinti and Parker site you’ll get 15% off if it’s your first full price purchase from them. It’s oversized, which is not something that works for me, so I got the XS. It makes me smile every time I wear it!




A few finds

I’ve had a bit of success finding less expensive versions of things on my wish list that I thought I’d share.


I pinned this Isabel Marant Etoile top a while back and I look longingly at it from time to time. Last Friday I was in Next with my daughter and couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this. I tried the age 14 but it was too tight across the back. The age 16 is sold out on the Irish site so I took a chance on the age 15 and it’s fine. For reference I wear a 30DD, sometimes 32. The age 16 was available on the UK site when I checked just now. Sorry for the atmospheric photo, my camera is very annoying.


This rainy weather is bad for my budget, I am spending too much time browsing online which is leading me into temptation. I was reading an article about the ever lovely Christy Turlington and her amazing charity work, and she was photographed is a very cool outfit



And of course I couldn’t resist a good goggling. Christy’s boiler suit is Citizens of Humanity,


After a rainy Saturday trawl around the shops I got lucky in Forever 21 which I hadn’t been to in ages. It’s too long for me so I’m going to chop off the elasticated cuffs and roll up the ends. I went for the medium which looks loose like the CoH one, but it’s not too baggy.  It’s not on the UK or EU website so you’ll have to look instore, but it’s pretty good quality for the price, I think it was 28 Euro, so a good option if you want to try out the jumpsuit trend without breaking the bank.

dark-denim-forever21-collared-cotton-chambray-jumpsuit-screenYou could use the savings on the jumpsuit to buy one of Christy’s t-shirts to support her charity which promotes maternal health.


Mission accomplished

I went out yesterday to find a skirt, and actually succeeded in finding two lovely ones.




This is from H&M, and is so like a much more expensive Maje one that I had been admiring a few minutes earlier. The fabric is so pretty, I thought I’d dress it down with a grey marl shirt or a sweatshirt. I also thought it might be nice with a linen shirt, I saw some really good looking ones in Uniqlo when I was away,  I’m kicking myself I didn’t buy one.


I went out looking for a structured navy skirt, preferably with pockets, and I found almost exactly what I wanted in Zara. I would have preferred cotton, but you can’t have everything, and I like the subtle pattern. It’s a couple of inches below my knee so I’m going to take it up a bit as I don’t find that the most flattering length.




I also wanted to tell you about these boots that I collected at the weekend – I know it’s (hopefully) the end of ankle boot wearing season, but I have to share these. I saw a woman wearing them and I was convinced they were Rockstuds, I managed to catch her and was amazed when she said the were from Zara, they really look luxe, so buy now and have something to look forward to in the autumn.


More green…

I just saw Eve’s post about khaki and thought ‘oops’ – not for the first time we are buying very similar things, although it is a brilliant colour for S/S especially if you have a golden tan – that would be Eve, not me!

I had a fantastic trip to New York a couple of weeks ago, and while I shopped a lot, I came home with  just 4 jackets for myself, 3 of which were khaki/olive green and all of them were bargains. I found some lovely things  in Madewell, but don’t buy via NAP who really ramp up the prices, I’ve discovered that you can buy quite a lot of the Madewell range online via Nordstrom who do international shipping.



I had seen this jacket on NAP before I travelled and made a beeline for a Madewell store, where it was on sale. I got it and two other jackets, a navy cotton quilted one and an olive silk bomber for $177, which is less than they wanted for just the khaki quilted one on NAP. Here is it, and it’s reduced too. I was really taken with the Madewell stuff, it is owned by J Crew, lovely fabrics (no polyester), well made and reasonably priced. Lovely leather totes, and pretty blouses caught my eye, but I have so many of those – of course,I don’t have too many jackets!

My other favourite green purchase was this jacket from J Crew,I really love it and will wear it so much over the summer. It’s also reduced now here.



Off to enjoy the sun, hope you have lovely weekends!


Some little treats

We’re almost there, just one more week and January will be over. I find the winter an endurance – the cold, the darkness – Christmas distracts me, but the crash when it’s over is hard, so I hibernate and make crafty things, cook and watch movies. Clothes wise, it’s just layer upon layer of thermals and cashmere. I can’t bare to look at the lovely spring things online as it will be months before it’s warm enough to wear them, but we have a family wedding at Easter so hopefully some outfit planning will get me out of this rut soon!

It’s all about little treats to make life nicer right now. I’ve probably mentioned before that I’m a hand cream and lip balm addict and I had some lovely new one’s to try in my Christmas stocking…the Aesop Ressurection Hand Cream (thanks to my lovely boy who only needed the tiniest nudge in the right direction) is AMAZING – the scent is divine, I’m hooked now! I also have the Nuxe in my bag at the moment, and highly rate the Nivea CoQ10, it is an absolute bargain and I have tubes in the car and littered all over the house.


I always have a jar of special lip balm by my bed, either By Terry or Dior’s rose balm, but I like to have a stick for when I’m out and about. The Dior Lip Glow is lovely, and the Burt’s Bees are brilliant and really good value, but for the last while I have been using the Fresh Sugar Lip Balms and they are my favourites. I love the Rose and my other favourite is the Coral, which looked too bright in the bullet but is lovely on, just a nice warm glow. The Plum was a little too dark for me, so I gave it to a friend, but I have high hopes for the Cherry which is in the post to me. I can’t get them here, but buy mine from US Ebay or Amazon


I have been using Clarins facial oils on and off since my mum first took me to the Clarins counter as a teenager, when I was kitted out it Lotus oil for my t zone and Santal oil for my dry cheeks, they are such a treat for dry winter skin, but I came across this L’Oreal Extraordinary facial oil, which is gorgeous and a bargain especially as it’s on offer at Boots at the moment. Lisa Eldridge has a video about facial massage and I love doing a version at night.

I was treated to Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream for Christmas. Now my inner sceptic tells me that it can’t perform miracles, but one month on and I like it. For the last year I have been using a lot of retinol and glycolic acid on my face. I’m 45 with very fine skin and it did take a while for the minor tinging and irritation to calm down, but my complexion was looking bright and glowing. Then I read an article about retinols and acids on skin and how we are essentially burning off the upper layer of skin which creates a cycle of sensitivity and in the long term it’s better to use collagen and hyalurons to nourish the skin and create that glowy effect. The Magic Cream has a lot of these ingredients, so I’m giving that approach a try. I’ll let you know if I like it enough to buy myself another pot!