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Last night I went to my local pub for supper, The White Hart at Ford.  Well to be fair its not my nearest pub but by far the nicest within a couple of miles of where I live.  Its been renovated fairly recently and now serves delicious food and drinks.  My wan face this morning will testify to the deliciousness of the espresso martini.

Anyway, I wore my old Jaeger jacket with jeans and the J Crew carrie silk cami.  Like Eve, I am a big fan of camisoles, especially silk ones.  This J crew one is a lovely heavy silk and a really nice fit.












The bag is old Boden and the shoes old M&S – in the days when M&S shoes were comfortable as opposed to the instruments of torture the most recent pair I purchased were.


The bracelet is Kenneth Jay Lane and I totally copied Eve with that.

Now one of the reasons I love camisoles so much is that cover my less than flat tummy.  But you know what, the rot has to stop, and I am going to start running again.  Now being me, pulling on my old greying trainers and running trousers that have seen better days, well it just depresses me and makes it even less likely that I’m going to actually go for a run.

So, I have decided I need some new trainers and leggings, ones that I won’t be embarrassed to be seen in and that I could feasibly do the school run in.   Oh and that are relatively flattering.  I’m not asking a lot surely?

Well my current favourites are these Asics trainers and Hey Jo leggings – what do you think?










Now I have a jacket which will do but am tempted also by this Sweaty Betty top.










And I know the items are expensive but at least with running there’s no gym membership fees – note, how I am trying to justify these purchases.






The September Issue

I love this time of year.  The September Issues have all arrived and I have spent way too long compiling wish lists.  Of course, as always I have champagne tastes and a lambrusco budget.  But, a girl can dream.

So, if money was no object, these are the things I’d be buying















So firstly, this beautiful Etoile Marant top.  How pretty is it?  And so perfect for going out – reminds me of the top I saw Jennifer Aniston wearing ages ago and obsessed over for ages.

Secondly, these Fiorentini and Baker boots







Now, to be fair I do have ahem several pairs of ankle boots but not a dark brown pair.  And they look a sensible sized heel for daytime and would look great with distressed jeans.  See how I’m convincing myself here?  However, as I need to purchase 3 pairs of school shoes next week, I’ll just leave these on my NAP wishlist for now.

Thirdly and fourthly, these lovely Hobbs boots and Anya clutch, both definitely fantasy purchases but how lovely for going out over Christmas.  Yes, I just did write the ‘C’ word in August!















Staying on a reddish theme, how lovely are these scarves?









The above one is McQueen and the one below Gucci.









And finally this Lulu Frost necklace










Now on a more realistic level, I love these Zara heels.









I’ve seen them in the shop and they truly are gorgeous.  However, having done a wardrobe clear out this week, I do not need any new heels.

This scarf is a lovely print but sadly polyester









Have been lax on the photos front, but here’s a couple, and yes you can tell I’m loving my new zara ripped jeans



God, that photo is big but I made it especially like that for Belinda.  With the zara jeans, are my Hobbs bag from last winter, Hasbeens and MiH shirt.

And below, the same jeans and bag with Whistles shirt – its the same print as Rachel’s dress and was also in the sales.



Right, am off out tonight to celebrate anniversary and birthday – what to wear?

J’Adore J Crew

I do.  I really do.  And I know I’ve mentioned that about a million times before but their clothes are just so me.  And their sales are fantastic – I got a great dress for just over £30 recently









Now I wear it with a skinny belt sort of round my hips so it has a similar shape to this dress









This is a great shape for dresses if you don’t have much of a waist but pretty difficult to find in the shops.  Now if only they did a navy version.

But back to J Crew, there are 3 things I currently am obsessing over.  To begin with this necklace which would just go with so much of my existing wardrobe









It looks so pretty with the cream jumper but would also lift one of the may stripey tops I have too.  And if anyone is looking for a ‘breton’ I’d recommend the Johnnie B ones from Boden.

Then this navy sweatshirt looks very nice and would get a lot of wear from me









But the top I really want is this grey one










I just can’t decide if the dark grey or light grey would be best.  Decisions, decisions.

So I just really need a code now so that I can justify one of the purchases at least.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a parcel waiting with a neighbour.  Well it came but its not for me.  Why is it that some clothes shops just never ever work on me?  Zara coats always fit well but Massimo Dutti – just no.  Oh well, I know Emma and Belinda were also rather taken with it so hope it fits them better.

Finally, today I’m wearing old Virginie Castaway top and Zara jeans









And here’s another outfit  from last week too









Topshop baxters, Hasbeens and Gap starry jumper – a very recent buy.



Exquisite torture

Yes, that feeling when you return from a few day’s away and get a note through the door saying your delivery is at your neighbours.  And your neighbour is nowhere to be seen.  OK I may be exagerating slightly but it is week 5 of the summer holidays.

I have high hopes for this delivery as its this red coat from Massimo Dutti








And I am fully aware that its only just August but I do like to be prepared.

I haven’t posted for ages but will try over the next few days to update on what’s worked well for me this summer and what I’m already coveting for autumn.

Today I’m wearing some very old things, ancient hudson jeans and so old jigsaw top which is great for fat days of which I’m having a few at the moment.









Oh and the sandals are Mango and they have been a very good buy.  Unlike the silver M&S ones which shredded my feet so dreadfully last week that I’ve gone through a whole tin of Winnie the Pooh plasters to my children’s disgust.


So, the sales

Well to be honest I haven’t had much luck, 2 orders I placed were cancelled due to the items actually having sold out.  Most annoying.  Luckily, one of them was for some distressed jeans and as I’ve tried on approximately 50 pairs and they’ve all looked hideous on me, well, it was probably a good thing.

So apart from the Etoile Marant jacket I bought in the pre-sale, my only other purchase was the Ariana jacket.  Now I ordered this from NAP but then when in Harvey Nichols, realised it was actually cheaper there.  I also realised I’d ordered too small as the sizing is teeny tiny.  This is me in the 38









I love the colours and have worn it several times already.   Would also look fab with white skinnies, but I am not white skinny ready at the moment.   And for that I blame Lindt Sea Salt chocolate, honestly, I could live on it.

Now as the weather has been so umm unpredictable and meteorologists are saying this could be a 5-10 year cycle.  Well, I started planning my A/W purchases.  Top of my wish list are these gorgeous Rag & Bone Harrow boots.









I am going to definitely do some saving for these as they are just so utterly perfect.

Finally, today I’m wearing old zara jacket, old Hudson jeans, old anya bag and newish J Crew top