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Summer Stuff 2 – Boho tops

I’ve been getting my summer clothes out of their storage boxes in lieu of my sunshine holiday next week. It’s very clear that I love a boho top!

I tend to wear these smock style tops far more in the London summer than on holiday, indeed it’s often too hot for them in high summer abroad. In London though they’re light enough for warm days, covered enough to balance out the denim shorts I often wear them with and whimsical enough to feel summery and contrast with the ripped jeans I can’t get over wearing year on year.

My favourite smock top is a very simple cream coloured cheesecloth that I got from Mango three or four years ago. It almost went back as I thought it was unflattering but I’ve worn them (I bought another when I realised how useful it was) at least two or three times a week every summer for the last few. I got a few from Zara three years ago which are still going strong and last summer I bought the red and blue Instafamous embroidered smocks from Next below.img_2098

Next are doing a navy and red version this year too.

Boho blouses are far less easy to find this year than last.  Of course this means that they’ve perhaps had their moment but like ripped jeans, I shall continue wearing them because I love them.

This year I bought two from River Island in their January sale. This Dodo Bar Or-esque one I got after seeing it on Susie So So’s blog.

Red River Island smock top. It also comes in blue, cream and black and white. This blue top is now reduced to £12.99. I am tempted by this colour which would look great with a tan and of course good old black.

I am not usually a fan of pink but there’s something about this shade which is calling to me. Imagine this with a tan, faded jeans, plain tan sandals.

More pink.

Zara 3This is a deeper pink, more a raspberry colour and looks expensive in real life.

Zara 7This is lyocell from Zara, it’s a lovely colour though I doubt the shape would do much for my figure.

Zara 8

Another one from Zara which I really like. I’d have preferred it to have less pom-poms on  to be honest but the colour is beautiful.  I might have to give this one a try.

This Mango blouse’s pompoms seem a bit randomly placed but the material looks like it would be easy to wear / pack and I think Mango make very good loose summer tops.   This looks very pretty, the shape would do nothing for me but I can see this looking stunning on a more petite frame than mine.

Zara 6

Now this is just lovely!  Crisp blue jeans, tan sandals, this top.  Perfect.  It is a viscose cotton mix which should make it hang nicely too.

Zara 5

I can’t decide what I think about this top.  At first I was leaving it be with the others I’ve seen that have made my eyes sore with their embellishment on top of embellishment.  But I keep going back to it.  I love the colour and have always been partial to a bit of tie-dye.  I have decided to order it and see for myself.

Zara 4The colour of this Zara blouse is lovely.

Zara 2

This is reasonably simple and another easy to wear summery blouse.  I think I would probably buy this were I in the market for another creamy white blouse.

Ending with some that don’t fit the long sleeve brief but are useful wardrobe additions.

I also have this from River Island, it’s sleeveless so a bit different to the others but I can’t wait to wear it.

These folk style jackets can be an easy to wear alternative to a full on boho blouse.  I have 3 and wear them a lot over plain tshirts in spring/summer though my daughter took to wearing my favourite last summer and covered it in chocolate ice cream.

I’ll come back to dresses another time, but this lovely navy embroidered dress is selling fast so I need to mention it now.

Finally, if you want to invest in your blouses, it is worth a look on the Outnet today.  They have 25% off and have a decent selection of Dodo Bar Or and other boho style designs.

Back soon.

Summer Stuff round 1 – Culottes

It is strange that I have hardly ever blogged one of my most worn items of Spring / Summer clothing – the humble black culotte. I have looked back over the blog and can only find a few rare references to them yet I wear a pair at least three or four times a week when the sun comes out. I like exposing a bit of ankle but still having the advantages of trousers.

I bought a pair of black culottes from Zara three or four summers ago and liked them so much I immediately ordered another pair.   Alas they’re now relegated to the house clothes pile having been worn and washed into faded oblivion.  I wish I had ordered two more pairs and kept them as the fit and material was just perfect.

The sunshine has finally started to peak through the clouds in London and I have marked the start of Spring by ordering a few new pairs from Zara I thought I’d share. They should arrive in the next day or two when I’ll report back though I find it tricky to photograph black culottes (hence the lack of blogging about them) but I’ll try.

For me it is essential that they have an elasticated waist, mainly for comfort reasons but also because it makes them look less dressy.  They also need to hang loosely and not stop too high up the leg.

zara culotte 2These have a belt detail which I am hoping is removable or they could be too smart for me.  They’re £19.99 so I can buy another pair if they’re right (crosses fingers) without breaking the bank.

Zara culotte 3These look very similar with a button detail instead of a belt.  They also come in a red and navy stripe and what they call “leopard” too (I wish they were leopard!)

zara culotte 1These denim lyocell ones look interesting.  I haven’t ordered them, I am concerned they will be too high waisted for me and am waiting until I can get to a shop to try them on.  Zara’s delivery and returns are brilliant compared to most shops but I am fed up of having parcels to be returned all over my bedroom.

I have to be careful with printed culottes as my eldest daughter has a whole stash of the pleated variety to wear this summer and she would be mortified if we were dressed the same (Next have loads of good ones if you’re looking for kids sizes)  Zara culotte 4

These are such a bright print though, I just couldn’t resist.

As for what to wear them with, this is the beauty of culottes.  Trainers (both bulky and Stan Smith style), all types and colours of slides and sandals (I have these and they’re a decent price for leather), espadrilles, even heels all look great.  I usually wear one of the Topshop camis I bulk bought a few years ago (these look pretty) but again, pretty much anything goes as far as tops are concerned.  Shirts with a “fashion tuck” at the front, tshirts, camis…  Throw on some big hoops, a denim jacket or blazer and you’re good to go.  Easy, comfortable dressing – no wonder I love them.

Back soon.

Gym gear

I have been hitting the gym almost daily for the past few weeks in an attempt to get back to my former fit, strong self.  It is quite a commitment as I don’t particularly enjoy exercise but I have found that it is all about habit and getting it over with as early in the day as I can. Of course the gym gear is pretty important for me so I thought I’d share a few of my current favourites.


Nike Sparkle Leggings.  I have these leggings in a size L. They also come in silver and most sizes seems to be available in the ASOS sale here.  Every time I wear them I am asked where they’re from.

This is the matching vest.  I like the vest but the sizing is off. I have an XL which Nike suggest is a size 18-20 and is still a bit tight on my 12-14 shape.

Sweaty Betty gym gear is not cheap but it really does what it is supposed to and looks great on.  I have their Power Leggings and they are so comfortable I have considered wearing them under a big jumper on non-gym days.  Sweaty Betty designs change frequently so if you see a print you like, grab it!

I struggle with gym vests.  I hate anything too fitted on my stomach, the last thing I need is a skin tight top to go with my skin tight leggings.  I have a few of these from Nike which don’t give a huge amount of coverage but are pretty comfortable I got mine in Sports Direct for a fiver each)  My favourite gym vest is from Gap a few years ago.  Sadly they’ve stopped doing mine but I have bought this and this recently and am reasonably happy with them.

I bought an oversized Nike hoodie in the Christmas sales to wear over my gym gear. It’s sold out but this is the plus size version (which isn’t in the sale)  It’s bum covering, has a hood and it washes well.  This from ASOS Men is in their sale and looks pretty decent for throwing on over sweaty skin.  This sparkle hoodie is lovely but is only available in smaller sizes at the moment. I am hoping they will restock.

A decent sports bra is the holy grail.  The best I have found for my 34F chest is this Shock Absorber bra (I sized up to a 36 back so I can get it on without dislocating my arms) Annoyingly it isn’t a racer back unlike most of the sports vests I find with a loose fit but I am far less fussy about my bra straps showing when I am in exercise clothes.

The next thing I need is a proper swimming costume.  I have a wrap front brown (??) one from John Lewis I have no recollection of ever buying that I risk exposing my chest in every time I move my arms – not great for swimming.  Any suggestions gratefully received (you should be able to comment now, if not you can find me on Instagram)

Back tomorrow.




New year, new things

Well, Happy New Year. It’s been a while! I have been having some technical issues with the blog for quite some time. They are still not all resolved but while I wait for the right time to make some changes, I thought I’d share some of my new things…

I’ve mentioned my love for black and gold many times before and I love a statement shoe that can dress up my jeans, so you can imagine my joy when I spotted these mules.A0267358-FDF3-466F-A204-E1721B03C7C8.jpegCE545633-00ED-456F-A116-1E19A0602B4BHere with Zara black jeans with gold side stripe. I was worried the £39.99 price tag would mean the join between the gold and black would look shoddy but it doesn’t at all. I did have to size up from my normal 40 to a 41 though – they are oddly short in length. I am very keen to get these ultra violet ones in my wardrobe now too.

In more footwear news, I took delivery of these sock boots from Zara today. 20276CDD-7831-46D3-9EF2-F502CD231DA0.jpegI have dithered over them for ages, the £70 price tag for non-leather had put me off, but I am very glad I took the leap. They are higher in the leg than my other sock boots which makes them ideal for under the multiple pairs of cropped jeans I have. I’ll do more of a try on with them over the weekend and will share any gems but I am hoping they’ll work with midi skirts too.

With the Grazia River Island code burning a hole in my pocket, I saw the gorgeous blouses Susie So So had picked up there. I got this cornflower blue one with 20% off and I love it. (Excuse how I am modelling it, my youngest was hanging off my leg) If it does come back in stock, it’s largish to size – I have a 12.95D93D2C-4088-41EB-8C26-73A4330E409C.jpegI try not to buy much out of season after a few costly mistakes (things I loved at the time but wanted different versions of by the time the weather came to wear them) This kind of smock top has become such a staple in my summer wardrobe though, I know it will be a winner. I’ve just tried to link to it and discovered it has sold out, sorry! This Dodo Bar style one might make up for it?

7016D640-2DED-4D74-A407-ACA93C5C0580.jpegWhile I was looking at River Island, I couldn’t help but notice this “Love” tshirt. 6A2B8863-C8D5-4F03-8F05-2D109DBE1CB1.jpegThe green and red ticker tape writing gives it a mild Gucci air and the pearl studding makes it go with my new pearl earrings and the pearl jeans I got from Zara pre Christmas (now out of stock, sorry) I’m wearing it above with old Current Elliot Stiletto jeans, All Saints jacket and Topshop boots (the red are sold out but black version here) The River Island code is GRAZIAJAN18 and those of you who like the Gucci GG belts but don’t want to spend that much might fancy one of these.

I am going to end with more shoes. A few years ago I bought some Golden Goose trainers which I found uncomfortable and rapidly sold. Fast forward a few years and I have a hankering to try again so I put these Francy leopard pair (sold out so no link) on my Christmas list. B3252AF3-0BAB-42BA-9A91-8D9F317BCE9A.jpegTurns out Father Christmas doesn’t like GGs so I didn’t get them…. Then I remembered seeing one of my kids’ school friends in a similar pair and bang, I bought them (I fear that isn’t the kind of thing I am supposed to admit) I have changed the laces to black and would suggest sizing down if you’re a half size. 4BDC6BA3-71D4-4E66-9892-5B49DA617868.jpegDEDE903E-96E8-4891-8094-64BB9B95EEBD.jpeg

I do have some other new bits but I’ll share them another day.

Here’s to a happy, healthy year.

Beauty – including Power Fabric Vs Double Wear

Let me tell you now, this is a long one with no photos. If you’re not interested in make up, don’t bother with the blog today 😉 Please forgive me, a passion I rarely blog about is beauty and make up and once I started, I couldn’t stop. 

I have noticed two big changes since I turned 40 last August.  One is hangovers – there must be some explanation but I’ve felt near death the next day every time I’ve had a smidgen too much to drink.  The other is my skin – it’s gone funny.  I suffered from terrible spots and sweaty skin as a teenager and have always thought that the decent skin I’ve had as an adult was my compensation.  No longer. 

I have had to up my beauty game and add some new products to my arsenal as well as swapping from some old favourites to new things.

Me and my sisters are huge fans of Sali Hughes. I think she is honest, I like her style of writing and we have similarly dehydrated skin so I can be confident that the things she recommends will generally (not always!) work. She’s friends with one of my best friends too which only increases my fondness for her.

Before I buy anything make up and beauty wise I do two things; google the product and Sali to see what she thinks, and ask my All Worn Out Originals mates who are beauty geniuses for their opinions. This is kind of a disclaimer – I can take little credit for the products I am about to mention.

Skin first. For reference, I have reasonably sensitive, dehydrated skin with some of sun damage, a strong smattering of melasma which increases in the sunshine, bad crows feet around my eyes, one deep 11, quite dark crepy skin under my eyes and a wrinkled forehead. 

I have been changing my routine a bit to see what works best but am now set on this.  At night I rub this Argan oil into my face which melts off make up and wash off with a warm damp flannel (I use a clean one of every day) then do the same with Aurelia Miracle Cleanser as a double cleanse (once to remove make up/day, once to clean the skin)  I use Caudelie Cleansing Water on cotton wool to remove the mascara residue.

I’ve been using Alpha H Liquid Gold on alternate nights for the past month and I am impressed (I got mine from M&S with 20% off but this is the best value I can find atm)  It goes on cotton wool, a swoosh around the face (not eyes!), neck, decollate and hands and that’s it.  You can put a night cream or serum on top but it’s more effective without that.  I don’t know how but my skin doesn’t feel dry the next morning and it is making my skin visibly tighter and brighter. (On a scale of change I want to point out that this is something I notice, my sister and best mate might notice, the rest of the world might not!)

On the alternate nights I use Clarins Blue Orchid face oil, Darphin Ideal Resource Night cream (I adore this product) and a Marks & Spencer eye cream. I’ve decided to use the Alpha H Liquid Gold twice a week instead of three now as my skin is starting to feel dehydrated and I don’t like the tightness. It is an acid so you have to use a 50SPF the next day which isn’t always that simple either so twice a week will suit me better. 

In the mornings I use the Aurelia again. I’ve been increasingly disloyal to day creams. Eucerin suited me for quite a while and I liked it, but then started to make my eyes water. I was convinced by a shop assistant to go back to the Clarins Multi Active Day Cream I used years ages ago and it’s good but not amazing. I’ve recently enjoyed trying the free sample of Elemis Marine cream that came with a magazine and am weighing up getting a few more magazines (hoping they’re still available!) rather than paying nigh on £100, or going back to the day version of the night Darphin that I love (not cheap but lasts ages) Anyone used the Elemis longer term?

Now for make up. 

I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation for years (with some By Terry in the middle)  I like a full coverage foundation and the fact is lasts all day has always had me hooked.  Until recently I have worn Pure Beige in winter and Tawny in summer but my skin must be unusually white as I’ve had to go down to the Cool Bone shade which matches my jaw line but makes me look pale and unwell. A few weekends back I realised the foundation was becoming A Problem when I appeared from the bathroom ready to go out and looked at the three shocked faces waiting for me “What have you done to your face?” “Have you been sick” etc. 

So, the perfect time to try the highly praised Giorgio Armani Power Fabric! I went to the Armani counter in Selfridges first thing on a Wednesday morning to get colour matched and they were really helpful and gave me lots of samples of other things I might like.  I meant to get a tester of the Power Fabric to try at home but I liked it so much, I bought it (here’s Sali on Power Fabric) I have shade 5 which is a perfect match for my pasty winter skin. 

Initially I loved it. 10 days in, I’m not convinced. Firstly it is not full coverage unless I’m applying it wrong. I’ve tried putting it on with a foundation brush, my fingers and a beauty blender (the best I’ve found is to put a very small amount on at a time blending quickly with fingers) 

Unhappily it settles into my pores as soon as I put it on and just doesn’t make me look like I want my foundation to. My skin looks patchy and flat, my pores are highlighted and I don’t feel good. Without the primer (see below), it’s quite hard to blend and though not using the primer made my t zone less shiny, I just couldn’t blend it well enough to not use it (even using my Beauty Blender) 

Would I reccomend it? No, I don’t think I would. The Double Wear sits on the skin, not everyone’s cup of tea but I like it. When I wear a full coverage foundation that’s what I want. I want it to make me look smoother, brighter, better. That’s what Double Wear does and it lasts from morning application until bedtime, no problem. 

I have been using Laura Mercier primers for years.  I bought this one a few months ago and it was an expensive mistake as it bobbles unlike any of the other ones in the range (the hydrating and original ones are best) I tried this Giorgio Armani Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer with the foundation and was smitten.  It feels like rubbing liquid satin on your face and I can see a difference where I have used it.  Importantly for me it has a SPF of 50.  Using the Alpha H Liquid Gold means I need a daily high SPF and this is a joy to use under make up.  The MU in Selfridges recommended using it on its own on holiday / mainly make up free days. I also got a tester of this Luminous Silk Foundation ( again in number 5) which they suggested I dab on my cheeks over the Power Fabric for a more dewy finish (apparently the Luminous Silk doesn’t have half the lasting power of Power Fabric) It also smells lovely, Italians will immediately notice the striking scent similarity to Infasil! So, the Armani primer I do recommend. 

I have been struggling with blusher recently too.  I bought a Charlotte Tilbury one which looked great in the shop but not so good in really life (I have Ecstasy).  As much as I try, I am a bit kackhanded with makeup application and it really shows with the blusher.  The Giorgio Armani woman very kindly suggested I wasn’t making the most of my face with the blusher I had on and showed me how to apply this Fluid Sheer Skin Illuminator.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve been had when I get home from trying on new make up and you realise you’ve spent a fortune on stuff you didn’t need.  Not this time, with the blusher at least. I totally get what the MU meant about the liquid blusher “lifting” the matte texture of the Power Fabric foundation.   I have shade Amber which is apparently a wedding favourite for the lasting power and naturalness of the colour.

A decent creamy concealor is a must for me and I am pretty happy with this from Hourglass.  I’ve been using it for a few months and it definitely makes me look less tired.  It lasts almost a full day too which is pretty good going.

I have my monobrow/eyebrows threaded every 4-6 weeks and use this Hourglass eyebrow pencil every day.  It’s the best I have ever tried.  I occasionally use the Mac Brow Gel in Dirty Blonde (with this brush) and think I like it but then I see a photo of myself and think it’s too over the top for my taste.

I am really into lipsticks.  My favourites are the perfect bright orange red crayon Nars Red Square, bright pink Mac Relentlessy Red that lasts forever and a new Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace.  I was worried the Amazing Grace would be too pink for me but it isn’t, it’s a flattering shade that’s easy to wear and can be bolted on for a very natural look or layered to compliment smokey eye make up.  I tried Charlotte Tilbury’s Tell Laura which I’d almost bought on line (I have a habit of doing this and then not being happy with my purchase) The colour swatch is far pinker than the actual shade which is better represented in the photo.  I am pleased I tried it as it’s almost identical to the Nars Red Square so I saved myself another expensive mistake.  (I have CT’s Love Liberty too – I think it’d compliment Black skin far more than mine and it’s also bled the times I’ve worn it)  The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip pencil is fast becoming an iconic product, I use it all over my lips under a dab of Eve Lom Kiss Mix for a natural colour and as a lip liner for almost any lipstick shade (the Kiss Mix is also great on its own)

Mascara is the next thing on my list.  I was using this Kevin Aucoin one for most of the summer and autumn and really liked it but decided I wanted something more dramatic and switched to Lancome Hypnose.  I think it is a bit too dramatic for me for every day and my lashes are feeling a bit spidery for my liking so I’m going back to Kevin. 

I’ve mentioned my love for Tom Ford eye pallets before.  They’re eye wateringly expensive but they are so beautiful and last ages.  My favourite is Last Dance.  These Charlotte Tilbury Eye Shadow Pencils are very easy to use – blend quick if you want an all over lid effect though as they dry fast.  I have Bronzed Garnet which is for green eyes and really does make them “pop” 😉

I am appalling with hair.  No matter what I try my hair is totally straight and lacking much body. Best I have found is a few squirts of this, blow dry upside down for 4 minutes and go.

Ending as I began, I am no expert on beauty matters.  I have my mates and Sali to guide me and these are just some of the things I have tried and liked or not.  Any great suggestions, please do let me know.  You can follow Sali here and if you haven’t got them already, her two books are great (this is a lovely present and this is like the old school make up bibles I used to dream of possessing as a kid)

Or you can watch this

Back soon.