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London mum of 2. I am a size 12, 5"7 and take a size 7 shoe.

Long Black Dress

As I have mentioned before, it’s a party summer for us. A wedding, Ascot, Wimbledon and parties. 

I don’t do occasion wear particularly well. I tend to feel trussed up and always have the overwhelming “I wish I’d worn something else” sick feeling. 

Ascot makes me shudder. I have close friends who adore dressing for it. I do not. Luckily my friend AM keeps me on track for these things every year and I have a few things I mentioned yesterday to try that will arrive tomorrow and I’ll report back. 

Parties I am a bit better at but still, apart from the Zara black hareem too-tight-on-the-calves jumpsuit (here), I’ve never found my holy grail party dress. 

This dress though, well I’m hoping it will be it. & Other Stories Lace dress 

I mistakenly thought the whole dress was lace, it isn’t. It has a lace border at the top and bottom and the rest is a dull satin look material (actually viscose) My daughter asked if it was a nighty and it does nod to the bedroom wear as evening wear trend, but the weight of the fabric makes it so much more grown up than the negligées I wore to party in (and to college, blush) in the 90s. 

I am wearing a 40. I couldn’t go smaller or it would be too tight on the bust and I like the fact it’s not overly fitted on the waist and bum. 

I am planning to wear it with black light strappy black heels (that I don’t yet own) and maybe even my tuxedo jacket draped over my shoulders. Here it is (box fresh so a tad creased) with Christian Louboutin Pigalles which is the best I have in my shoe wardrobe. I told you, I don’t do occasion dressing that well and am missing some of the basics. Do let me know if you’ve spotted any strappy black heels. I don’t want to spend a fortune and they must be comfortable, unlike the Louboutins. 

I am really pleased with the dress. I think I will wear it for my birthday meal in our villa in Italy in August with 20 of my closest family and friends too. No shoe worries there though, barefoot all the way!

Back tomorrow with a Warehouse report back. 

Warehouse dresses

Topshop are leading the high street shoe stakes this season and it looks like Warehouse are smashing it with their dresses. 

I’ve got Ascot, three 40th birthday parties (not including my own!) and a wedding to dress for this summer. I’ve ordered these four dresses all with 25% off with code dress25. 

The Self Portrait dresses are beautiful but not for my shape at all. I’m hoping this navy style will be more flattering. 

This beautiful black floral shirt dress could be perfect. I’m hoping the material will drape well and not be sweaty!

I’ve seen this butterfly print dress in magazines and am going to give it a try for Ascot with black heels and a simple black hat.

This print is so pretty I couldn’t resist it, I’m expecting the waist to be an issue but will give it a try. 

I’m rushing off to sports day but will report back when they arrive!


The sun is out, finally. Zara double cotton playsuit, tan Topshop Figs, Grafea bag from last year. I love this playsuit. It’s loose fitting, just what I need after a week of cakes, crisps and prosecco. I have a large. It’s cotton and wafty, perfect for summer sightseeing. 

Back soon. 

A jumper in June

Zara jeans, Topshop silver Karate shoes, J Crew Merino midnight blue Tippi (yes, it’s June), Zara floral bomber jacket. I have a vest on under the Tippi and was still cold so had to change into my Stans. Damn this weather. We went on (a freezing cold) safari yesterday. Woburn Safari Park is amazing! Here’s a monkey just chilling out on our car mirror. No outfit photo from yesterday, I was cold and didn’t stand still long enough for photos!

In other news, the River Island pompom sandals arrived and I love them! I’d like to be wearing them today but no, it’s still too cold. Gap trousers, River Island sandals, old Mango denim shirt. I realise my mirror is smudged  again, my youngest is a monkey and kisses herself in it every day. 

Sunshine is promised for tomorrow. Please let it be true, I have lots of clothes waiting to be worn! 

Four books

We love books. Here are few me and my kids have been enjoying this holiday. I love Mike Rosen and have just finished reading this book. It’s brilliant and a must have on any parent’s book shelf. 

While I’m sharing the Rosen love, this book of poetry for little ones is magical, and what a lovely title.  My smallest has started “reading” the poems to herself she enjoys it so much. 

We’ve been reading this beautifully illustrated book every night since we got it. A lovely story and truly glorious pictures (my kids are 8 and almost 4 and both love it, as do my similarly aged niece & nephew)

A golden oldie here, my dad used to read this to us when we were little and I just bought it for my daughter. It’s a bit scary so for older kids, but so exciting! 
I’m always on the look out for good books that don’t involve magic ponies 😉 so please do let me know if you’ve got any good suggestions.