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In the bank

Bit of a mixed bag, weather-wise, this bank holiday. Which is, at the very least, an excuse for lots of outfit changing.

I’m enough of a teenager to be a bit chuffed when something I’ve had for a while makes an appearance in a magazine or newspaper supplement. This weekend I had it x2: my faux leather Zara skirt in Laura Craik’s column in the Times magazine, and Laura Weir wearing my winged Ancient Greek sandals, which I bought last summer, in the Sunday Times Style.

I’m also enough of a teenager to be cripplingly self-conscious. I was wearing the Zara skirt on Saturday and, on seeing the column, changed into a Zara dress. No photo I’ve attempted seems to capture the gorgeousness of this green, but it is really lovely. I’m wearing it here with Sam Edelman Flynn sandals from ASOS.


To go out on Saturday night, I wore a new purchase from Vero Moda. I’ve searched a long time for a jumpsuit that works on my shape and I think (everything crossed!) that this may be the one. No? Well in any case, it’s comfy and completely does away with bum crack fears. That’s got to be worth something, surely??!!!

On my feet – the Ancient Greek sandals. Saturday night, okay? The Laura Weir thing happened on Sunday 😉


Back to black

It’s truly ludicrous, this weather. But we all know about that; let’s not harp on.

I had to come home and get changed before going in to town the other day, so cold was I. It was so cold, in fact, that even colour, let alone bare legs (which is what I had, optimistically, left the house in) seemed wrong, wrong, wrong.

So. Nothing new in this photo; all old stuff from last year or several seasons ago. But I didn’t freeze. And the forecast for the weekend is pretty good.

Leather jacket: Helium, from Bullfrogs
Lace top: Zara
Scarf: Louis Vuitton
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Bloch, from
Bag: Anya Hindmarch


Ah, splendid

I’ve been treated to another Mother’s Day here today, since it’s the Australian day for it and, well, if you check my passport: I qualify.

It inspired me to wear this Splendid lurex-striped tank top from netaporter, which my family gave me for Mother’s Day a few years ago. It has even further All Worn Out significance because it was Jasmine WornOut who emailed the link back in 2011 saying “this was made for you!”


I must thank her – and my husband and children! – again; I love this top. Now if this weather would just get warm and stay warm….

You can read more about my Mother’s Day here. Hope everyone had a good weekend, maternal or not.

Grin and Bare it

Grin, who could help but grin when the sun was out and the chilly breeze that’s plagued us for so long was virtually non-existent? And as for baring it, well, since I figured I’ve already borne the trauma of an endless winter, I was hopefully up for the challenge of baring my wintered legs, despite feelings of angst/ embarrassment/ self-consciousness/ public responsibility about making people feel vomitous and all of the other things that one feels when ones gets one’s legs out for the first time in the year.

Hope everyone else enjoyed the sunshine and got some skin out!


Zara faux leather cutwork skirt £39.99

Zara faux leather cutwork skirt £39.99


H&M jumper, £7.99

H&M jumper, £7.99


Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle boho bag in nude from my-wardrobe

Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle boho bag in nude from my-wardrobe


Sam Edelman Flynn sandals via ASOS

Sam Edelman Flynn sandals via ASOS









I wish I had a boyfriend

photoGod, who’d be a teenager again. The angst!

Fortunately, it’s not that sort of boyfriend I’m talking about (although husbands should not become complacent, dear me, no). I’ve been, if not keen on boyfriend jeans, then at the very least, a bit fed up with skinnies, for some time now. The thing that’s put me off, however, has been that in almost every photo I’ve seen them in, they’ve been ‘styled with a heel’ like this:



Now, being a 40-year-old pear, my thinking is: if it needs a heel to make it look good on a moggle, then there’s no hope for me. Unless, of course, I wear a heel, which is unlikely when my jeans-wearing is mostly in the day when I am, if not with children, then at least doing things that require ease of movement. Cleaning drains, for instance. Batch cooking. Hanging out laundry. Glam stuff like that.

So, to PInterest I went, with one deep, meaningful, Bradshaw-esque query:

Can boyfriend jeans ever look good with flats?

And Pinterest said: “Well sure they can, honey.”




So today I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m not 100% sold on the look on me, but think I will like it better when warmer weather (ha!) allows me to expose more at either end of the physical spectrum: ie, strappy flat sandals instead of trainers, and a tank top instead of a sweater.

Tell you what, though – they’re comfy.



Sweater – H&M (2011, but similar here)

Jeans – Zara (2012, but similar here)

Trainers: ASOS Daleys

Bag: Grey snakeskin shopper from M&S 

Upcycled necklace from Twisted Vintage