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Lunch with friends

One of the things I love about summer is feeling free. I think a lot of it has to do with the outdoors. Earlier this week at school pick up a friend asked if we could go to her’s for a splash in their paddling pool. Winter makes me think “what about the kids’ tea, we don’t have all our stuff with us, they’ll be too tired tomorrow” Summer is different. It was such a happy afternoon. We had fun together, we ate a picnic tea in their little garden, we had some prosecco.  Simple things, simple things. 

Thursday I had two friends over for lunch. I posted a photo of one of the dishes on IG and got asked for the recipe so here it is. It is super easy. Simple things, simple things. Garlic aubergine salad

Ingredients – 2 aubergines chopped into largeish cubes, 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped or a teaspoon of garlic paste, parsley, salt and pepper, olive oil, small grate of fresh ginger and yogurt to serve. 

I cut the aubergine into rounds and sit them on a piece of kitchen roll for an hour but don’t worry if you don’t have time. 

Chop aubergine into large chunks. Heat oil in frying pan and add the garlic for a few seconds, then the aubergine. I cook it in two or three goes so there is just one layer in the pan and I can see both sides are browned. Cook for 5-8mins then put on a piece of kitchen roll to drain and cook the rest. 

Chop parsley, sprinkle on top. Allow to cool then put in the fridge. Sprinkle with c 1 teaspoon of finely grated ginger and serve with cold natural yogurt. 

I made Nigella’s Moonblush tomatoes with goats cheese, a fresh ciabatta (I added olives and some herbs*) and a tabouleh salad too. 

Back tomorrow with clothes. 

* My kitchen is tiny so I don’t have space for a breadmaker or big mixer, there are better ciabatta recipes if you do. 

Summer skin

I wear nothing but this Ultrasun Factor 50 cream on my face at the moment. As well as the all day sun protection, it’s possibly the best primer I’ve ever used! My make up stays on all day even when it’s hot and sweaty. Win win. 

I am also impressed with this Ultrasun Factor 30 body cream sun cream. I suffer from prickly heat but it’s not been a problem since I started using this, and I still get a decent colour. I shower twice a day in summer and it takes a decent rub with a flannel to get this off at the end of the day. 

Bronzer is a very personal thing. I have to use it in summer as my face is so much paler than my body. This Guerlain matte one is my all time favourite for summer (in winter I use this). It’s expensive but it is long lasting on the skin and doesn’t streak even after sweating. (Note that this is the limited edition version, it usually comes in brown flip flip packaging)

I am unimpressed with this Overnight Bronze and Glow from Charlotte Tilbury. I am neither more glowy nor bronzed after a week’s use. I am now wondering whether to give this new Guerlain bronzer a try, apparently it is waterproof and tans your skin while you’re wearing it. I wonder whether it can penetrate Factor 50 sun cream and Estée Lauder Double Wear though?

For kids, I don’t think you can beat this Sunsense Factor 50. One of my daughters is very pale and this is our saviour.  We’ve tried this one too and it’s as good so I tend to buy which ever I can find on offer. It lasts all day (until 330 at least) and is light and easy to put on. Well, as easy as applying suncream to small people can ever be 😉 

I must mention this mascara that I’ll be using long past summer. It’s currently on offer in Superdrug and the waterproof version is good too (though I’ve not needed it)

Back soon. 

A Day of Two Dresses

Yesterday. A 5 year old’s birthday party on the hottest day of the year with a mild hangover. Fun fun fun!& Other Stories dress, Next sandalsI really like the sandals. They’re a dark tan and I think true to size. 

Then another party and drinks al fresco (my kind of birthday party)Dress could’ve done with an iron! ASOS dress, Castaner espadrille wedges. (If you’re pregnant, look at this dress!)Castaner wedges, Chateau bag (similar here)ASOS dress, Prada sunnies. 

We are off for a day of Father’s Day fun. I hope everyone celebrating has a good day and those of you without your dad have a peaceful day. 

Back soon. 

A few outfits

I’ve spent the week on school trips and I am exhausted! I wanted to share a few outfits though before the bits sell out. & Other Stories shirt dress, Castaner wedge espadrilles, John Lewis pom pom straw bag, old & Other Stories gold hoops. The dress might look a bit boxy but when the sun is shining it’s super cool. H&M denim shorts (I let the sides down and sized up to a 16), H&M cami, last year’s Ancient Greek sandals. I think the V makes the cami quite flattering on a bigger chest – size up though, I’m in a 16. Sorry for the blurry photo – every morning has been a rush this week. Old Gap shorts, H&M mules, old & Other Stories black with gold thread cami top. We know I love mules. These are new in and £17.99. H&M black striped shorts, old Cos tshirt, Next sandals

I’ve made a mistake with the sizing with these red sandals. I ordered a 7 which is a 40 in most shops but a 41 in Next. I thought they were ok but having worn them out, they’re a smidgen too big and really are sliding slides. I have the tan in the 6.5/40 and they’re much better. Zara maxi dress, Next sandals, Chateau bag which is already out of stock but similar here.Old Topshop cami dress (similar here), red Castaner espadrilles wedgesOld Topshop cami dress (similar here), Castaner espadrilles, New Look kimono

Back soon. 


I am a proud Londoner and my city is in mourning. 

I had started a blog to show you my new shoes. What has happened in our city has made me think long and hard about posting. I don’t feel like sharing photos of my feet. Another day, not today. 

For today I just want to share this link

As well as making a financial donation, I’ve spent some time packaging up clothes and kids stuff today. Reports say the survivors of Grenfell Tower are inundated with donations so I will take this bag to my local support centre instead. 

We need more kindness and love in this world, that is certain. 

Back tomorrow.