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There I was in M&S looking for a present for my partner’s mum in the Per Una section. And there it was, this beautiful sparkly round neck top.This is not how I’ll wear it but I wanted to show a real life photo so this is from trying it on. Something very random seems to have happened to my hair too. You know when you need to add a certain something to your Christmas outfits but don’t fancy full on party gear. This top is it.

I am going to have a Christmas outfit try on in the next few days so will feature this again, I’m sure. Size wise I’d say it’s true to size. I am a 14 on top and that’s what I’m wearing. It’s been slated on the M&S website but I love it.

Back soon.

4 cheap(ish) treats

Ring holder, it’s a fiver but doesn’t look it. Hair adornment is a thing at the moment. I bought this £8 clip set last week. My family aren’t keen but I am going to persevere and I have my eye on these next. To my daughters’ delight (not) I bought a black hair bow clip too. I can’t find it on line but they had lots in store for £5.

I have bought the beautiful multicoloured version of this clutch for one of my sisters. It’s sold out on line but they have lots left in stores. This is black with sequins and very pretty.

This is £30 so not cheap but it is a bargain. These products really work and this set of 4 has over 50% off.

That’s me for now. Celebrations are already taking their toll on me and I need a nap, lots of water and some veg. I’ll be back soon.

A few outfits

It’s been a busy week or so here. It seems like it’s ages until Christmas then wham, all of a sudden December is here and I have to be super organised.

When my Precious First Born 😉 was little I bought her a felt advent calendar to fill with mini treats. My mum shook her head in dismay and warned me about starting challenging traditions but I didn’t listen. Well, I’ve learnt the hard way! Now I have two kids and have exhausted every small treat imaginable. Some how it has metamorphosed into an advent filled with poem treasure hunt clues that lead to a wrapped treat. It’s an epic undertaking!I don’t normally go for cute but these were just irresistible.

Today was my sister’s birthday and we went out for a family meal up town in one of our favourite restaurants.I’m wore a new Zara leopard print dress and old Topshop boots.

Friday was a lovely day. I went to Coal Drops Yard with my dad to choose his new Christmas present glasses in Cubitts (check it out if you want stylish cheapish specs) and then surprised him with lunch in the German Gymnasium (he’s a big fan of German food and in particular cakes!)He ate both our cakes!

I wore my new Zara pleated leopard print skirt (I did already have one but this is longer and easier to wear with mid ankle boots), Stories black roll neck, J Crew jacket, M&S boots.In the evening we went to see Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra play Ibiza Classics. It was a brilliant, happy night.I wore Next pleather leggings, old Cos tshirt with an old Zara fringed jacket – similar here (I love wearing this to dance), a gold studded bumbag and my Fila Disruptors.

Here’s the bumbag in it’s full glory. I am pleased with the amount of wear I’ve been getting from the M&S boots. They are comfy and easy to walk and drive in. They were £45 but I got the Sparks 20% off and had a £15 voucher I’d forgotten which makes them even more of a bargain. Cos jacket, M&S boots, Zara jeans, Stories roll neck (sold out)

Back soon.

Christmas pt1

Attitudes to presents seem to have changed a lot over recent years. There’s been a move towards Secret Santa style gifting and I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that the stress of present buying means families only giving presents to kids.

Each to their own of course but I love the choosing and giving of gifts. We use it as a time of year to get both functional things (new glasses for my dad) and something luxury we would love but wouldn’t otherwise buy. It means I have to be very organised with my Christmas shopping. I have a big blended family with 6 sisters and lots of undefinable family members that we have mini Christmases with in the build up to the Big Day.

Anyway, if you’re a gift giver or just fancy a treat yourself, here are a few random ideas. This is part 1 – all these things have money off today. Part 2 coming soon.

The festive season starts when I break out The White Company Winter candles. I buy one set like this (a quick squirt of the room spray before visitors is lovely), a medium candle and the tea lights. These make good “host gifts” too. There’s 20% off for the next few days with code WHITE20.

I love flowers and one of my sisters bought me a 3 month Bloom & Wild delivery last Christmas which cheered up the winter months.My sister bought me a gorgeous black vase from H&M similar to this with the flower delivery. I like this quirky tin vase too (HELLO20 gets 20% off)

A cashmere scarf is a true grown up luxury gift. I have had several of these from & Other Stories. They’re soft, warm and beautiful colours.

I like buying beauty stuff for my sisters and friends. This year’s hands down winner for me is this mascara – I will never use another.We always have a Christmas Eve box with presents the night before Christmas. It eases the pain of dragging our kids home from our annual Christmas Eve party at friends when they know there’s a box of gifts to open! Me and my kids get new pyjamas and they get very excited about unwrapping the Christmas delivery of Post Poo Drops (extravagant perhaps but they last all year)

For little people. I love the Mud Puppy Mini Feminist range.My youngest niece will be opening these beautiful board books on the Big Day and my youngest daughter will find this lockable journal under our tree.

Back soon.