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Back to Black

It must be something about the gloomy skies – like Jasmine, I’m back in black too.
Yesterday I wore my Zara drape fronted trousers with a black H&M vest under the black Ikat vest I mentioned the other day (again knotted at the back) with an old Gap black blazer, old See by Chloe black bag with gold hardware, £5 H&M fluro watch and fluro belt worn as a wristband both from the kids’ section, black Rayban Cats 5000 and a dull gold angel necklace from Little Legs. I added black Sam Edelman Gigis and a Mint Velvet scarf to go out.
I always wear sunnies but don’t usually photograph myself in them. I just happened to run up to the room with the mirror the last minute (I’m not that much of a poser).
I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely messages about my mum. We won’t know what happens next for another week but she is doing well and we all continue to laugh and smile as often as possible.


Yesterday I did one of those things that happen so rarely when you’re the full time carer of kids; I went out spontaneously.

My partner called to say he’d bumped into an old friend of ours, my dad was over to play with La Bambina, Little Legs was at an after school class. I seized the opportunity and half hour later was sipping a soda and lime with my partner and friend. I only stayed an hour but it was lovely.

In a way my outfit was inspired by Rachel WornOut. She linked to a gorgeous Topshop dress that I immediately tried to purchase but was sold out in all of the 3 sizes I can wear.
I was half tempted to go to the real shops to try and find it but the sun won out. Then I suddenly remembered a similar, well kind of similar, dress I bought many moons ago.
Very old Louche dress, Sam Edelman Warner sandals.

I love these Sam Edelman Warner sandals. They’re pretty high and I had a wobble in them when I first wore them, but the platform makes them comfortable and they’re flattering on the foot, even more so with a tan.  Having said that my tootsies look a bit like trotters in the photo but I think hope that was the photo angle.

I am going to sit in the sun for a while and try to forget the trauma of being woken up every 50 minutes all night again.


Cleanin’ Out My Closet


I hope I’m not tempting fate but a glimpse of the sun at the weekend and I’m bidding farewell to winter. I love putting away the heavy jumpers and pulling out the tshirts and sandals. Well, I love the idea of it, the reality of folding masses of woolies is rather tiring and creates lots of fluff (I hate fluff!) My dad is a fellow clothes lover and had a real life nightmare last autumn when he realised moths had infested the clothes he’d been storing for winter. I’m learning the lesson and have bought a stock of moth proof bags from John Lewis to store all my jumpers in as well as a few packets of lavender sachets to be extra sure.

La Bambina had great fun “helping”. She loves the Hoover (unlike her mama) and cooed gleefully as I vacuumed out my wardrobes and shelves, sun streaming in through the skylights. It did make me laugh as she kept crawling back to the shoe cupboard to play with my Sam Edelman rose Adenas. She was stroking them for most of the afternoon (much more like her mama!)
Sam Edelman Adenas
Among the bags and boxes I was delighted to be reunited with these sandals I have had for years but could’t find anywhere last summer.
Having decided it is spring no matter what the weather says, over the past few days I’ve been wearing summery clothes with leather jackets and scarves for warmth.
M&S beach trousers, navy Gap pocket tee, black studded Sam Edelman Frankies. I wore my black Zara leather jacket and an old cotton navy scarf with a thin white stripe I’d forgotten I had for the school run and an after school trip to the park.
These leopard jeans are such a beautiful colour but I struggle to know what to wear on top. Here I wore them with a very old cotton jumper from New Look which has buttons down the back and I pleased La Bambina by wearing them with the Adenas. I wore my Mint Velvet creamy leather jacket on top to pop out.
I love these harem / pyjama style trousers from Topshop (last year or the one before) They’re easy to wear and don’t go baggy after a day of rolling on the floor playing. I think I have a plain cream tshirt shaped hole in my wardrobe as I had to dig out this very old draped top from Joules and a H&M beige vest for underneath. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. The cowl neck accentuates my bosom so I put my DvF Kenley cashmere scarf on for decency and my Mint Velvet jacket for warmth.

A red kind of day

A red kind of day

Finally today. I bought this red leather jacket from Massimo Dutti last year when I was pregnant. I wore it a fair bit then fell out of love with it. Today I am wearing it with a LV rip off leopard print scarf (the” Mumsnet scarf”!), black studded Sam Edelman Frankies and a black maxi skirt from Gap (another non-maternity pregnancy buy – amazing how it still fits now after accommodating this bump!)
Kurt Geiger silver Moves
In other news, the Kurt Geiger order arrived. The silver Moves stay. Easy to wear, I know they’re comfy, will go with everything and didn’t break the bank.
Sam Edelman Alvins
The Sam Edelman Alvins almost stayed. I love the print, the texture, the fit and the brightness. But the colours just don’t fit with most of my clothes and so I’ve reluctantly returned them. I would highly recommend them as an alternative to the M&S ones I linked to yesterday.

Tomorrow I will write a blog on my final new purchases for a while – some Zara trousers and a dress.

I’m off for a driving lesson while my dad babysits and conducts a moth security assessment on my winter wear.

Shopping report back – trainers, sandals & a skirt

So a few things have arrived.

Topshop Hipstar sandals

Topshop Hipstars

These Topshop Hipstars are my first foray into white shoe territory (I have always been very sceptical) but I love them and the quality is really good.  I like more of a covered sandal for summer in London and expect to wear them a lot with pyjama style trousers and jeans.

More comfy Topshop footwear that has thrown me into a dilemma!

Topshop Techno Neon print runners

Topshop Traes

Topshop Trace Snake runners

I am a big trainer fan and am so pleased that they’re now “in fashion”. I want all 3 pairs of these runners that I ordered and am sorely tempted to keep them. The Trace and Traes are mainly mesh which I didn’t realise from the Topshop website.  It will certainly make them nice and cool for summer.  The colours on the Technos are fantastic too.   I am definitely keeping the black and snake ones but want the neon ones too, and the orange and cobalt. Decisions, decisions….  Definitely enough to keep me trainer happy until my birthday and if I am very, very lucky I get some Golden Goose.

Golden Goose.  Swoon!

Golden Goose. Swoon!

I also ordered these Pentathlon runners and these Truffle beauties that Rachel WornOut has too but they go back – the leopard ones are too small oddly and the Pentathlons are too dark and heavy for spring (for me)

On to summer heels.

I really wanted these Sam Edelman Warner sandals last year and had them on my my-wardrobe wish list for ages. In the end I decided a newborn ruled out much heel wearing and my Swedish Hasbeens would suffice if I felt the need for some extra height.  Then I saw someone wearing them on holiday and my obsession began again.

Sam Edelman Warners

Sam Edelman Warners

I thought these Topshop Lanies looked reasonably similar and were worth a shot. They’re nice shoes but not what I wanted so back they go. Luckily I have since found the Warners in my size in a sale and they are on their way for the same price as the Lanies.  Result!

Topshop Lanies

Topshop Lanies

I almost missed the boat with these M&S Autograph Snakeskin Almond Toe Flats that Tracey WornOut drew my attention to. I ordered them and waited excitedly for them to arrive but alas they’re too hard and formal for me. They are a great price if you’re after a structured flat (might be worth noting that the sizing seemed on the larger side though)

Marks & Spencer Autograph shoes

Marks & Spencer Autograph shoes

These heels are faux snakeskin leather with a clear perspex heel and also from M&S.  They are divine. I love them!  (Thanks again to Tracey)

M&S Autograph perspex heels


Autograph Leather Faux Snakeskin Clear Heeled sandals

I am hoping all this snakeskin will satisfy me enough to stop lusting over the beautiful Lama Peach Jensons.

Lama Peach Jenson boots

Lama Peach Jenson boots

Final item of the day is this Topshop neon skirt that I’ve had my eye on since it hit the stores. I ordered it before I went away but it didn’t arrive in time. I don’t wear short skirts much anymore (bending down with kids all the time doesn’t make them practical) but I’m making an exception for this.

Topshop Fluro orange Lace Pelmet skirt

I am waiting for a Kurt Geiger sale order and that will be me done for a while.  I shall report back on these when they arrive.

Sam Edelman Alvins

Sam Edelman Alvins

Kurt Geiger Moves in silver

Kurt Geiger Moves in silver

What do you think?


Topshop Fluro orange Lace Pelmet skirt

Park in Progress

A warm and bright Sunday in London finally!

We went on the “Park in Progress” tour of the Olympic Park earlier; a very brief coach tour followed by a trip up the Arcelor Mittal Orbit tower.

Areclor Mittal Orbit

Arcelor Mittal Orbit

Glorious weather meant we had a great view across London and vantage point to look at the work that has been going on to transform the space from Olympic venue to park.  (The north section of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will open in July 2013 and the south section will open in spring 2014)Oly2


Might Mo

I wonder if this line would work on my kids?


I wore Mint Velvet leather jacket, black Gap tee, Sam Edelman Frankies, Whistles cream and green star scarf and green draped Zara trousers.

Zara green draped trousers

Zara green draped trousers

These trousers are strange.  I have reasonably slim calves but they were so tight around the ankles I had to have 3 inch slits cut into them and they are still mighty tight.  I have them in the blue too so expect to see them frequently if Spring sticks around.

The leather jacket I have had for a few years.  It started to look grubby last year so I had it professionally cleaned which sadly faded it a shade or two.  I have ordered this New Look leather that Belinda WornOut put me on to and if it’s a good replacement I am going to dye this Mint Velvet one grey.  We shall see.

I am waiting for a few pairs of shoes and trainers to be delivered too and will report back when I have chosen which ones will be gracing my tootsies for Spring.

Right, off to the local park for some more fun in the sun.  Happy Sunday!