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Bright day, bright shorts

Hooray the sun came out and so did my legs! (not so much cheering for the legs though!)

photo 19.6.13

photo 2 19.6.13I think as Eve has observed before, neon shades don’t really photograph very well, but these shorts are bright!

Shorts from Asos (sold out now I think but still available in a black/white stripe here) I’ve also just seen these candy stripe ones in what I think is a similar shape although mine are flat fronted rather than fly fronted. I think flat fronted can look neater and more flattering but they need to sit just right to work.

T shirt from Boden – I am quite impressed with this and I have a very low hit-rate with Boden, very lightweight but not transparent. If I was being really picky I would have liked the neckline  to be more of a true crew, ie. smaller and higher but that is really nit-picking

Sandals are Hania from ALDO and I LOVE them. For some reason, superflat sandals are killing my feet this year – not sure if it’s running related – but the tiny heel on these makes all the difference. Essentially flats but so much more comfortable.

Bracelets by Marc by Marc Jacobs from My Wardrobe – the site isn’t loading for me right now so I can’t link but last time i looked they still had various styles in the sale. On my right wrist I’ve got the rubber interlocking ones, the flash of neon pink you can see on my left is the leather with gold buckle type.


In the army

I’ve mentioned before that I am a bit of a late adopter of trends but for once I somehow managed to be ahead of the curve with the Zara jacket I’m wearing here.  Well you know not really ahead of the curve after all it was in Zara I bought it not straight off the catwalk.









When I first bought it 2 or was it 3 years ago I was rather unsure.  I mean – I’m not exactly the camouflage type.  However the cut was really good and I do love khaki.  And I have worn it loads and there are still plenty of camouflage jackets around if you’re after one.

I like the look of this one from ASOS as the pattern is more muted than some









If camouflage isn’t for you then plain khaki is worth considering if like me you struggle with more structured blazers – for some reason I just look totally newsreader in them which on me is really not a good look.

This Zara one looked great on the hanger albeit absolutely tiny









And this one is on my NAP wishlist just in case its massively reduced in the summer sales









Whilst thinking about spring jackets I was reminded of 2 that I’ve been coveting for a while now.  This lovely Comptoir pink one which is now in the sale and if it goes down any further it will be mine









And having examined the 2 white jackets I bought last year and realised that the Topshop ponte one is beyond bobbly (typical polyester) and the Gap one has a random stain on it – well I’ve convinced myself that I do really need this one which Belinda found a few weeks back.









I wish I had a boyfriend

photoGod, who’d be a teenager again. The angst!

Fortunately, it’s not that sort of boyfriend I’m talking about (although husbands should not become complacent, dear me, no). I’ve been, if not keen on boyfriend jeans, then at the very least, a bit fed up with skinnies, for some time now. The thing that’s put me off, however, has been that in almost every photo I’ve seen them in, they’ve been ‘styled with a heel’ like this:



Now, being a 40-year-old pear, my thinking is: if it needs a heel to make it look good on a moggle, then there’s no hope for me. Unless, of course, I wear a heel, which is unlikely when my jeans-wearing is mostly in the day when I am, if not with children, then at least doing things that require ease of movement. Cleaning drains, for instance. Batch cooking. Hanging out laundry. Glam stuff like that.

So, to PInterest I went, with one deep, meaningful, Bradshaw-esque query:

Can boyfriend jeans ever look good with flats?

And Pinterest said: “Well sure they can, honey.”




So today I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m not 100% sold on the look on me, but think I will like it better when warmer weather (ha!) allows me to expose more at either end of the physical spectrum: ie, strappy flat sandals instead of trainers, and a tank top instead of a sweater.

Tell you what, though – they’re comfy.



Sweater – H&M (2011, but similar here)

Jeans – Zara (2012, but similar here)

Trainers: ASOS Daleys

Bag: Grey snakeskin shopper from M&S 

Upcycled necklace from Twisted Vintage 

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside


After a few days of post holiday running around we spent a few days with family by the seaside. Not quite the sunny weather and beautiful blue seas from last week but hey. And a belated Easter Egg Hunt for le bambine too.


Very old ripped jeans, navy vest under navy ASOS draped blouse (I have the black and cream too), black studded Sam Edelman Frankies.


Zara star jeans (I thought I’d packed my Hudsons instead), All Saints cotton Nep draped jumper, Gap scarf from last SS (random odd pose is nothing to do with outfit)


Primark embellished pocket ripped jeans, H&M grey sweatshirt over Uniqlo Heattech

Hope everyone has a happy end of Easter holiday weekend!

Trying not to get the blues over the weather

Seriously, it’s diabolical isn’t it? First day of Spring, pah.

Anyway, I’m trying not to be too mizzo over it – must look on the bright side and all that. Which is why, over on my personal blog, I was yesterday celebrating the fact that an overcast, muddy trip to a farm at least had the silver lining of making me beyond-words-glad that I am a born and bred city girl.

But the photo I posted of Margot (Penelope Keith in The Good Life) had her rocking an outfit in cobalt blue. It’s one of my favourite colours – Jasmine’s too – and, although we both have Asian colouring, I think that seeing Margot in this pic really shows just how easy and vibrant it is for just about any skin tone to wear.


So today: a bright blue slouchy sweater from Mango via Asos (great reduction; not so sure about the see-through styling here. Ask yourself: what would Margot say?), worn with one of my favourite necklaces, by Twisted Vintage, who rework old, sometimes even broken, pieces to make totally original and one-off items of statement jewellery.


Another blue item that makes me very happy is this scarf, a present from Eve when we were recently shopping in H&M. This photo doesn’t do the colour justice but it’s divine; truly uplifting. I’m wearing it right now with a grey Uniqlo sweater and my pyjama bottoms. I’m actually a bit annoyed by how nice they look together, since it’s a combination that really works, perhaps due in part to the colours in my (Primark) PJs, but one that’s unlikely to be seen outside the home. Pyjamas on the school run. Does anyone? Seriously? Ask yourself: would Margot?