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So, the sales

Well to be honest I haven’t had much luck, 2 orders I placed were cancelled due to the items actually having sold out.  Most annoying.  Luckily, one of them was for some distressed jeans and as I’ve tried on approximately 50 pairs and they’ve all looked hideous on me, well, it was probably a good thing.

So apart from the Etoile Marant jacket I bought in the pre-sale, my only other purchase was the Ariana jacket.  Now I ordered this from NAP but then when in Harvey Nichols, realised it was actually cheaper there.  I also realised I’d ordered too small as the sizing is teeny tiny.  This is me in the 38









I love the colours and have worn it several times already.   Would also look fab with white skinnies, but I am not white skinny ready at the moment.   And for that I blame Lindt Sea Salt chocolate, honestly, I could live on it.

Now as the weather has been so umm unpredictable and meteorologists are saying this could be a 5-10 year cycle.  Well, I started planning my A/W purchases.  Top of my wish list are these gorgeous Rag & Bone Harrow boots.









I am going to definitely do some saving for these as they are just so utterly perfect.

Finally, today I’m wearing old zara jacket, old Hudson jeans, old anya bag and newish J Crew top





Pre-sale madness

Is there any better email to receive than one entitled ‘your exclusive sale preview’?  Come on, is there?

I know its a marketing trick but oh, how it works on this shallow creature.  And so how disappointed was I when after spending what felt like hours going through the My-Wardrobe site, I couldn’t find one single thing that I was even tempted by.

I then heard a rumour that the Matches pre-sale had started but where was my code?  Finally after much checking of my emails I received one.   Now I think Matches is possibly my favourite retail site.  Their styling is amazing but obviously their prices aren’t cheap, so a discount code makes a big difference.

So what was I tempted by?  Well as you know, I love Isabel Marant Etoile and I love quilted jackets.  Despite the fact that the patterned zara one was ebayed a while back (for what I paid for it  – yeay), I still have a yen for one.

So I ordered this one









And here I am in it.  Wearing with navy vest from River Island, Stella & Dot necklace and Hudson jeans from last year which are a tad low rise really but I love the colour.









Thank goodness I’m not on the Netaporter pre-sale list as that jacket has used up all my sales budget.

So what have I been wearing for this mixed weather half-term.  Well its ranged from spring coats to dresses, sometimes in the same day.









So variations on a theme with navy Whistles coat to the left and Sonia by Sonia Rykiel trench on the right.  River Island skinnies in both and navy pistols – oh yes, I dyed the beige ones navy.









That Zara jacket again on the left – lordy, I’m getting my money’s worth out of it.  Red bag as before, Topshop nano sandals which are incredibly comfortable, way more so than my Hasbeens.

And on the right, Johnnie B broderie top, Zara jacket and Stella & Dot necklace.  Slightly concerned I look pregnant in this one, because I am most definitely not.  However the constant eating of cakes my also account for this.













Dressing like a 3 year old

As I got dressed this morning I realised that I was wearing pretty much exactly the same outfit as my 3 year old wore on Saturday – I think this definitely counts as a fashion fail doesn’t it?









The dress is old Gap but similar here, the jacket is from the Uniqlo/Comptoir collaboration last year and my boots are the ever faithful Pistols.

You’ll be glad to know on Saturday I resisted stripes and went for a pretty print top from Isabel Marant Etoile









The jeans are old Hudson straight legged ones rolled up.  Now I think this top is going to work better with white skinnies and Swedish Hasbeens in the spring.  However even I, white jeans lover extraordinaire just can’t bring myself to wear them in February.

I popped into town at the weekend and tried this jacket on in Comptoir







It is really gorgeous so will keep it on my wishlist and hope it gets reduced in their Spring sale.  Would look great with just a white vest top like this one from TopShop









And this necklace which I am really coveting from Stella & Dot









Or with stripes like this

























Because obviously I’m a dead ringer for that model.





La Bambina is almost 6 months old now and her seemingly limitless appetite has seen me drop a dress size.  I was going through my wardrobe the other day to see what fits and felt a bit nauseous when I saw how many “mistakes” I have hanging unworn in there.  I went through them, added a few to the eBay pile and decided to made an effort this week to wear a different “mistake” every day.

It has been cold in London and there was even some snow on Monday but it didn’t settle. My focus has been on keeping warm for days spent in and out of the house.  My sister still has my Barbour Arctic Parka so I have been wearing my grey Zara coat with pleather sleeves.

This J Crew jumper is a beautiful shade of orange – a deep tangerine. I ordered it when they had a sale on several months ago but the raglan sleeves do nothing for my ample bosom so I returned it….  Only to have it returned to me a few weeks later along with the yellow crew neck I blogged before.  I dithered for so long I’d missed the returns period.  Blush.  I am determined to wear it though.  Here with DvF cashmere Atomic Leopard scarf, Hudson Nico skinnies, Cafe’Noir grey boots.


Having enjoyed wearing a bright colour on a dull day, I dug out a massive woolly scarf my mum bought me from Cos last year and wore it with Zara skinnies, my beloved Jaeger cashmere jumper from years ago (over a Uniqlo heattech) and Cafe’Noir boots.  When I got home I swapped the boots for Celtic Sheepskin slippers and felt like I was wrapped in a clothing hug.


I had to change the scarf for a Reiss snood later in the day when I wanted to put La Bambina in the sling.


Today I am wearing Zara skinnies, Cafe’Noir boots (again), black Gap Pure roll neck and a fluffy waistcoat from River Island that I bought on eBay.  I didn’t look at the photos properly before I bid and was surprised when it arrived that it is so cropped and not proper faux fur. I actually quite like it now though and my baby is very keen.  Her big sister suggested I look like a teddy bear which I think is a compliment.


Stay warm!


Big School Malarkey

I’m new to all this big school malarkey. After the first day back I thought we’d settled back in to our school day routine quickly and easily. Premature smugness on my part.

Every morning this week I have got ready dodging wails, tantrums and increasingly desperate pleas for hot chocolate with a chocolate reindeer in for breakfast (I am admittedly a very indulgent mother, but not that indulgent)  I grabbed what clothes I could in a rush and none of the week’s ensembles were photo worthy.

Yesterday I went out for a New Year lunch with my mamma though and took advantage of La Bambina’s nap to get dressed properly (rather than fold washing or one of the other glamorous tasks I usually fill nap time with) I wore Topshop rubber coated leggings with a black Cos angora dress over a Uniqlo heattech and black Ash Jalouse. Unfortunately the leggings fell victim to some Velcro pretty quickly and the coating got ripped off so they’re now in the bin.


Today we went out for a family dinner locally. I wore Hudsons with a dark green pleather fronted tshirt from Zara with Cos beaded collar and black Ash Jalouse.  If I had some gold boots I’d have worn them.  I did try my New Look leopard boots but they are quite fitted around the ankle and look a bit silly over skinnies.