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If the Choo’s fit….

Yipppeeee! I made last week’s mini worn out meet up and what fun we had. Lunch, drinks, shopping and conversation. A blissful afternoon. Can we do it again soon?

Usually I carry a pair of flats to comfort my feet. No swapping into flats on the long journey home this time. My new ankle boots kept my feet happy for the whole day.

The Jimmy Choo Mayor suede ankle boots had their second outing tonight. A rare night out with DH. I will wear these boots forever. They are so very comfortable, have limited ankle gape and are just the right wedge heel height to avoid the giraffe look.

Jimmy Choo Mayor ankle boots.
Reiss Ona Shimmer top
Joseph Leather Skirt





La Bambina is almost 6 months old now and her seemingly limitless appetite has seen me drop a dress size.  I was going through my wardrobe the other day to see what fits and felt a bit nauseous when I saw how many “mistakes” I have hanging unworn in there.  I went through them, added a few to the eBay pile and decided to made an effort this week to wear a different “mistake” every day.

It has been cold in London and there was even some snow on Monday but it didn’t settle. My focus has been on keeping warm for days spent in and out of the house.  My sister still has my Barbour Arctic Parka so I have been wearing my grey Zara coat with pleather sleeves.

This J Crew jumper is a beautiful shade of orange – a deep tangerine. I ordered it when they had a sale on several months ago but the raglan sleeves do nothing for my ample bosom so I returned it….  Only to have it returned to me a few weeks later along with the yellow crew neck I blogged before.  I dithered for so long I’d missed the returns period.  Blush.  I am determined to wear it though.  Here with DvF cashmere Atomic Leopard scarf, Hudson Nico skinnies, Cafe’Noir grey boots.


Having enjoyed wearing a bright colour on a dull day, I dug out a massive woolly scarf my mum bought me from Cos last year and wore it with Zara skinnies, my beloved Jaeger cashmere jumper from years ago (over a Uniqlo heattech) and Cafe’Noir boots.  When I got home I swapped the boots for Celtic Sheepskin slippers and felt like I was wrapped in a clothing hug.


I had to change the scarf for a Reiss snood later in the day when I wanted to put La Bambina in the sling.


Today I am wearing Zara skinnies, Cafe’Noir boots (again), black Gap Pure roll neck and a fluffy waistcoat from River Island that I bought on eBay.  I didn’t look at the photos properly before I bid and was surprised when it arrived that it is so cropped and not proper faux fur. I actually quite like it now though and my baby is very keen.  Her big sister suggested I look like a teddy bear which I think is a compliment.


Stay warm!


Lazy days

I love the days between Christmas and New Year. There is still an air of festivity but not as much pressure to be doing organised things (& cooking)  I’ve spent most of this week on the floor playing with my kids and eating left overs (not off/on the floor I might add!)

I have lost track of the days of the week (what luxury!) but here are some of the things I’ve been wearing for lazy days.  I wore M&S pink neon jumper (with a striped Uniqlo heat tech underneath) and old jeans (see my last post – I needed new ones) to the park, another day all I could manage was jeans and my Zara tartan shirt.

festive1 festive2

Today we went to the park and a museum and to a new restaurant for dinner. I had planned to get changed but somehow the hours slipped by so I couldn’t. I wore Zara skinnies, gold foil Reiss vest (from Sarah WornOut many moons ago), All Saints asymmetric black jumper, Cos beaded collar, black Ash Jalouse, gold Mulberry Alexa and over the top I wore a leopard print scarf and black leather jacket.


I’ve been looking through my wardrobe for something suitable for a NYE house party tomorrow. We are having a party with kids first and I won’t get to change so I’m thinking my new jeans may make an appearance with something sparkly on top.


I am rather partial to a glass of red wine – and white as it happens. I don’t think the plummy wine shade that is one of this season’s preferred colours suits me that much though so I plan to mainly indulge in the liquid version this winter and to wear with caution and mainly on my bottom half.

I bought these Reiss boots years ago. They look quite comfortable but like most Reiss footwear in my experience, they are not. I like the colour and suede with black pleather skinnies though so tend to wear them when I’m going out in the evening and don’t have to walk far.

I have made four new wine purchases. First up this Topshop maxi skirt. It’s the wine/oxblood version of the khaki one lots of us WornOut friends have. Here it is with my black Mango sequin jumper from a few weeks ago.

This studded clutch from Warehouse looks so much better in real life. They do different colours but this one looks by far the most luxe. We always have my eldest’s rucksack and Baby’s bag when we go out now so a clutch isn’t a bad idea for my phone, purse and lip balm.

These are the dark red version of the waxy Zara jeans I have in olive and wear so much. Zara being Zara the sizing is strange and these are both tighter and waxier than the olive ones but I think I like them.

Finally the wonderful Ann WornOut assisted my purchase of the Baukjen boxy Gemma in wine.  Is it too samey to wear the Zara jeans and Baukjen sweater like a wine version of what seems to have become my go to outfit of the season?

Here I am in it today with Zara brocade skinnies and Oasis snake trim wedges.  (I had decided to return the brocades but Belinda WornOut unwittingly convinced me to keep them and I am pleased I did- thanks B!)


Pencil Skirt…Freezing Legs.

I love a good pencil skirt  (please excuse the awful picture – I did tuck my shirt in properly after I took this!).  However I was rather shocked to discover I don’t have a good basic black one – which is something I need to remedy so I’m now on the hunt.  If you spot any good ones please do let me know in the comments section, I’ll be forever grateful!


This one was an Outnet purchase from about 3 years ago and has a tiny sparkle thread running through it and a zip all the way up the back which makes it either a bit saucy (love that word) or more likely ‘Burton washable suit circa 1980’.  If you know what I’m on about you must be as old as me.  Poor you.

Of course the husband thinks it’s great but I felt a little over the top wearing it in the office.

I’m wearing it with a Reiss jersey blouse from last year, they have some similar at Baukjen I am committing a fashion crime by pairing it with flats.  As much as I veer towards comfort I know I should be wearing a heel with this.  But I’ve hurt my back and even the slightest heel makes me wince in pain so flats it is.

Oh and I was bloody freezing.  I thought I’d be fine without tights and I casually did my ‘perfect legs’ serum and rushed out to take the kids to school only to discover it’s properly cold today.  Urghhh.  Better go get some of those tesco tights that Emma discovered recently.  They sound fab.