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Clothes for kids pt 2

I had to share this red and grey girl’s Cos dress. Only a size 1-2 is left on line but I’m assured they have other sizes in store.
My toddler has this red lambswool cardigan to go with it.

I also got her this forest green jersey Cos dress. It is a lovely colour and looks great with the red lambswool cardigan. Beautiful kids clothes and not a hero character or sparkly pony in sight!

While I’m on the subject of kids and Cos I must mention their adult cashmere scarves (again, sorry). At £59 they’re a fair bit cheaper than many of the cashmere baby blankets on the market but they’re fantastic and a much better shape for babies / toddlers than the traditional blanket shape.

I’ve been a bit disappointed by Polarn O. Pyret (POP) lately but this yellow and black fine knit baby dress is brilliant. I love kids in black and will put this with a pair of black Next leggings and a black t shirt.

Little Legs has a fair amount of Mini Boden in her wardrobe this season.
This grey dress with neon spots is lovely (I’d like one too!) The Boden website is down at the moment so I can’t link but their site is pretty easy to find things on.

We get one of these fleece lined hoodies every other year (they fit for 2 years in our experience) – especially good for kids who don’t want to put their proper coats on.

I’ve been disappointed with the Boden hi-tops which looked so promising. Little Legs usually wears Nikes but these were just too tempting (so tempting we bought two colour ways). I’m hoping the initial soreness and blisters they’ve given her beautiful feet will pass soon. I am also not so impressed with the Mini Boden logo peeling off the back on the 2nd wear either really though she hasn’t noticed.

These beautiful Startrite boots are on their way to us now. Tracey WornOut has them (for her LO) and says they look as lovely in real life.

Finally, has anyone tried the kids’ Uniqlo Heattech range yet? I am so hopeful that it is as good as the grown up range and have ordered a range of colours for both my girls.

Have a happy Monday.

J’Adore J Crew

I do.  I really do.  And I know I’ve mentioned that about a million times before but their clothes are just so me.  And their sales are fantastic – I got a great dress for just over £30 recently









Now I wear it with a skinny belt sort of round my hips so it has a similar shape to this dress









This is a great shape for dresses if you don’t have much of a waist but pretty difficult to find in the shops.  Now if only they did a navy version.

But back to J Crew, there are 3 things I currently am obsessing over.  To begin with this necklace which would just go with so much of my existing wardrobe









It looks so pretty with the cream jumper but would also lift one of the may stripey tops I have too.  And if anyone is looking for a ‘breton’ I’d recommend the Johnnie B ones from Boden.

Then this navy sweatshirt looks very nice and would get a lot of wear from me









But the top I really want is this grey one










I just can’t decide if the dark grey or light grey would be best.  Decisions, decisions.

So I just really need a code now so that I can justify one of the purchases at least.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a parcel waiting with a neighbour.  Well it came but its not for me.  Why is it that some clothes shops just never ever work on me?  Zara coats always fit well but Massimo Dutti – just no.  Oh well, I know Emma and Belinda were also rather taken with it so hope it fits them better.

Finally, today I’m wearing old Virginie Castaway top and Zara jeans









And here’s another outfit  from last week too









Topshop baxters, Hasbeens and Gap starry jumper – a very recent buy.



Bright day, bright shorts

Hooray the sun came out and so did my legs! (not so much cheering for the legs though!)

photo 19.6.13

photo 2 19.6.13I think as Eve has observed before, neon shades don’t really photograph very well, but these shorts are bright!

Shorts from Asos (sold out now I think but still available in a black/white stripe here) I’ve also just seen these candy stripe ones in what I think is a similar shape although mine are flat fronted rather than fly fronted. I think flat fronted can look neater and more flattering but they need to sit just right to work.

T shirt from Boden – I am quite impressed with this and I have a very low hit-rate with Boden, very lightweight but not transparent. If I was being really picky I would have liked the neckline  to be more of a true crew, ie. smaller and higher but that is really nit-picking

Sandals are Hania from ALDO and I LOVE them. For some reason, superflat sandals are killing my feet this year – not sure if it’s running related – but the tiny heel on these makes all the difference. Essentially flats but so much more comfortable.

Bracelets by Marc by Marc Jacobs from My Wardrobe – the site isn’t loading for me right now so I can’t link but last time i looked they still had various styles in the sale. On my right wrist I’ve got the rubber interlocking ones, the flash of neon pink you can see on my left is the leather with gold buckle type.


Boden preview

A lot of you will I am sure have received the email from Johnnie with a link to the Boden A/W Preview.  Now I know the summer has barely begun but if you pre-order before the 14th June – then you get 20% off.

From looking through it I’d say that the Boden designers are big fans of J Crew.  Why do I  think this?  Well, firstly I give you this necklace









Gosh, so similar to the J Crew bubble necklace and actually I think a better size for  a lot of women.   And secondly, what’s this, is it the lovely Tippi jumper from J Crew?









No, but how similar is it?  I love this pink colour, will look lovely with indigo skinnies or these raven ones









And whilst I was browsing the knitwear, I saw this promising looking jumper









Now normally I steer well clear of patterns with Boden as they can be a bit too ummm boden I guess.  But I’m strangely attracted to this dress









However, I won’t order it as suspect it wouldn’t look quite so great on me.  You do have to give it to Boden they have certainly come a long way from ‘and this is Arabella, watching Minty on her pony wearing a fun hotchpotch frock’.

Now, I don’t really do flat shoes being a munchkin.  But if I did, I’d certainly be trying out these shoes









The gold version also looked gorgeous.

Now, the boys stuff wasn’t terribly inspiring but there were a few sweet bits for my 3 year old daughter











And finally, this little cardigan almost made me want another baby, almost . . .


Mind the Gap

Quick coffee with friend yesterday followed by a little peruse of all the new stuff in Gap. And its nice, some really lovely stuff.

I was particularly taken with the following things and have added them to my virtual basket in anticipation of a 30% off code soon.

The twill mini skirt is a nice shape, particularly if you’re an apple.  I tried it with a shirt half untucked and my hasbeens and it wasn’t too short on me but of course I am not exactly tall.  The sizing is huge though.








I love these neon shorts and again they looked really good with the white linen shirt they’ve just got in,









I also love this dress in the navy









And so nice to see lots of above the knee dresses in and not just a sea of maxis.

Now obviously I haven’t given up on the great white top hunt.  And these are my latest contenders









Now this is the most expensive so will wait for the sales but it is exactly what I’m looking for.  But how similar is this mango one









And at £29.99 its definitely going to be worth a try.   And also saw this one in Zara and what a shock its cotton, a fabric I thought was forbidden in there







Now to wear with my yet to be purchased white top, well, I have a yen for some ripped or faded jeans. Basically as Nat and I have been discussing, we just want to look like Eve.

So I love the look of these J Brand ones








But I don’t want to spend more than £30.  I feel a trip to Zara next week coming on.

So as to what I’ve been wearing over the past few days,









Jeans, top and jacket all River Island.  The necklace is Marks & Spencer, my new favourite shop for jewellery.








OK what on earth is going on with my hand here?  But was trying to get a photograph of another M&S necklace, worn with Boden Breton and Rag& Bone jersey jacket which is very cosy.









Etoile Marant blouse, J Brand rail jeans and Marc by Marc Jacobs wrap bracelet which you can see more clearly here









The diamante bracelet is my daughters and was a party favour, just hope she doesn’t realise I’ve ‘borrowed’ it.