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Tracey does colour

Well I’m trying at least.  I just find in winter I stick to greys, navy and black really with the odd dash of burgundy if I’m feeling particularly daring.

But on Friday I ventured into a shop I rarely go into as fear I am 20 years too old for it.  However a friend was wearing these lovely cords

from Superdry so I went for a try on.  The cords are indeed lovely and come up pretty small so ideal if you are slender of thigh and waist.  But I fell in love with these blue super skinnies that I’m wearing here

Now they call them cobalt but I’d say they were more cornflower as they’re a bit softer than some of the cobalt jeans I’ve seen around.  The cut is also good – decent rise and nice and skinny at the ankles so they fit in boots easily.  With them I’m wearing ancient gap t-shirt and the ever present White Company poncho and Lily & Lionel scarf.  My mother in law was examining my daughter’s poncho yesterday and remarked it would be straight-forward to knit – does anyone know where I could find a pattern for an adult’s one as I rather fancy a cream poncho.

Anyway on Friday I wore

Last year’s aubergine J Brands, Boden lace top and cardigan.  The top is huge and its a size 6 but it is pretty so kept it – I ordered the cardigan in the winter preview and rather like it.

On Thursday which was pretty chilly I wore the lovely Elise

Eldest child and Grandpa and myself went to see Michael Morpugo yesterday at the Bath Children’s Literature Festival.  It was chaired by Jim  Naughtie which was an additional treat and was superb.  If anyone gets the chance to see him and you have children aged 8+ I’d really recommend it.



Coats, coats and more coats

As one of my wornout friends asked me today ‘Exactly how many coats do you own?’ and the answer is umm 8 and possibly one more is being considered.  Is that a lot?  Bearing in mind that includes rain mac and arctic down filled parka?

But I’m going with Emma who reckons as we spend probably 8 months of the year in a coat and often its all that people see its worth having some variety.

Anyway apparently I’m not allowed on here unless I own a zara studded shoulder coat so here’s me in it today

With the River Island skinnies, Pistols, Tory Burch bag and stripey H&M top.

In an attempt to inject some colour into my winter wardrobe am also considering this Whistles red coat

What do you think?

Isabel, I think I love you

I really do but oh to have a Marant budget.  I have loved this blouse since I first saw it and waited with baited breath for it to go online.

And there it was on Matches one of my favourite sites but oh dear the price.  So am now on the hunt for a Marant inspired blouse.

Now if only this Massimo Dutti one had sleeves it would be perfect.  But honestly its nearly Winter and I feel the cold.

This Massimo one has sleeves but I’m not sure – its just a tad too Lady Di I think.  But am hopeful that Massimo Dutti will come up with something in the next few weeks.

Zara also had this contender

Which looks lovely  online and ticks my Marant-alike boxes but having seen it in real life it looked very snagged even on the hanger.  So my sensible head has rejected it.

So if anyone sees a lovel cotton embroidered white/ivory blouse on their travels – do please let me know.

Today I’m wearing Gap breton dress, Whistles coat (old), Tory Burch leopard bag and the Office namesake boots.

Red again

So having just seen Belinda looking gorgeous in her red jacket its clear we’re having a bit of a red moment.   I wore a red jumper yesterday and today my new Gap jacket courtesy of their special offer last week which made the jacket very reasonable indeed.

Its a great fit on me and the colour is cheery but I definitely prefer it with slightly more worn jeans and now fancy some distressed/ripped ones similar to those Eve wore last week.

My top is Virginie Castaway – pretty but shocking quality, Jeans are the Hudson baby bootcuts and am wearing my  very high Tory Burch wedges.  You can see the pretty top here more clearly

And yes the handbag is indeed the Tory Burch one I mentioned a couple of weeks ago – a birthday present to myself.

Am still perusing US Vogue and have become addicted to the Amelia Peabody novels as recommended by Chelsea Clinton – the only problem is that I’m getting slightly annoyed that I don’t have a wonderful manny to care for my children when I fancy a little time off.

Oh and if anyone knows how to stop cats bringing mice/voles in the house do please let me know.  Was woken at 3am by the cats devouring a vole next to my bed.  Delightful.  Utterly delightful.

Peter Pan

I do love a Peter Pan collar but am now worried that this rather gamine look is perhaps a tad young for me – you see approaching 40 very very soon has got me all worried about looking mutton.

The top is last year’s Whistles, jeans are Hudson baby bootcut and am wearing very high Tory Burch wedges from last year’s NAP sale.  See I’m doing well on my shopping ban and utilising my existing wardrobe.

For how long though can I resist the lure of all the new A/W delights trickling into the shops . . .