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Come to mama!

I am working on the pleather blog I promised earlier this week. In the meantime I am so excited about these trousers that I can’t hold back from sharing them. They’re not even a “marmite” trouser – I know almost everyone will loathe them. But oh, how I love them!
They’re an obvious “tribute” to the R13 Chaps the wonderful Tiffany Wendel has been wearing so well recently but at a fraction of the price. They are on their way to me and when they arrive I will report back on quality and sizing and post some photos to make you laugh if nothing else.


As you’ve probably realised my television tastes can be terribly low-brow.  But something has to get me through the ironing and my current favourite programme is Cougartown.  Now the plot is pretty dreadful but oh, Courtney Cox’s wardrobe is fabulous.

I haven’t done too much research but it looks to me like a lot of Splendid/DVF/Tory Burch which is just my cup of tea.  But it was her jewellery which really got me googling.









Now you’re probably all aware of Jennifer Meyer but I’d never heard of her or her jewellery.  But that has now changed and I love her range which is stocked on Netaporter.

This turtle pendant is so sweet but I think sells for over £1,500 so not umm cheap.







This leaf pendant seems to have been worn by half of Hollywood and no wonder, it is so pretty but you know laden with diamonds in case anyone forgets you’re loaded.








And I love how these pendants are worn layered with the long necklace below








So as I’m sadly not BFF with Jen or Courtney I aimed to recreate the look with my Alex Monroe baby bee and a Stella and Dot necklace.









Not that you can really see as the lighting in the Zara changing room wasn’t that great, but you get the drift.   With said necklaces, I’m wearing M&S leopard heels, J Brand skinnies, a J Crew camisole, J Crew navy Tippi jumper and last year’s Zara coat.   And yes I froze.  I seriously nearly put my Barbour on when I got home but resisted.

Anyway, I was in Bristol to get eyebrows threaded (hope Jasmine doesn’t read that I’m still paying silly Harvey Nichols prices for this).  And so had a very quick whizz round Zara which was very disappointing.  I tried on more ripped jeans.  I still don’t suit them.

I then had a look round the small selection of women’s clothes in Harvey Nichols.  I tried on some more ripped jeans.  I still didn’t suit them.  Not even at £200 a pair.  Thank God!

But I did make one purchase of some sandals in Mango.  I first saw these on StyleGuile’s blog but they were out of stock online, however, there were quite a few pairs in the Bristol store.









And oh my, they are lovely.  But even more importantly than how they look, they have a cushioned pad under the ball of your foot.  Its like wearing footgloves from M&S, well I imagine so as obviously I’ve never tried them on but I’ve heard Gina used to be a major fan.




Mind the Gap

Quick coffee with friend yesterday followed by a little peruse of all the new stuff in Gap. And its nice, some really lovely stuff.

I was particularly taken with the following things and have added them to my virtual basket in anticipation of a 30% off code soon.

The twill mini skirt is a nice shape, particularly if you’re an apple.  I tried it with a shirt half untucked and my hasbeens and it wasn’t too short on me but of course I am not exactly tall.  The sizing is huge though.








I love these neon shorts and again they looked really good with the white linen shirt they’ve just got in,









I also love this dress in the navy









And so nice to see lots of above the knee dresses in and not just a sea of maxis.

Now obviously I haven’t given up on the great white top hunt.  And these are my latest contenders









Now this is the most expensive so will wait for the sales but it is exactly what I’m looking for.  But how similar is this mango one









And at £29.99 its definitely going to be worth a try.   And also saw this one in Zara and what a shock its cotton, a fabric I thought was forbidden in there







Now to wear with my yet to be purchased white top, well, I have a yen for some ripped or faded jeans. Basically as Nat and I have been discussing, we just want to look like Eve.

So I love the look of these J Brand ones








But I don’t want to spend more than £30.  I feel a trip to Zara next week coming on.

So as to what I’ve been wearing over the past few days,









Jeans, top and jacket all River Island.  The necklace is Marks & Spencer, my new favourite shop for jewellery.








OK what on earth is going on with my hand here?  But was trying to get a photograph of another M&S necklace, worn with Boden Breton and Rag& Bone jersey jacket which is very cosy.









Etoile Marant blouse, J Brand rail jeans and Marc by Marc Jacobs wrap bracelet which you can see more clearly here









The diamante bracelet is my daughters and was a party favour, just hope she doesn’t realise I’ve ‘borrowed’ it.













Trying not to get the blues over the weather

Seriously, it’s diabolical isn’t it? First day of Spring, pah.

Anyway, I’m trying not to be too mizzo over it – must look on the bright side and all that. Which is why, over on my personal blog, I was yesterday celebrating the fact that an overcast, muddy trip to a farm at least had the silver lining of making me beyond-words-glad that I am a born and bred city girl.

But the photo I posted of Margot (Penelope Keith in The Good Life) had her rocking an outfit in cobalt blue. It’s one of my favourite colours – Jasmine’s too – and, although we both have Asian colouring, I think that seeing Margot in this pic really shows just how easy and vibrant it is for just about any skin tone to wear.


So today: a bright blue slouchy sweater from Mango via Asos (great reduction; not so sure about the see-through styling here. Ask yourself: what would Margot say?), worn with one of my favourite necklaces, by Twisted Vintage, who rework old, sometimes even broken, pieces to make totally original and one-off items of statement jewellery.


Another blue item that makes me very happy is this scarf, a present from Eve when we were recently shopping in H&M. This photo doesn’t do the colour justice but it’s divine; truly uplifting. I’m wearing it right now with a grey Uniqlo sweater and my pyjama bottoms. I’m actually a bit annoyed by how nice they look together, since it’s a combination that really works, perhaps due in part to the colours in my (Primark) PJs, but one that’s unlikely to be seen outside the home. Pyjamas on the school run. Does anyone? Seriously? Ask yourself: would Margot?



Fluffy & snuggly

I haven’t been feeling very well over the past few days. My little lamb is off school too and we have a day of doctor appointments to look forward to.

“Will you wear something fluffy and snuggly?” she asked as I looked forlornly at the weather.
Zara houndstooth trousers with pleather pockets, grey cashmere N.Peal jumper (via the Outnet), old Ash hi tops, old snakeprint scarf, Mango faux fur gilet.