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Statement knitwear

So, it’s time to talk knitwear. All my big jumpers are still in my winter wear box but I have a few autumn beauties I’m getting good wear from.
Blue houndstooth from Zara, grey & neon leopard print from Chinti & Parker, neon pink cashmere from J Crew, grey cashmere from N.Peal

I love this cobalt houndstooth Zara jumper. It makes me look far too busty though. I did try it with my Zara cobalt blazer on top but it looked Sloaney and I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I am trying to think of a different way to wear it that will be more flattering. Here I am wearing it with very old ripped jeans.
houndstooth 1

Grey cashmere jumpers are more of a soft whisper than loud statement, I know. I love the softness of the two grey N.Peal cashmere jumpers I got in spring though and even more so with the addition of a rather blingy necklace which I think takes them into statement territory.
npeal cashmere and necklace
grey and neon neckalce closeup

Grey, neon, animal print. My three loves. This Chinti & Parker jumper is every bit as lovely as I’d hoped. (And my smallest love has photo bombed me again!)
chinti and parker 2
I am wearing it with Zara distressed boyfriend jeans and Topshop yellow suede heels.
chinti and parker 1

I love these J.Crew Cashmere Tippi jumpers. I have black, forest green and this neon pink. I did have another one but I threw it away by mistake. I want to cry just writing that.
pink and zebra 2
pink and zebra
Here with Zara zebra print jeans, a Topshop black blazer and black Ash Jalouse (I am not entirely sure about this look)

I shall be adding another knit. I’m undecided between these beauties. Which would you go for?

Whistles’ Joy Textured Knit

Boden Printed Button Back Jumper

Boden Stripey Stitch Jumper (rather stunned I am considering something “hotchpotch inspired”)

Or another cashmere Tippi from J Crew in the black of heather duck grey?

There is one more contender from Chinti & Parker but it has almost ruled itself out on price. There’s only 1 left so I am not linking until I am sure I won’t be buying it! 🙂

A/W Wish List – old and new

I’ve poured over Vogue, NAP and Matches, browsed my high street favourites and I must say I am pretty uninspired. I’ve seen very little that I am interested in buying for winter.

It’s actually quite a surprise that I have seen little. Ok so I don’t like pink much but apart from that A/W’s trends are some of my favourites – lots of black, masculine cuts, shearling, leather, and baggy jeans and trainers still feature.

As I mentioned before, I am in the middle of a serious clothing cull. I keep things for decades and am pleased if they get one wear a season. It would be okay if I had five or ten things that fell into this category. Embarrassingly I have closer to 100. Ten grey tshirts, not one of which I love but one that will go with x skirt and justify me keeping them all. It is just too much and I have been very serious in my attempts to get rid of things and not to do those crazed H&M dashes. I will be buying better in future. Better, happier, more sustainable.

Enough moralising. I do have my eye on a few things.

At the moment all I want to wear is my lovely J Crew neon Cashmere Tippi (here but I can’t see the same pink anymore) It is bright enough to sate my colour lust (one of our lovely readers called me a “colour magpie” which made me smile) and the balance of warm but cool that only cashmere can be (in my humble experience) I have the black tshirt version from a few years ago but am very tempted to purchase another with the 25% code I have. I am seriously kicking myself for not buying the yellow neon when I had a chance. Every day I think, “if only I had the J Crew yellow neon sweater….” Hey ho.

I am also rueing the return of the La Redoute Shearling coat I bought in the sale last year. I loved it but was worried I had spent too much money and it had to go back. I have had a long term love affair with shearling though and have a few pieces I am going to bring in to daily wear including my black shearling Zara stole.

On to things new.

I love boiled wool. I think I’ve mentioned before the boiled wool funnel neck jumper my mum has had for many years from Stefanel. I’ve been looking for similar for over a decade. This Boiled Wool Cape from The White Company looks similar though it might be too similar to my draped black boiled wool coat.

I also really like this Chunky Button Poncho from The White Company, though I’m slightly concerned that being 100% merino wool might mean it leaves fluff on anything I’d wear it with. And the quality of the jumpers I’ve had from there in the past hasn’t been fantastic though this may just be me?

I am hoping to find a Cos version of the Acne Wham oversized sweater (or a NAP discount code!) Then I will discard all the similar sweater dresses in my wardrobe that no longer fit / have moth holes etc.

Were I rich, this Day Birger leather jacket would be mine in a flash. As it is I have a black Zara leather jacket, a grey All Saints Post Commander and a Massimo Dutti red leather biker that will more than adequately do the job (not that it stops me lusting!)

These J Brand grey leather trousers are what I really, really, really want. There must be a High Street pair that would be far better suited to my budget and lifestyle (“paper thin leather” worries me) If you have seen them, please let me know!

Boots wise I am sorted. I was lucky enough to be gifted these shearling lined Acne Pistols for my birthday. I bought the Ugg Gershwins last year for when it is really cold and my Ash Jalouse in stone and black are still going strong. I also have my Belstaff biker boots which will last me years more.

I am not planning a new coat purchase either (not a very aspirational wish list – sorry) I have my Barbour Arctic Parka for when it gets freezing, my Zara parka from last year, as well as the grey Zara coat with faux leather sleeves which I still love. I am even tempted to give my almost unworn Zara navy studded sleeve coat to my beautiful sister.

This is a jacket 637878_mainrather than a coat but I am trying to resist the temptation to visit a River Island to try it on.

And finally, these. They won’t be on the wish list for long as they have my name all over them and will be on their way to me as soon as I find them in my size. I blame Joanna from Poppy’s Style and am expecting her buy me a large glass of wine when she is next in the UK to make up for making me fall in love with them 😉

That’s all for now. What’s your major current clothing lust? Please do share.

J’Adore J Crew

I do.  I really do.  And I know I’ve mentioned that about a million times before but their clothes are just so me.  And their sales are fantastic – I got a great dress for just over £30 recently









Now I wear it with a skinny belt sort of round my hips so it has a similar shape to this dress









This is a great shape for dresses if you don’t have much of a waist but pretty difficult to find in the shops.  Now if only they did a navy version.

But back to J Crew, there are 3 things I currently am obsessing over.  To begin with this necklace which would just go with so much of my existing wardrobe









It looks so pretty with the cream jumper but would also lift one of the may stripey tops I have too.  And if anyone is looking for a ‘breton’ I’d recommend the Johnnie B ones from Boden.

Then this navy sweatshirt looks very nice and would get a lot of wear from me









But the top I really want is this grey one










I just can’t decide if the dark grey or light grey would be best.  Decisions, decisions.

So I just really need a code now so that I can justify one of the purchases at least.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a parcel waiting with a neighbour.  Well it came but its not for me.  Why is it that some clothes shops just never ever work on me?  Zara coats always fit well but Massimo Dutti – just no.  Oh well, I know Emma and Belinda were also rather taken with it so hope it fits them better.

Finally, today I’m wearing old Virginie Castaway top and Zara jeans









And here’s another outfit  from last week too









Topshop baxters, Hasbeens and Gap starry jumper – a very recent buy.



So, the sales

Well to be honest I haven’t had much luck, 2 orders I placed were cancelled due to the items actually having sold out.  Most annoying.  Luckily, one of them was for some distressed jeans and as I’ve tried on approximately 50 pairs and they’ve all looked hideous on me, well, it was probably a good thing.

So apart from the Etoile Marant jacket I bought in the pre-sale, my only other purchase was the Ariana jacket.  Now I ordered this from NAP but then when in Harvey Nichols, realised it was actually cheaper there.  I also realised I’d ordered too small as the sizing is teeny tiny.  This is me in the 38









I love the colours and have worn it several times already.   Would also look fab with white skinnies, but I am not white skinny ready at the moment.   And for that I blame Lindt Sea Salt chocolate, honestly, I could live on it.

Now as the weather has been so umm unpredictable and meteorologists are saying this could be a 5-10 year cycle.  Well, I started planning my A/W purchases.  Top of my wish list are these gorgeous Rag & Bone Harrow boots.









I am going to definitely do some saving for these as they are just so utterly perfect.

Finally, today I’m wearing old zara jacket, old Hudson jeans, old anya bag and newish J Crew top





Gearing up for the sales

In just a couple of weeks the sales will be on – yeay!  Which means its now time to put together my wishlist of carefully considered buys that will enhance my wardrobe and resist bargains that will be consigned to the ebay pile. Sounds so easy doesn’t it?

So, I am trying hard to think about what I really need or want.  The continuing dull weather has  shown that what I really need are lots of cross- seasons clothes.  For me, this  means long sleeved tops, thin jumpers and ankle boots.  I have enough jeans, well I will once I get these Zara coated jeans









So top of my list are these Rag & Bone boots although I have a feeling they won’t be reduced much if at all









They’d replace the Pistols I’ve worn for the last two winters but I’d ideally like them for less than £200.

I’ve also been hankering after a silk camisole for a while.  I already have a couple but they’re very thin and I really want a heavier silk one from J Crew or Tibi.  The carrie camisole from J Crew in navy is my current favourite












Although I also love this Tibi one










How great would that look with those Zara white jeans?

Now if I was 20 years younger, I would so be buying this one from ASOS











However being 40 and gravity having taken its toll means its a no for me.  But I will be showing it to my 21 year old niece.

And just in case the weather does warm up sufficiently, one of my favourite going out looks on warm evenings is jeans with a camisole.  I do realise its a bit Vicki B in the Baden years but still, its a look I love.  Minus the hair extensions and implants though.

Strange weather today but as it was at least above freezing I braved no coat.









The shirt is J Crew in the sale, River Island navy vest and old Topshop Baxters.