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Grey Boot Quest

I’ve been looking for the perfect grey boot for some years without success. I am not asking for much. Grey, low-mid heel for every day wear, leather.

The nearest I’ve come to success was with the stone Ash Jalouse. I successfully cleaned them a while ago so they’re back in action but they’re not perfect, and they aren’t grey.


Ash Jalouse in Stone (from several years ago)

These Zara suede boots looked great in the shop and seemed comfortable enough at home to lure me into a false sense of security which led to me tearing off the tags. They crippled my feet the first time I wore them and my poor tootsies wince when I go near them.

cos roll neck dress main

Grey Zara Cowboy ankle boot (& Cos dress)

ASOS had a D.Co Copenhagen pair I thought about for a while but of course when I came to order them they’d vanished from their website.  The shape was similar to these but they were slightly higher, and grey.


D.Co Copenhagen boot on ASOS

Emma Wornout blogged the Laurence Dacade ‘Pete’ boots that Tracey tracked down the other day.  They’re stunning.  But very expensive, out of stock and probably a tad too high for me.

Laurence Dacade 'Pete' boot

Laurence Dacade ‘Pete’ boot

Gina WornOut suggested these La Jaime boots from Clarks and both of us ordered them.  They are lovely but too brown for me so back they go.

La Jaime Clarks / Mary Portas

La Jaime Clarks / Mary Portas

I am waiting for these Cafe’Noir boots from to be delivered but fear they aren’t grey enough for my liking and I don’t really like wooden heels on boots.

Grey Cafe'Noir boot from

Grey Cafe’Noir boot from

This Zara style looks good. If only it came in grey, and leather. And perhaps I should learn that Zara shoes will never be comfortable.


Zara simple boot

These Boden Boho boots are the right colour but the heel just isn’t doing it for me.  Our resident expert Emma says that a bit of wood dye from a hardware shop would solve the problem but my skills in that area are limited and I’d surely end up ruining the whole shoe.

Boden Boho boot

Boden Boho boot

I have tried many pairs. The perfect grey boot must be out these somewhere.  Please let me know if you’ve found it?


For my mid-week weekend I donned my darling Musa purple and clear crystal sandals. And built my lilac and white outfit around it. It’s ok, these sandals deserve it. For they are bedazzling.

And here I am in the John Lewis toilets where they were also clearly having a purple moment when they planned the decor. Nice little backdrop for today’s ensemble, no? Just as long as I amuse myself…

And while I was out I saw a grown up blouse that Zara have just recently got in. Its coming to my wardrobe soon!! And I am hoping it will work nicely with these new Primark super skinny jeans in a dark emerald/ sea green. They are new and they have some other jewel colours, including a deep but vibrant blue.

I find the jewel-like colours incredibly attractive but sometimes difficult to style. Until I think of jewellery. So gold and silver make wonderful settings for coloured jewels and the vibrant colours work terrifically with off-white (like emeralds and pearls). And black. So I would wear metallics and off-white or black with jewel colours. I am sure I *sound* barking, but I think it also does make sense. Doesn’t it?

Sky blue

Don’t you love it when you find a way to wear something you love but just aren’t sure *how* to wear, or what with?

I bought this Massimo Dutti scarf when the sale started. Because I loved it. But until a couple of days ago, I just wasn’t sure what to wear it with.

Then the sun was shining and the blue skies called for sky blue skinnies (Primark), and I love the prettiness of this crochet trimmed linen top (Massimo Dutti), but needed a scarf as it was a smidge cool at times. So I tried the new floral scarf, and I really liked it all together. What do you think? Hit or miss?

In the pink

I have just restarted my Shredding, so when I got dressed this morning I had a very pink face from my morning work out with Jillian. Well, 20 minutes is a lot of exercise for me!! Combined with this pink based floral Zara top and New Look pale pink jeans and pale rose pink toenails, I was top to toe pink. Ye gads. What has happened to me? Has all the oestrogen in this family finally sent me over the edge? Is Hello Kitty next for me? No. Now that’s silly talk.

Anyway… There is a fantastic Russian exhibition we went to today in the Kensington Palace gardens section of Hyde Park, which is open to the public as part of the Olympics celebrations. It has putt putt golf, live performers, a tent with children’s craft activities, food and a few other exhibits. It’s really worth checking out if you are nearby. If you aren’t and don’t want to miss out on a bit of Russian action, how about this charming Russian doll (matryoshka) pendant from River Island. Coming to my jewellery box soon…

By the way, have a look at what happened to my phone settings when I was in the Russian exhibition. Crazy!! Can anyone explain??

Waving the flag…

I was thrilled to get invited to watch the Olympic rowing today by my gorgeous brother & sister-in-law.  Total excitement with some incredible semi finals and a nail biting final.

AM was kind enough to get advice from a friend (who had already attended previous days) on what I should wear.  And the message was – comfort, warmth, and comfortable shoes (lots of walking to stands) So here I am in lots of layers (hidden in my bag are a pack-a-mac and a cardigan).  I can’t decide whether I’m being cheesy or patriotic by sticking (mainly) to red, white and blue.

Most complimented item was my favourite flag scarf.  SC found it on Amazon for me when I was desperately searching for a jubilee one and I love it! Everyone comments on it and is amazed when I reveal that it cost under £10!  It’s tied to my bag in this picture but of course it was on full display at the Games.  I had a quick look on Amazon today and couldn’t find it but if you are keen to get hold of a similar one please say in the comments below and I’ll go through my previous Amazon orders to locate the seller (too lazy to do it unless anyone actually wants one!)

Blazer – By Marlene Birger, Vest – Isabella Oliver, navy jeans – H&M, Bag – Anya Hindmarch, Scarf – Amazon, Sandals – Clarks.