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La Bambina is almost 6 months old now and her seemingly limitless appetite has seen me drop a dress size.  I was going through my wardrobe the other day to see what fits and felt a bit nauseous when I saw how many “mistakes” I have hanging unworn in there.  I went through them, added a few to the eBay pile and decided to made an effort this week to wear a different “mistake” every day.

It has been cold in London and there was even some snow on Monday but it didn’t settle. My focus has been on keeping warm for days spent in and out of the house.  My sister still has my Barbour Arctic Parka so I have been wearing my grey Zara coat with pleather sleeves.

This J Crew jumper is a beautiful shade of orange – a deep tangerine. I ordered it when they had a sale on several months ago but the raglan sleeves do nothing for my ample bosom so I returned it….  Only to have it returned to me a few weeks later along with the yellow crew neck I blogged before.  I dithered for so long I’d missed the returns period.  Blush.  I am determined to wear it though.  Here with DvF cashmere Atomic Leopard scarf, Hudson Nico skinnies, Cafe’Noir grey boots.


Having enjoyed wearing a bright colour on a dull day, I dug out a massive woolly scarf my mum bought me from Cos last year and wore it with Zara skinnies, my beloved Jaeger cashmere jumper from years ago (over a Uniqlo heattech) and Cafe’Noir boots.  When I got home I swapped the boots for Celtic Sheepskin slippers and felt like I was wrapped in a clothing hug.


I had to change the scarf for a Reiss snood later in the day when I wanted to put La Bambina in the sling.


Today I am wearing Zara skinnies, Cafe’Noir boots (again), black Gap Pure roll neck and a fluffy waistcoat from River Island that I bought on eBay.  I didn’t look at the photos properly before I bid and was surprised when it arrived that it is so cropped and not proper faux fur. I actually quite like it now though and my baby is very keen.  Her big sister suggested I look like a teddy bear which I think is a compliment.


Stay warm!


Ill fitting jeans, CenterParcs & churros

We celebrated the start of half term with dinner in a lovely restaurant where they do one of my favourite winter desserts ever.

Churros & dulce de leche

We aren’t big Halloween fans but did appreciate this gorgeous pumpkin display.

I wore purpley-wine H&M cords (they are fluff magnets so I won’t wear them that much – I hate fluff!) with an All Saints cashmere black sweater, leopard print scarf and black Ash Jalouse. I took tens of photos but just couldn’t get a proper colour shot.

We decided to make the most of the nice half term weather and headed to CenterParcs for the first time.

I didn’t really know what to take.  It didn’t matter, it really is fleece heaven, but I nonetheless felt pretty uncomfortable on day 1 in black J Crew cashmere tshirt (with a black Heattech underneath), Zara jeans, old limited edition metallic Nike trainers, Zara studded animal print belt, Barbour Arctic Parka and “Mumsnet” leopard print scarf.  The jeans are supremely unflattering.  They are going on eBay this evening!

Day 2 was far better. Zara olive wax jeans, Nikes again (I hardly wore my wellies), olive Baukjen Gemma, Zara parka, grey Rayban wayfarers, ancient M&S leather gloves. I want to get another pair of these jeans, maybe in a wine colour if they do them, but I can’t find them on line or in store and I can’t remember what they were called. Helpful.

Day 3 was cold.  Wine H&M vest under black Warehouse roll neck under a grey All Saints cashmere Char cowl neck with All Saints cardigan on top! Zara jeans, Nike metallic trainers. This really is the best photo I have!

Today we were back in the Smoke and I went to the theatre with my beautiful big girl. Finally wore the Zara studded sleeve navy coat with a navy Cos cashmere scarf.

Underneath I wore the Cos shirt dress I loved and my dad got for me, Zara waxed skinnies (they’re same as the olive ones but more waxy), old black Ash Jalouse. I carried my Marc by Marc Jacobs Francesca because I was in a rush but I am fussy about my metals and wouldn’t usually wear metallic studs and bag with gold hardware.  Good urban photos hey, nice bin in the background!


A tale of two outfits

Talk about misjudging the weather!! This morning I trotted off to playgroup w the Little Two, wearing my Primark floral jeans with a cream turtle neck and a brown velvet blazer. I was in a lather by the time I arrived. Remind me not to wear that unless it is properly cold. Not just cool and certainly not on a cool morning that is also quite a humid morning.

Once home after playgroup I changed into something cooler: an off-white embroidered blouse and a lavender cashmere/silk scarf. I bought this scarf from a lovely lady (seller is Mercado Gifts) in Scotland, via eBay, for only £18. It is so luxe and soft, yet warm, and was wrapped beautifully with a charming note. As soon as my current Spending Embargo lifts, I will be ordering more. Do you think it’s wise to buy multiples of things you love or should you move on?

Outfit 1: Zara brown velvet blazer, Zara turtleneck, Primark floral jeans, Mimco
Anarchy ankle boots.

Outfit 2: Zara blouse, eBay scarf, Primark floral jeans, Mimco Anarchy ankle boots, Clarks Trapeze leather bag.