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Mind the Gap

Quick coffee with friend yesterday followed by a little peruse of all the new stuff in Gap. And its nice, some really lovely stuff.

I was particularly taken with the following things and have added them to my virtual basket in anticipation of a 30% off code soon.

The twill mini skirt is a nice shape, particularly if you’re an apple.  I tried it with a shirt half untucked and my hasbeens and it wasn’t too short on me but of course I am not exactly tall.  The sizing is huge though.








I love these neon shorts and again they looked really good with the white linen shirt they’ve just got in,









I also love this dress in the navy









And so nice to see lots of above the knee dresses in and not just a sea of maxis.

Now obviously I haven’t given up on the great white top hunt.  And these are my latest contenders









Now this is the most expensive so will wait for the sales but it is exactly what I’m looking for.  But how similar is this mango one









And at £29.99 its definitely going to be worth a try.   And also saw this one in Zara and what a shock its cotton, a fabric I thought was forbidden in there







Now to wear with my yet to be purchased white top, well, I have a yen for some ripped or faded jeans. Basically as Nat and I have been discussing, we just want to look like Eve.

So I love the look of these J Brand ones








But I don’t want to spend more than £30.  I feel a trip to Zara next week coming on.

So as to what I’ve been wearing over the past few days,









Jeans, top and jacket all River Island.  The necklace is Marks & Spencer, my new favourite shop for jewellery.








OK what on earth is going on with my hand here?  But was trying to get a photograph of another M&S necklace, worn with Boden Breton and Rag& Bone jersey jacket which is very cosy.









Etoile Marant blouse, J Brand rail jeans and Marc by Marc Jacobs wrap bracelet which you can see more clearly here









The diamante bracelet is my daughters and was a party favour, just hope she doesn’t realise I’ve ‘borrowed’ it.













Nothing to wear

Honestly I know this may seem a little hard to believe but I’ve been having a few days where nothing I put on feels right.  And going through last year’s spring/summer clothes – well I honestly wonder what I actually wore – oh yes an awful lot of white jeans.

However I’m not feeling white jeans ready yet so it was back to rifling through my wardrobe in deperation.  And this is where a silk shirt comes in handy especially if you’re an apple shape as they cover up that tricksy middle area.  The one I’m wearing here is from Equipment and is their slim signature shape

WP_000764Am wearing with J Brand careys and my lovely new bag.







I have a lilac silk shirt from Whistles which I also wear a lot and love the look of this Ida by Donna Ida one – perhaps one for my sales wish list.









Out for supper last night to the lovely Methuen Arms in Corsham which I’d highly recommend and wore H&M cotton top, J Brand marias, Boden leopard clutch and bargainous Whistles burgundy sandals which were £45 in the sale recently.









And after posting about Jennifer Aniston’s tope – I discovered its the Isabel Marant  Loria  blouse

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I really love the pale blue version but would happily take the coral version too but at £365 – its a definite wait until the sales buy.

I am quite tempted by this White Company top which has a similar look and is a lot less expensive (thank you very much to the kind person who flagged it to me)








Of course when looking on The White Company site its impossible not to look at the girl’s clothes – my 3 year old was particularly taken with the cornflower top and dress

girl girl2






I sense a White Company order coming up.

And today for some pottering round the garden its neon Gap tshirt with old Hudsons which is the closest I get to a boyfriend jean.  I loved how Sarah looked in hers but know for me its a look that just wouldn’t work unless I suddenly grow a foot that is.


Isabel, I think I love you

I really do but oh to have a Marant budget.  I have loved this blouse since I first saw it and waited with baited breath for it to go online.

And there it was on Matches one of my favourite sites but oh dear the price.  So am now on the hunt for a Marant inspired blouse.

Now if only this Massimo Dutti one had sleeves it would be perfect.  But honestly its nearly Winter and I feel the cold.

This Massimo one has sleeves but I’m not sure – its just a tad too Lady Di I think.  But am hopeful that Massimo Dutti will come up with something in the next few weeks.

Zara also had this contender

Which looks lovely  online and ticks my Marant-alike boxes but having seen it in real life it looked very snagged even on the hanger.  So my sensible head has rejected it.

So if anyone sees a lovel cotton embroidered white/ivory blouse on their travels – do please let me know.

Today I’m wearing Gap breton dress, Whistles coat (old), Tory Burch leopard bag and the Office namesake boots.

Trains and Tracksuit Bottoms

Yesterday was frantic.  I had a board meeting and although I didn’t need to be terribly formally dressed I did need to make a little effort.  Plus there was the 4 hour round train trip to get to said board meeting…urghh.  Anyway – I wore a very very old DVF dress and realised I couldn’t get away with flats…back pain be dammed. So I dug out my old Russell & Bromley pair.  They are the most comfortable heels in the world (possibly) and actually didn’t cause too much damage to my ailing back.


So after a day of rushing around and then sitting for 5 hours in a stuffy boardroom I decided that even though I was at work today I deserved a little comfort.  Cue my favourite new Baukjen trousers.  I know I can’t really call them trousers – they are tracksuit bottoms really aren’t they?  But they are just divine to wear.  I think/hope that they don’t photograph well and actually look better in real life.  I know in this picture they make my hips look miles wide but that is the pockets (honest gov).


I’m wearing them with my jcrew cashmere tee-shirt, gap velvet trainers and my Isabel Marant (sale!) jacket.  I’ve also revived my Yves Saint Laurent purple scarf.  This was an absolute bargain in a NAP sale (a while ago). I’m not sure if someone returned it once the sale was on it’s last legs but suddenly there it was and at a 70% reduction I knew it should be mine!  Here’s a close up as I know my main picture is a bit rubbish. 

Here’s that skirt again…

Finally my little girl is better but as she’s so used to waking up throughout the night now she continued the pattern last night.  When I have no sleep I’m not nice to be around and certainly not inspired on the clothes front.


So I’ve pulled out the Top Shop skirt again as it’s so darn comfortable and makes me feel better than I actually am.  As usual I’ve paired it with black.  Black cashmere t-shirt top from Jcrew and my Isabel Marant jacket (via NAP sale).  Quite honestly I haven’t managed to find another colour to pair it with (could that be because 95% of my wardrobe is black?).


And in other thrilling news (!) my camera phone has miraculously fixed itself.  Marvelous.  So no new phone for me (trying to accept this is good news and that I don’t actually need a shiny new phone).