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For my mid-week weekend I donned my darling Musa purple and clear crystal sandals. And built my lilac and white outfit around it. It’s ok, these sandals deserve it. For they are bedazzling.

And here I am in the John Lewis toilets where they were also clearly having a purple moment when they planned the decor. Nice little backdrop for today’s ensemble, no? Just as long as I amuse myself…

And while I was out I saw a grown up blouse that Zara have just recently got in. Its coming to my wardrobe soon!! And I am hoping it will work nicely with these new Primark super skinny jeans in a dark emerald/ sea green. They are new and they have some other jewel colours, including a deep but vibrant blue.

I find the jewel-like colours incredibly attractive but sometimes difficult to style. Until I think of jewellery. So gold and silver make wonderful settings for coloured jewels and the vibrant colours work terrifically with off-white (like emeralds and pearls). And black. So I would wear metallics and off-white or black with jewel colours. I am sure I *sound* barking, but I think it also does make sense. Doesn’t it?

Coral, crystals and lace

I had some child free time today, which called for my non-child friendly outfit options. I have a few, but its hot so I immediately thought of all white as it seems so fresh and cool.

God bless the ruched H&M white vest, which I also bought in black, for doing its very best to disguise that I have put on a few kilos in the last month. Less snacking, and get Shredding! I wore the vest (now on sale!) with the charming guipure lace Zara mini skirt I picked up last week, then reduced to £19.99, and now down to £15.99!. It sits so nicely and the lace is so pretty. On my tootsies were my gorgeous new coral and Swarovski crystal Musa sandals (you may remember my post when I bought them). Just looking at my feet made me happy.

Overall, I felt quite good in today’s outfit. My thanks go to the passing motorcyclist who obviously agreed it was a nicely chosen outfit [grin] as he wolf whistled at me today. Came as a shock because it never ever normally happens. Ever. I tell myself that it’s because I am usually pushing a pram, but I don’t think that’s the whole reason!! Anyway, funny how when I was 20 I would have been embarrassed and outraged. Now that I am pushing 40 I was startled but grateful. How things change!!

These shoes weren’t made for walking

Yesterday, I bought the most gorgeous bejewelled sandals from Musa (by the way, anyone notice that my opening para was to be read as per The Gruffalo??). So, I chose today as the day to wear them and walk here, there and everywhere. Turns out they aren’t the *most* comfortable walking shoe. But I don’t care. They look beautiful and I love them.

And since I was very disappointed with the Zara sale, I don’t have any exciting Zara sales purchases to go bonkers over. Instead, enjoy more gratuitous photos of my stunning sandals. Wouldn’t they be wonderful to take on a hot beach holiday, like to Sardinia? Did I mention I love them?

Warehouse wrap dress (a wonderful deep blue/purple), Musa sandals (see here for Net-A-Porter’s selection)

Musings on Musa

A girl took a stroll through her neighbourhood. The girl saw some shoes and the shoes looked good!!!

Musa sell the most divine bejewelled sandals, and now I am the very happy owner of 2 extra pairs. Oops a daisy. But aren’t they sublime?! And since we are predicted to have a hot day tomorrow, I can happily muse over which Musa sandals to wear.

Here is a photo of me trying them on, which was such fun as the owner is a lovely lady and very happy to dig out different pairs for me to try, all the while chatting and laughing. Happy moments.  One of the pairs that I bought are similar to these coral beauties.

Top: Primark, lavender New Look skinnies (sold out, but see here for the lemon yellow version, which also looks fab) and Musa sandals (see here for the current selection at Net-A-Porter)!