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How shocking

Our eldest is lion obsessed. And I mean obsessed. As we don’t live in Clacton, Essex, the best place for us to go on a lion hunt in London (aside from the London Zoo, which I highly recommend) seemed to be Trafalgar Square! Unfortunately the lions are currently surrounded by temporary barriers from the Olympics, but you can still get a look at them.

The main place we were hunting lions, and other wild animals, was the National Gallery. The nice man at the information desk did some searches and told me the room numbers where paintings containing images of lions, tigers, rhinos and horses were.  In case it helps, the animals are in rooms 45 (tiger), 34 (horse, deer and cows), 39 (rhino, but also lots of fruit), 14 (donkey), 29 (leopard), 54 (lion)and 57 (two lions!).  There are, of course, other animals in paintings, but these were the ones that stood out.

My biggest darling loved it, and the pink cupcake she had in the cafe afterwards, and, so, I mention it in case it appeals to you. And if you know something similarly fun to do with very small children in central London, please do let me know!

For our lion hunt I wore a shocking pink Oasis shirt, black skinny Mango cords and silver leather London Rebel ballets. With a bright Loreal pink lipstick, which is a bit different for me, but a shock of pink does one good from time to time, I think!

The lighting doesn’t really show the black cords, so I have included another picture, as they have a lovely sheen.

And since I am talking shocking pink, look at my beautiful new shocking pink heels – they are so fabulous, I can’t wait to wear them!  They are the Callahan style from Jones the Bootmaker, reduced to £39.


MNG by Mango® Skinny Cords Black

Jones the Bootmaker Callahan Red (actually its raspberry)

Get to the point.

It’s another shoe dilemma for me, wearing or should that be finding pointed shoes that do not elongate my feet. A chance detour pounding to work yesterday in LK Bennett Shilo’s (I’d left my ballet flats at home by accident) took me to Jones Bootmaker. It’s usually hit or miss for me in there but once I spied the Navy blue suede Gloriana pointed ballerinas in a 42, no less, I had to try them.

“Do they make my feet look big?” I asked the Assistant. “Well, er, no, not really” came the reply.

“Do they make my feet look longer than normal?” was my second question and attempt at self-convincing.

“No, but they are a pointed pump, with a little heel, AND the bow distracts from the length”.

She had obviously been reading my mind or Grazia.

I could tell she was fed up. She softened. “In fact, they are the last pair in 42. We are waiting for more stock from the Warehouse”. “Oh right” I said as I turned back and forth looking at my feet in the very small mirror at the back of the shop.

It was hot. “Why don’t you just get them?, they fit, they look good on your slender feet and they are comfortable” she sighed.

Point taken, purchase made.