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Now I love fashion magazines and love the many articles about capsule wardrobes and the key items every woman should have.  I don’t necessarily agree with them but for me one classic item is a white shirt.

I’m wearing one today – very old from Gap  but they do similar styles pretty much every season.

white shirt

The bag is the Winster from Hobbs – a christmas present and a departure for me as am usually a total designer bag snob.  However prices have just gone crazy and unless I become the second Mrs Beckham there is no way I’m spending over £1k on a bag.  Also wearing silver hoop earrings which I’m having a bit of a love affair with at the moment – now want some gold ones and Alex Monroe baby bee necklace.

Anyway back to white shirts – here are a few others that I like









Equipment – the king of silk shirts although I think this Ida one looks very promising – also love the pale pink colour.












This Jigsaw linen shirt is also lovely















In fact I’m generally pretty obsessed with white tops and am currenlty hunting for a crochet/open knit white or ivory jumper type thing to wear over bright vest tops in the spring.  I did see the ideal one but it was in gap kids for under 5’s so the quest continues.







Its starting to look a lot like Christmas

And I am finally beginning to get into it a bit this year.  Well I better had as next week will see me attending a nativity, a Christingle service, a Carol service and helping at the school Christmas Fair.

I have been busy doing my online present shopping and I think that christmas is sponsored by lego in this house this year.  I could write a very long list of things I’d love but we are having a frugal christmas as need to save money to spend on such exciting things as work to the drains.

Oh well, luckily I went shopping with my lovely mother in law this week and she has treated me to this lovely faux fur stole for Christmas from Hobbs

I was very much taken with this bag too and as the code GHK gets 20% off in Hobbs until the 3rd December I may send the link to my husband.  Drains versus bag – I so know which one he’s going to think is the priority.

I am normally a total bag snob but this was really gorgeous in the flesh.  Lovely colour and a good size without being stupidly heavy.  It looked so nice with the fur stole too.

Whilst I’m on the theme of aubergine I also shamelessly copied my sister and purchased this top from New Look which is cheap and flattering.  I may actually wear this on Christmas day with some velvet skinnies as if I spill goose fat on it – well its not the end of the world.

I also purchased a sequin jumper from Mango which I’d been looking at online for ages

Its really gorgeous in real life and the sequins don’t look cheap.  Now in the store they’d put this necklace with it and it looked amazing.

So what have I been wearing – well I must say I am certainly getting my money’s worth out of Elise

And also been wearing more pearls and boden – just call me Miss Marple

Lace top and cardigan both Boden – PRTY gets 25% off lots of their stuff at the moment.



Back in the land of the living

It has been grim here for the past few days after my middle child decided to share a delightful bug with me.  So sartorially speaking the pickings are slim.

Have been reading though and adding many items to my virtual shopping baskets.  Am tempted to try some roll necks but am cursed with a short neck so will need to do a lot of trying on.  Also loving Belinda’s TopShop boots which are very like the Acne Star boots I’ve been coveting.

Anyway yesterday I wore a new top which is the Hobbs Simone.  Now I do love a cowl neck but it can’t be too cowly and this one works perfectly.  If only they did it in some more colours.

Its navy but difficult to tell because of the poor light yesterday.  Today suffering a severe lack of imagination I am wearing another cowl neck jumper, this time in burgundy from Jigsaw

Am wearing with River Island skinnies and the New Look cypress-alike boots.

Now what I’m currently on the look out for are some longer length tops/jumpers – perhaps with an asymetric hem but they need to be slim fitting.  Any ideas?  And I know I always say this but ideally not polyester/acrylic.


Ode to the Rollneck

Warning: if you are not a roll neck fan you might want to skip this blog.  

If there were one item of clothing I could not do without it would probably be the roll neck.  It’s my Desert Island top.  Well, a winter top might not be the best advised outfit for a desert island but you know what I mean.

I am pretty happy in my skin.  I could be thinner, younger and less tired but I am not.  Being happy with how I look makes life a lot easier.  There is one thing I do not like though.  No, tis not my love handles nor my dodgy belly.  It is my neck, the whole neck / top of bust area.  I don’t know why but I just don’t like showing it.  In summer I always wear a scarf and in winter I wear a roll neck. 

With a roll neck on top you can get away with wearing more daring prints on your bottoms, tighter trousers, shorter skirts and higher heels. People always seem to say that those with big busts shouldn’t wear high necks but I have a big bust and am in breastfeeding bras and still find them one of the most flattering things to wear.  (I never wear v necks on the other hand)

I am picky.  I don’t like turtle necks.  They lack the face framing and slimming qualities of the roll neck.  The lack of roll, however thin the material, throws me off balance and makes me look like lamb dressed as mutton.

A turtleneck. Not getting my love.

Here we are talking about roll necks, also known as polo necks and sometimes turtlenecks even though the neck rolls down.  Confused?

The best every day roll neck I have found was from Warehouse.  They do them every year but this year’s doesn’t appear to be out yet (if you find one there is 25% off and free P&P with code Halloween)  I have four black ones – three I wash normally and one I dry clean and save for best.  They hit at the lower hip and the loose waistband means they skim any muffinage and look good with jeans, fitted trousers, skirts and anything that isn’t a skinny jean. 

The Uniqlo cashmere roll necks are good.  They have very good sporadic sales on their knitwear so it may be worth some investigation (i.e. googling) to see when the next one might be.  A few years ago I tried Benetton, Pure Collection, Jaeger, Hobbs and M&S which were all recommended by friends but much preferred Uniqlo for quality and fit.  I have just added this yellow one to my collection.  I love bright yellow with grey and I am going to try it with navy too.

Uniqlo cashmere rollneck

These Zara roll neck capes are brilliant!  They aren’t capes at all, they just have slightly batwinged sleeves.  I stress slightly – I have easily worn mine under my Baukjen Gemma roll neck and had no lumpy / restricted arm movement issues.  In colder weather a Uniqlo Heattech (or two) will fit easily underneath and still allow the top to drape. Zara describe them as turtlenecks but don’t been fooled, the necks roll down and are thus rollnecks.  They are my number 1 winter basic recommendation. 

Zara ROLL neck cape

Baukjen Gemma (again!)

I must mention Massimo Dutti.  I do not like their roll necks on my size and shape but for someone with a smaller chest and flatter tum they are definitely worth a look.  The material feels luxe and they do a lovely range of colours.  Again, they call them turtlenecks but they are wrong.  I have a few from years ago that I used to wear to work in the winter under suits, a look I still really like.

Massimo Dutti ROLL neck

I like All Saints knitwear and have the 100% cashmere Char Roll Neck Jumper in last year’s grey.  They are doing a beautiful oxblood colour this winter.

All Saint Char roll neck

J Crew knitwear is excellent and is definitely worth checking out.  They are doing free delivery and returns at the moment (automatically applied at checkout) and for 25% off try the code INSIDER.  Let us know if you order anything (the WornOut crew love the cashmere tees)

J. Crew striped “turtleneck”

I have not been impressed with the offerings from H&M (bad quality) or Benetton (they bobble v quickly)

Last up the roll neck dress.  I have two black ones from Warehouse which are basically longer versions of their roll neck jumpers.  I wore them when I was pregnant with tights, boots (and red lipstick) and received more compliments than I think I ever have. I have recently bought this one in a navy/grey from Cos which I highly recommend.

Cos A-line roll neck dress

Finally I have a request.  Have you seen a boiled wool heavy roll or funnel neck on your shopping travels?  My mum bought this one from Stefanel a decade ago and I’ve been searching for one every since.  It is like a boiled wool version of the Gemma (I won’t link to it again I promise!) 




Do you like my spooky fireplace? We had people over for dinner on Saturday night and whilst I was rooting around for tea-lights and candles and whatnot I came across the Hallowe’en decorations I’d stashed from last year so, even though it was a bit early, I decided to decorate the fireplace in the hall for a bit of fun so that it was the first thing people saw as they came in.

On Saturday night I wore these purple waxed skinnies by J Brand. I actually bought them ages ago, in the January sales in fact. I think I was swayed by the fact that they were very heavily reduced as, although I do really like them, this is the first time I have worn them. They are very, very skinny and very low rise so I really have to be having a “thin day” to wear them and sadly that doesn’t happen very often! What I do really like about them however, is their waxed finish which is definitely superior to any of those I’ve tried in Zara etc. So, for that reason I have just ordered these beauties from My Wardrobe. I would imagine they have exactly the same finish as my purple leggings but with a higher rise and a marginally less skinny cut I am hoping they will be easier (and more flattering) to wear. They are out for delivery tomorrow so I’ll let you know!

With them I am wearing a Zara top (which seems to be sold out online now). You can’t really tell from my rubbish photo but the sides and back of this top are lace which I think goes really well with waxed finishes/pleather/leather as you will.

I wore this top out to dinner with my husband the week before last, when I paired it with these waxed trousers by 2nd Day (are you spotting a theme yet?) and paired it with a big statement necklace but I decided to keep it simple this week and added drop earrings instead. These ones were a bargain from the Hobbs Outlet site which is definitely worth checking in on from time to time for the jewellery.

Peeptoe midheels by Dune (old)


Detail of Hobbs earrings (no longer available)