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Return to the Trench

Honestly its like I’ve piled every single cliched item into today’s outfit.  A trench, some stripes and of course some leopard.









Now as I mentioned yesterday – I’m not totally sure about this trench.  It does fit neatly round the shoulders and is actually pretty warm for a mac but still I rarely wear it.  I have an idea that it may work well with a breton dress in the spring as the length is a bit longer than the mac I wore yesterday so will keep it for now and see.

The trench is Sonia Rykiel via The Outnet a long time ago, skinnies are River Island, stripey top is Gap and the bag is Tory Burch.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect breton – not too clingy, too long or too wide – not asking much am I?  I saw this one on pinterest the other day and rather like the look of it








It looks a good length and the broderie detail is sweet – I will try and see it in the flesh although as we break up tomorrow for the Easter holidays this may not be for some time.

You may have noticed that I’m a bit of a Johnnycomelately with trends and so I’m only now really beginning to realise how fab all the statement necklaces are.  I love the J Crew bubble one












But there is no way I’d pay that much for one – I have seen some interpretations on ebay for about one tenth of the price and am tempted to try.

I’m also rather enamoured of this one from Dorothy Perkins – it looks very Stella & Dot to me







And one final item today that I like the look of – these untouchable boots from Office









And Spring13 gets 20% off.

What a mishmash of a post today – I think it reflects my mood in that my head is thinking of sandals and summer but the reality is another couple of months of macs and boots.










Isabel, I think I love you

I really do but oh to have a Marant budget.  I have loved this blouse since I first saw it and waited with baited breath for it to go online.

And there it was on Matches one of my favourite sites but oh dear the price.  So am now on the hunt for a Marant inspired blouse.

Now if only this Massimo Dutti one had sleeves it would be perfect.  But honestly its nearly Winter and I feel the cold.

This Massimo one has sleeves but I’m not sure – its just a tad too Lady Di I think.  But am hopeful that Massimo Dutti will come up with something in the next few weeks.

Zara also had this contender

Which looks lovely  online and ticks my Marant-alike boxes but having seen it in real life it looked very snagged even on the hanger.  So my sensible head has rejected it.

So if anyone sees a lovel cotton embroidered white/ivory blouse on their travels – do please let me know.

Today I’m wearing Gap breton dress, Whistles coat (old), Tory Burch leopard bag and the Office namesake boots.

Mutton mummy

Slightly worried about that title – hope it doesn’t draw in any people looking for a slightly different type of blog as they’ll be rather disappointed.  But I’m wearing a clingy short skirt!

Although picture so dark not sure you can see where skirt ends and my opaques begin.  The skirt is Etoile Isable Marant and oh how I love it.  With my tricksy apple shape I find skirts hard but this one is flattering and very comfortable but possibly should only be worn by the under 30’s.

With it am wearing Office Marant-alikes, Pure Collection grey jumper (old) and Lily & Lionel scarf (old).  And look its the White Company biker back on again

And in exciting news, ebay sales going so well have ordered Elise.  Yeay!

Meet Agatha

I used to wear high heels every day but since having children most of my beautiful shoes have lived in boxes under my bed.  They are lovingly taken out and tried on every few months by my little one and I make a mental note to wear them more often.  Almost all my going out is done with my kid in tow and in the early evening / straight from whatever we have been doing in the day. It makes the change into heels almost impossible / impractical.  

My Sam Edelman rose gold studded Adenas are a good flat going out shoe but I do like a bit of added height.  Wedges and clogs are for me a rather brilliant solution to the practicality Vs comfort quandary but I stupidly sold my fango Ash Thelmas at the start of the year and am looking to repurchase (Thelmas or Genials actually – a size 39 or 40 if you see any in the sales!) I bought my pale pink Swedish Hasbeens in the Office sale in the New Year and though the colour is an unusual choice for me they’ll go with a lot of things when the summer starts (ever the optimist)  

So, I have lots of unworn high heels, a kid to chase after and am days away from having a newborn to carry round too.  What else but to buy more heels!  Let me introduce you to Agatha.
(Excuse the very unflattering leg shots.  I do not have cankles in real life)
My pregnancy insomnia has led me to several late night on line shopping sprees and I bought these in my Kurt Geiger order fest, along with several pairs for a sister to try for a wedding. They are still available in most sizes and are reduced from £110 to £55.   I had been lusting after these LK Bennett babies so feel I have nabbed myself a bargain by finding a cheaper option.  The Agathas are less dainty too which is probably more suitable for me.  I plan to wear them with my extensive collection of grey skinnies and many variations on black harem pants.


Well you know what I mean.

As you’ve probably gathered although some of us are SAHMs we don’t exactly dress down for our everyday lifes.  After all this is my life so I wear the clothes I like even when surrounded by small children.

So today its a cream sequin cardigan from H&M – it was £14.99 but I think has gone in the sale.  The necklace is M&S – another favourite place for reasonably priced jewellery.  The silk cami is old and rather sheer – should really have put a vest on under it but hey ho.

The skinnies are Miss Selfridge and my Hasbeens of course.

So the Jigsaw sale starts tomorrow and you know after all my obsessing over the pink suede shoes – I think I’m going to resist.  After all I have ahem several pairs of heels for going out and its not like I’m out that much and even I would draw the line at those for playgroup.  So may wait and put the virtual money towards some beige suede ankle boots – still rather liking the Office ones.