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Super quick post… Today I got off my sick couch (we all have a mild flu. Glamourous times) and headed into John Lewis with one of my littlest blossoms. I liked my outfit, but these Uniqlo skinny cargoes are a bit big as they have stretched and they were already generously sized. So hot wash and tumble dry coming up!

At John Lewis I saw 3 things of interest to me. Firstly, they are doing some adorable lion wellies (boys’ section, of course. Girls only like pink and flowers, right?) for £12. I just bought 1 pair, but will be going back for more.


Secondly, they sell a simple and lightweight sewing machine for £49. do any of you use a sewing machine or wish you had one? I am not –even slightly– terribly handy or crafty but thinking it might be useful for making / customising the odd super simple thing?? Any advice appreciated!!

Lastly, I bought some 60% wool blend tights for £16, that appear to be much like my Falkes, only cheaper. I bought the size S and will report back. The weather is forecast to get chilly so I think I will be breaking them out very soon.  Oooh no – just looking at the website, the tights have poor reviews – small fittings, likely to develop holes.  Damn.  OK, I will have to try them and see.


Anyway, time to drink more red wine in the hope it will lull me into a healing slumber… Fingers crossed I awake well again!


Outfit: Warehouse denim jacket, Zara cream blouse, Primark white vest, khaki skinny Uniqlo cargoes, tan Mimco ankle boots, Reiss bag.


For my mid-week weekend I donned my darling Musa purple and clear crystal sandals. And built my lilac and white outfit around it. It’s ok, these sandals deserve it. For they are bedazzling.

And here I am in the John Lewis toilets where they were also clearly having a purple moment when they planned the decor. Nice little backdrop for today’s ensemble, no? Just as long as I amuse myself…

And while I was out I saw a grown up blouse that Zara have just recently got in. Its coming to my wardrobe soon!! And I am hoping it will work nicely with these new Primark super skinny jeans in a dark emerald/ sea green. They are new and they have some other jewel colours, including a deep but vibrant blue.

I find the jewel-like colours incredibly attractive but sometimes difficult to style. Until I think of jewellery. So gold and silver make wonderful settings for coloured jewels and the vibrant colours work terrifically with off-white (like emeralds and pearls). And black. So I would wear metallics and off-white or black with jewel colours. I am sure I *sound* barking, but I think it also does make sense. Doesn’t it?