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Get your jacket

I like jackets.

I do not like cardigans. I am simply unable to wear them. Just looking at them makes me age a decade. I have tried all the ways I can think of trying them. Belted makes me want to scream; the double whammy of looking like someone’s grandma and feeling like I have put on a straight jacket. “Thrown on” just looks silly. Photos tell me that the chunkier the cardigan the more success I have. Indeed the more jacket like the cardigan. So I tend to just stick to jackets.  Jackets, I can wear. Lucky that.

I’m a big fan of leather jackets and have several; All Saints grey (currently residing with one of my fortunate sisters), pale caramel from Mint Velvet, Massimo Dutti red and black from Zara.

Denim jackets are brilliant. I often use one in the warmer months to “dress down” a frock but the English summer is rarely hot enough to banish jeans and I don’t really like doing double denim. The best I’ve found was from H&M a few years ago though one of my sisters has had good success with a Next one.

Anyway, this is about neither denim nor leather jackets but Other Jackets.  I’m very lucky to have been given this lovely Zara yellow pleather trimmed jacket by Sarah WornOut. It arrived on a very grey day and brightened me up no end. I can be a bit soppy with clothes. I like them even more when I have the thought that a friend gave them to me.


I’m the proud new owner of this ASOS fluro jacket too. It’s quite thin and cardiganesque without being a cardigan.

I will wear it with ripped jeans and a grey tshirt, like this.


ASOS jacket, old Zara boyfriend jeans, Gap Sunkissed sweatshirt

ASOS don’t have it on line anymore but they do have some lovely jackets in.  I think these are worthy of further investigation.

image1l image1l-1

And if this ASOS jacket is a good take on this Helmut Lang coat (my favourite jacket of all time), it may have to be mine.




I have got in on the quilted action with this grey quilted biker jacket from Next.  As regular readers will know, Next and I are not the best of buddies.  I adore this jacket though and have wanted to wear it every day I have owned it, even though the weather hasn’t been kind to us yet.

Their website photo

Their website photo

and me in it.

jacket3My final new offering is this black jacket from H&M.  They did this style last year as well and have it in at least five colours.  You can’t see the pattern properly from the main photo, it is a lace print.  I have an orange one from last year – they are very easy to wear.

H&M black jacket

H&M black jacket

H&M jacket print detail

H&M jacket print detail

Finally, I bought this Baukjen Kate silver sequin draped jacket towards the end of last summer (blogged here). I really like it though it didn’t get much wear. I’m going on holiday to the sun soon and am thinking of taking it to wear in the evenings. More holiday talk soon.


Keeping warm

It was cold in London today.  We are trying to bring our kids up with a love of the Great Outdoors and to be comfortable with the British weather.  Neither comes to me naturally so I have to make a real effort to be warm enough to have fun.



Zara skinnies, grey Baukjen boxy Gemma roll neck (over Uniqlo heattech and Warehouse roll neck), Zara pleather sleeved coat (similar), grey Uggs (they may not be stylish but they are so warm), Marc by Marc Jacobs dragon scale scarf and Ugg sheepskin earmuffs (unseen)

Stay warm!



Crazy Lady

We’ve moved on a few years from the engagement parties, weddings and civil partnerships to the 40th birthdays stage of life. Not mine for another few years but many of my closest mates will celebrate this year. This weekend saw the first and probably most kid friendly of the parties.  And so it was that we rocked up to CenterParcs for the second time in as many months.

I didn’t take photos of my clothes every day. Partly because they were variations on a theme (skinnies and a different coloured Baukjen Gemma each day) but mainly because my eldest asked me not to. “Who’s the boss of the friends you take photos with?” she asked. “We are all the boss”. “Well then, tell everyone you’re having a holiday from it so you don’t take photos of yourself and people don’t think you’re a crazy lady”


Grey Baukjen Gemma roll neck with a black Zara roll neck underneath, Zara skinnies & parka, Ugg Gershwins

Sartorial antibiotics

Inspired by my WornOut friends (see Sarah’s Pininterest challenge) I was going to try out some new outfits last week.  However I have been stuck in the house of sickness. As if a nasty bout of norovirus wasn’t enough, flu followed closely behind. Unpleasant if you’re an adult, terrifying if you’re (the mother of) a tiny baby.

I nipped out for the first time in days yesterday to do an hour’s Christmas shopping (the advent calendar doesn’t fill itself sadly) I wore my wine Baukjen boxy Gemma jumper, new Zara lace / brocade leggings which are brilliant for £17.99 and Ugg Gershwins. Yes, the photo is supremely bad.  All my photographers were laying down and not to be moved for love nor bribes.

I have a few new things to share. These boots are fabulous. They’re sparkling at me every time I open the door to my wardrobe. They aren’t as high as some recent Zara offerings. I have tried mine with pleathers, black jeans, blue skinnies and a grey wool dress with opaques and I love them.

I always have clothing obsessions. They pass only when a new one creeps in. A faux fur cape was last week’s. I was ShopStyle and Googling away in the early hours searching for one under £100. After being outbid on an eBay one I had my heart set on, I gave up. One obsession I just can’t shake is with (p)leather sleeves. In my mind I see a grey shearling vest with leather sleeves, slightly asymmetric perhaps, loose fitting with the space for a denim shirt (or at least collar) underneath. Anyway, I must move on.  This coat is only slightly less popular than the studded sleeve navy one I and several WornOut mates have.  It’s grey though, with (p)leather arms and it is drapey. All very me.

 I tried it with my Maison Scotch star scarf (I got mine in the recent Stripes 40% sale) and I just can’t resist so the coat stays.
I tried this Zara coat too as an alternative to the grey one.  I was hoping the colour would be a deeper camel and there was no contest for me when they both arrived, but it’s worth a look and quite new in so may be less ubiquitous.
I will be back soon, for now I am going to wrap myself in my slanket and watch Polar Express (again).

Surviving Disney

I’m just surfacing after a long weekend in Euro Disney.

I realise that some people love the place.  Indeed some adults enter so far into the “magic of Disney” that they can be witnessed unashamedly pushing kids out of the way to have their photos taken with Dumbo (yes, this happened) I am not a fan of queueing (that’ll be the Italian blood), shouting (oh, children having fun are noisy), freezing (-3) or starving (the food is truly appalling even in the big chains)  I had to have some Time Out to deal with my irritation at not being able to get an even vaguely decent cup of coffee in France.  Eventually I treated my caffine addiction shakes with mulled wine.  Having said all that, we had fun. I don’t have any snaps of me with Goofy to prove it sadly but I did enjoy seeing my little one so excited.

My new Ugg Australia Gershwins were the stars of my Disney wardrobe. My partner raised an eyebrow and pointed out that they’re just like my Belstaff Chads. They’re not actually. Most importantly they are sheepskin lined. They come higher up the leg too – they are a mid calf rather than ankle boot. They are also bulkier and less chic. They offer the comfort of a regular Ugg but are waterproof and sturdier. I didn’t take any other footwear.

I think I actually prefer these shearling lined Ash biker boots. Somehow I managed to miss them in my furry boot search.

Day 1 I wore grey Dorothy Perkins jeggings, a Uniqlo heat tech (I wear one every day in winter), a Cos angora dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs wool scarf, Ugg Gershwins, See by Chloe bag, Ugg black sheepskin ear muffs and Celtic Sheepskin gloves.

Day 2 was an outfit regular readers have seen before. Olive Zara waxed jeans, olive Baukjen Gemma. The jumper has actually bobbled a bit which isn’t great. I had a heat tech top and long johns and a Zara roll neck underneath.  And was still chilly.

Day 3 I really gave in to the cold. Zara skinnies with Falke opaques and heat tech leggings underneath, obligatory heat tech top, Uniqlo cashmere roll neck, All Saints cashmere cowl neck.   I don’t have any photos of me without a coat on.

Day 4 I was fed up with bulky clothes so tried (& failed) to slim down the layers in Falke opaques under Topshop tie dye leggings with a heat tech top under a Uniqlo cashmere roll neck under a Cos roll neck dress.

My Barbour Arctic Parka did well. I bought it last winter and after another baby it is a tad snug but it really does keep the cold at bay.  I was also exceedingly grateful for a Cos cashmere scarf.  Sub zero temperatures are not the most fun to breastfeed in.  I’m pleased with the Ugg Australia ear muffs too.  They come in a nice box and would be a good Christmas gift.