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Santa spotting

This weekend, we went Santa spotting.  The first place we went was Westfield in White City, where the staff were charming and the experience was great – they incorporated the childrens’ photos into a 3D movie, and then ushered them into a quiet room with Santa.

The second place was the local primary school Christmas fair.  It was a heroic, home made effort and I enjoyed it hugely.

The third place was at The Commander Bar in Notting Hill, where I was utterly charmed by the most magical grotto (in the library upstairs) I have seen – see below.  I was even happier because, unlike at all the big department stores, we were the only ones there.  So if you are nearby on a Sunday afternoon and fancy seeing Santa in a twinkly wonderland, I can’t recommend it highly enough.


No photos from the weekend (have been a bit sick), but today I am wearing a cream/ beige coat (old, from Australia), floral Zara scarf (old), black cashmere Primark cardi (not seen), black Heattech top (not seen, but so vital!) burgundy/wine New Look skinny cords (too tight when I bought them, but now they are quite comfortable.  Not an excellent fit, but I still haven’t seen a richer colour.), tan Mimco ankle boots (old, but the TopShop Anarchy tan boots are a great alternative).



Uniqlo Heattech black l sleeve

Dark Red (Red) Red Corduroy Skinny Trousers | 256424761 | New Look

Mimco Anarchy Bootie



I spied…

Yesterday I had just enough time between a swimming class in the morning and a football class in the afternoon to swing by Westfield to buy swimming stuff for the girls. Oh, and time to look at a few bits and pieces for me, too…

In I went to Accessorize again and, I must say, I love the opulent accessories they are doing at the moment. I saw a leopard pendant I knew my girls would love, but passed it over in favour of these beautiful, but light (my earlobes rejoice) black sparkly and pearl danglies. Perfect for dinner out tomorrow night. I also saw this stunning blue bag that made me stop in my tracks – it is utterly gorgeous. I just can’t think what to wear with it?? I will ponder as its so lovely. The embroidered Chinoiserie clutch is lovely, too. If dark luxe is a look you like, I do recommend Accessorize at the moment for some affordable pieces. And they should feel free to send some to me [grin]. Just in case anyone thought I was sponsored by them. Sadly, no.


leopard pendant


my new earrings


stunning blue bag


black version that might be good with my black and gold sequined jacket?


lovely embroidered clutch

I also popped into Mango, where I tried on this fabulous suede biker. I love Mango, but this is a recent discovery – its taken me a while to get over the scarcity of their shops and the crowded layout. I don’t know why, but it feels easier to shop in Zara. Yet, I really like some of Mango’s stock. I digress. I tried the biker in a taupe, but the navy is also lush.  However, the bordeaux looks so sensational online that thats the colour I will be ordering.  Some of the colours have bright gold hardware – beware!  I will also be ordering the paisley trousers. I shall report back. And if anyone has any ASOS discount codes (I would rather order through them as its a better experience), I would be so grateful if you could post them in the comments!!




Suede biker jacket

Paisley print trousers

Speaking of Zara, I also tried on this divine coat. I felt instantly groomed and elegant. It is a truly beautiful piece.  I am just not sure I should buy it given that I spend a good portion of my time on the floor at playgroup… What do you think?

Last mention is to H&M where I tried on the skinny cords that Tracey just bought. I would have bought them, too, as I like the fit, but (unsurprisingly) the queues were so long I am about to order online instead.  These powder beige ones are a smidge pink so I might buy a different colour instead, as I would really like a proper cream.


On yesterday’s rushed outing, I wore a black Primark cashmere cardigan, cream Uniqlo Heattech top, floral Primark skinnies and tan Gap ballets.  Does this post read like Little Miss Greedy went shopping and went “I want, I want, I want!”?  Maybe. [blush]