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(Non) Maternity Sparkle

My baby is 3 months old already but I was pregnant recently enough though to still see things and think that they’d be good maternity wear, (and to be bombarded with daily emails from maternity ranges too)

I like a bit of sparkle but I also like to be comfortable. These sequin trousers from Zara have an elasticated waistband.  They are a harem style which isn’t for everyone but I would have loved to have them for celebrations / evening wear (Christmas?) when I was pregnant.  I bought and returned a very similar Michael Kors pair early this year that were four times the price.  I would wear with a plain black tee and show off that lovely bump!  (They aren’t just for pregnancy either I hope – they will be gracing my legs and post pregnancy tummy this festive season too)

These Herringbone trousers are less sparkly but elasticated too and have big faux leather pockets.  They are not too thick which is helpful if like me you’re very hot when pregnant (!), but if you need an extra warm layer you could put maternity tights underneath (I found these to be the best)

A  note of caution, the petite among us maybe can’t carry off the non-maternity wear below bump style of trouser.  I am about 5’6 and most of my maternity clothes were non-maternity (see my posts up until end Jul) but much shorter and the they wouldn’t work.

From the maternity emails I have glanced at before deleting I see Topshop have some great stuff in their current maternity range.  I really like the black studded tee and the paisley print leggings.  Seraphine have 15% off their knitwear at the moment and are always worth a look.  Their bamboo leggings are comfort in clothing form.  Mummy and Little Me have started to stock the Italian range “Attesa”.  I like this grey jersey dress which looks very easy to wear.

My two pairs of favourite maternity trousers (apart from my J Brand maternity jeans) were from Mamalicious.  These coated jeans look good and their website is well worth a browse.  I had some coated skinnies from H&M which were surprisingly soft on and I wore loads. For H&M maternity I would recommend a visit to one of the larger stores when you have the time and inclination to try lots of things on (check they stock maternity, lots don’t)  Or place an on line order and try it all on in the comfort of your own home.    In London at least, H&M do Hermes courier collections so you won’t have to drag the returns to the Post Office.

Many women go through that early pregnant stage when they need a larger waistband but can’t start wearing proper maternity clothes without everyone realising they’re pregnant.  If this is you, Cos is your friend. I’ve already expressed my love for everything Cos.  If you need something warm, comfortable and stylish to conceal your growing bump take a visit to one of their stores.  They have nice big changing rooms with a chair in too if you need a rest.

This is not in any way style related and I linked to these before but if you’re looking for something to make your first few months with a newborn more peaceful then invest in one of these slings.  They fit you, not the baby so you can order while pregnant.



Mother’s helps – beautiful things for babies

The other evening I was sitting on the sofa surveying the post play date carnage which used to be our minimalist living room.  I looked around at all the baby things we have amassed and it got me thinking about the things I am very glad we have (apart from the Baby herself of course!)

We got this gorgeous Bloom Coco baby chair for our beautiful first born.  She used it every day and it was still in pristine condition for Baby who loves surveying the world from it.  We were bought a BabyBjorn Baby Sitter Balance Chair too which is fabulous but the Bloom Coco, well, it is a work of art.

Coco Bloom chair with newborn insert

My number 1 best baby buy is this Bright Sparks Coorie pouch sling.  It is probably the least stylish recommendation I have ever made but boy, it does it’s job well.  For long days out the sturdier Baby Ergo Carrier is better but for around the house and short walks the Coorie pouch is brilliant. It isn’t at all bulky and is literally just a one piece fleece pouch that you slip on over your head, pop baby in and that’s it.  It means you have both hands free to cook, read, play, carry things to another room, dance.  As my baby has got bigger she likes to stick her head out and have a look around.  I am never without mine.

Coorie pouch

Like most people, I love the Jelly Cat range of soft toys and my kids have their fair share of them.  Baby likes to sleep with her favourite balanced on her head.  For a different take on the cuddly toy you can’t beat this from Elodie Details.  The pattern is so pretty and my Baby loves looking and grasping at it.

Elodie Detail “cuddly” toy

I love this beautiful Farg & Form cloud print and these hanging storage containers are very useful too.

Farg & Form cloud print

While I can still decide what goes into my baby’s room I am filling it with beautiful things.  I used this Noodoll cloud cushion as a breast feeding pillow when she was a newborn.  It’s super soft and would make a lovely, different baby gift.

Noodoll Cloud cushion

Sticking with the cloud theme, this cloud and moon mobile is simply stunning.

Cloud & Moon littlenestbox mobile

My eldest had a play gym she really liked but it was not pleasant to look at.  This Lamaze Play Gym on the other hand looks lovely and Baby adores it.  It folds up easily too and doesn’t take up much space.

Lamaze Pyramid Play House

I like kids’ things that are beautifully designed and have my eye on this bed for my eldest. If she doesn’t like it, I might get it for my room!

IO Kids Design Bunk Pod

My best friend is having her baby early in the New Year and I am on the look out for beautiful and useful presents.  Any must have baby buys?  Great recommendations for baby gifts?