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A/W Wish List – old and new

I’ve poured over Vogue, NAP and Matches, browsed my high street favourites and I must say I am pretty uninspired. I’ve seen very little that I am interested in buying for winter.

It’s actually quite a surprise that I have seen little. Ok so I don’t like pink much but apart from that A/W’s trends are some of my favourites – lots of black, masculine cuts, shearling, leather, and baggy jeans and trainers still feature.

As I mentioned before, I am in the middle of a serious clothing cull. I keep things for decades and am pleased if they get one wear a season. It would be okay if I had five or ten things that fell into this category. Embarrassingly I have closer to 100. Ten grey tshirts, not one of which I love but one that will go with x skirt and justify me keeping them all. It is just too much and I have been very serious in my attempts to get rid of things and not to do those crazed H&M dashes. I will be buying better in future. Better, happier, more sustainable.

Enough moralising. I do have my eye on a few things.

At the moment all I want to wear is my lovely J Crew neon Cashmere Tippi (here but I can’t see the same pink anymore) It is bright enough to sate my colour lust (one of our lovely readers called me a “colour magpie” which made me smile) and the balance of warm but cool that only cashmere can be (in my humble experience) I have the black tshirt version from a few years ago but am very tempted to purchase another with the 25% code I have. I am seriously kicking myself for not buying the yellow neon when I had a chance. Every day I think, “if only I had the J Crew yellow neon sweater….” Hey ho.

I am also rueing the return of the La Redoute Shearling coat I bought in the sale last year. I loved it but was worried I had spent too much money and it had to go back. I have had a long term love affair with shearling though and have a few pieces I am going to bring in to daily wear including my black shearling Zara stole.

On to things new.

I love boiled wool. I think I’ve mentioned before the boiled wool funnel neck jumper my mum has had for many years from Stefanel. I’ve been looking for similar for over a decade. This Boiled Wool Cape from The White Company looks similar though it might be too similar to my draped black boiled wool coat.

I also really like this Chunky Button Poncho from The White Company, though I’m slightly concerned that being 100% merino wool might mean it leaves fluff on anything I’d wear it with. And the quality of the jumpers I’ve had from there in the past hasn’t been fantastic though this may just be me?

I am hoping to find a Cos version of the Acne Wham oversized sweater (or a NAP discount code!) Then I will discard all the similar sweater dresses in my wardrobe that no longer fit / have moth holes etc.

Were I rich, this Day Birger leather jacket would be mine in a flash. As it is I have a black Zara leather jacket, a grey All Saints Post Commander and a Massimo Dutti red leather biker that will more than adequately do the job (not that it stops me lusting!)

These J Brand grey leather trousers are what I really, really, really want. There must be a High Street pair that would be far better suited to my budget and lifestyle (“paper thin leather” worries me) If you have seen them, please let me know!

Boots wise I am sorted. I was lucky enough to be gifted these shearling lined Acne Pistols for my birthday. I bought the Ugg Gershwins last year for when it is really cold and my Ash Jalouse in stone and black are still going strong. I also have my Belstaff biker boots which will last me years more.

I am not planning a new coat purchase either (not a very aspirational wish list – sorry) I have my Barbour Arctic Parka for when it gets freezing, my Zara parka from last year, as well as the grey Zara coat with faux leather sleeves which I still love. I am even tempted to give my almost unworn Zara navy studded sleeve coat to my beautiful sister.

This is a jacket 637878_mainrather than a coat but I am trying to resist the temptation to visit a River Island to try it on.

And finally, these. They won’t be on the wish list for long as they have my name all over them and will be on their way to me as soon as I find them in my size. I blame Joanna from Poppy’s Style and am expecting her buy me a large glass of wine when she is next in the UK to make up for making me fall in love with them ūüėČ

That’s all for now. What’s your major current clothing lust? Please do share.

Tube Skirts

I don’t wear skirts much. The occasional maxi and very rarely a mini skirt but they just don’t seem to fit with my life. Too long (London’s streets aren’t the cleanest), too short (bending down to pick up La Bambina is a happily frequent activity), and so most skirts are saved for days when I won’t be tramping the grubby streets or am sans enfants – both very rare.

Well now I’ve found the tube skirt. I tried this Topshop grey one on and liked it though admittedly that may be because it is covered in stars.
I think it looks practical but I am not yet 100% convinced. I’d wear a tube skirt for work no problem (not this printed one perhaps) but for play? It’s the only thing apart from dungarees that has made me wonder if I am a bit old for a look. It doesn’t help that my 14yo sister has a similar one but she wears hers with Converse and a cropped top which I will not.

What do you think of it?
I had a look on Pinterest and there are lots of tube skirt and vest / shirts combos which just do not work on my size chest. I tried it with a denim shirt which made me laugh out loud, a sheer vest which made me look like a TOWIE extra, and a belted volumnous silk top (Day Birger & Mikkelsen above) but it just does not work. I like it best with a black tee and black Gigis but maybe I should just send it back and stick to shorts when I want to feel the sun’s rays on my legs.

If you like them Topshop have a lovely selection.
Tube skirts
I have looked at the orange safari print one above many times. I am yet to be convinced by the tube skirt though so think instead I might suggest it to my super cool little sister.

Baby gear

I had planned to have a frugal January. ¬†I have returned every thing I ordered for myself (Massimo Dutti leather jacket and the Twinkle Day Birger dress¬†– so beautiful but it just doesn’t hang right on me) My kids have both had growth spurts though so I have been able to get some shopping release by buying some new stuff for them.

Most of my purchases have been vests and plain body suits (H&M all the way) but I have spotted and/or bought a few beauties along the way that I thought I’d share.

I love Lindex and they started delivering to the UK last year.  This dress is brilliant.

Lindex dress

Lindex dress

These bright blue Metsola trousers are fantastic. ¬†I bought them when I was pregnant and La Bambina has worn hers at least twice a week, every week. ¬†They wash well and the feet mean you don’t have to worry about socks. ¬†They’re reduced in the sale.


Metsola terry bottoms

Had I a 7 year old that would allow me to choose her clothes, she would be wearing this beautiful smock from AlbaBaby.

AlbaBaby smock

AlbaBaby smock

There are some brilliant discounts on Mini A Ture clothes at Yellowlolly. ¬†I haven’t ever ordered from them but I have this beautiful cardigan in my basket. ¬†La Bambina has the jumper version already and it is beautiful. ¬†I got her some gorgeous new grey harems from Lindex which she wears it with. ¬†Bonpoint at half the price with a Nordic twist!

Mini A Ture grey cardigan

Mini A Ture grey cardigan

Please let me know if you’ve seen anything lovely for little ones?




Let the party commence….

Saturday 1st December and for me it was the first Christmas bash of the season. It was freezing here on Saturday night which actually only added to my  festive mood so I really went all out for a wintery (for which read: furry) and  glitzy (for which read: pile on the bling) party look.


Silk dress by Warehouse (old)

Furry gilet from My Wardrobe (old)

Snakeskin clutch handbag by Urban Code from ASOS

Sancho boots by Pied a Terre

Bracelet (and necklace not seen) from Forever 21 – the credit for these finds again has to go to Kat over on Does my bum look 40? Thanks Kat!


Geo Rhinestone Bracelet 

Bejeweled Rope Necklace


Last time I posted with a selection of outfits, it did make me acutely aware that perhaps I have become a bit of a formulaic dresser. I think we all do this to a greater or lesser degree – I mean, we all know the shapes that suit us or that we feel most comfortable in and I guess we tend to stick to them but, even so, I decided to make a real effort this week to break out of the skinny jeans and leggings that are my mainstay and bare my knees. ¬†However, this has only served to highlight to me that my skirts options are just as formulaic in their own way as my trousers ¬†– short-ish flared skater skirts anyone?! ¬†But still, at least I tried….and I did at least add a bit of colour in there!


Okay, so this one wasn’t a skater style skirt…..

Whistles stripey bodycon dress (just seen, and very old)

Wool pea coat by Sonia Rykiel (old)

Black leggings by Vila from ASOS (old)

Topshop gold heeled ankle boots (old)

Scarf from Kew (old)

Cobalt leather driving gloves from Primark (last year’s but am sure I have seen similar again this year)

Orange wool rollneck jumper by Vanessa Bruno via The Outnet (old)

Skirt from last winter’s Comptoir des Cottoniers sale (old)

Ugg Bellevue boots (worn with the furry cuffs up)

Scarf from Kew (old)

This was actually today’s outfit for a long leisurely Sunday lunch at a friend’s house with another close friend ¬†and all our families….¬†I did think maybe the leather dress teamed with knee high leather boots was a bit much for lunchtime but I¬†think¬†I got away with it. Certainly my husband, always one to err on the side of caution and temper the worst of my sartorial excesses pronounced it to be fine for daywear.

Leather dress by Urban Code via ASOS (old)

Brown tulle long sleeved tee (layered underneath dress) by One Step and available here in other colours

Star knee high boots by Day Birger et Mikkelsen via My Wardrobe (old)

Leopard cashmere scarf by N Peal via The Outnet (old)

Gold beaded bracelet from Accessorise

Playing Catch-up

Various (minor) domestic dramas and the continued winter vomiting of Older Daughter made last week not one of my better ones. For various reasons blogging had to take a back seat but I did manage to take some snaps, so here is a potted version of last week’s better moments. (You can tell that they are the better moments as in some of them I even have my coat on and am about to leave the house!)

This was actually today, so not last week at all but I wanted to show you the coat I am wearing because , quite simply it has been an absolute godsend in all this biblical rain we’ve been having.

It’s the Oasis waxed parka with quilted lining. I thought the fur on the hood looked a bit scraggy so I took it off mine (I had to take the buttons it buttons onto the hood with off too as they kept catching in my hair and ripping it out – ouch!). I’m currently wearing it with the quilted inner buttoned in for warmth but I can see it being very useful come warmer weather when I can take it out and use it as a raincoat. Okay, it’s not a performance item like say, a real Barbour would be, but it’s had a real testing in the current weather conditions and it’s pretty damn good at keeping me warm and dry. I recommend.

Underneath the parka this is what I was wearing:

Warehouse studded shoulder jumper

White scallop collar shirt from Asos¬†(I think there’s still 25% off on ASOS with )

Black boa effect leggings by American Apparel (old) but similar here

Ann Klein Bristle boots from Kurt Keiger Рnow reduced to £75

Snakeskin scarf by Armani Exchange bought in States earlier this year

You can’t really see it in the first photo but the boa leggings have got a really unusual finish, part leather, part wet-look, part glitter. I recently dug them out, having not worn them for at least two years and was reminded by how much better they have worn than the various wet-look leggings I have bought over the same period, all of which have lost their coating after a few washes.

Mid-way through last week my M&S kids faux fur gilet arrived (!!). Now this I ordered after Kat from Does my Bum Look 40 recommended it. I think Gina ordered it too. It was pretty good, about an 8 out of 10 I would say but in the end I sent it back because I already own two (real) fur gilets that I don’t really wear enough, hence me digging out this short brown mongolian fur gilet below.

Mongolian fur gilet from My Wardrobe (old)

Viscose military shirt from Kew (old)

Ponte jodphurs from Kookai (old)

Star knee high boots by Day Birger & Mikkelson (old)

Later on I added the Comptoir/Uniqlo short reversible puffa jacket. Although when I bought it I gave more consideration to the colours of the striped side than the solid colour inside, ¬†I actually hadn’t worn it coloured side outwards until today.

Saturday night, was a well-earned and much looked forward to night out with friends at a wonderful dinnerparty.

Wool flannel and chiffon panelled shirt by Tibi (old)

Pleather leggings from Topshop

Sancho Boots by Pied a Terre available from John Lewis

Leather snakeskin and zip clutch by Urban Code from Asos (sold out).

This clutch was a bargain, reduced to ¬£45 on Asos, and I was absolutely delighted with it when it arrived last week. I think this particular style is sold out now but Asos still has some other Urban Code designs, also heavily reduced. This is the crossbody version of my clutch (hmmm, I¬†may¬†have just ordered this one too…..) and I like this stitch detail clutch.

Sunday, the children stopped being ill, it didn’t rain (well, only a tiny bit!) and the sun actually shone and it was a lovely (if blustery) autumn day so we took everyone out for brunch and then went for a long walk (and cake!) at the local National Trust place.

Long sleeved a-line tee from Uniqlo (now sold out online but may still be instore)

Lambswool cowl neck slouchy jumper from Uniqlo here

Black Rats leggings by Sass & Bide (old)

Lady Jenn Boots by Belstaff (old)