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Very berry

Comptoir des Cotonniers is one of my favourite high street shops. I particularly love their coats and jackets. The smallest size usually fits my petite frame perfectly (BIG statement! it’s not often I can use fit and perfect in the same sentence). Sadly, for me,  their most northenly store is in Nottingham and I’m now well north of the border. There’s always online shopping, but Comptoir I miss you.  I also quite like Uniqlo and again live millions of miles away from an actual store. So, imagine my delight when Nat alerted me to the Comptoir/Uniqlo collaboration…I immediately ordered 3 items; the burgundy stripe jacket , the plain burgundy jacket and the gilet. The burgundy is a brown/burgundy and the big expanse of it didn’t suit me on the plain jacket. The gilet was a bit long but the burgundy stripe one I love. The quality is superb and it’s exceptionally lightweight whilst being warm at the same time. It’s also properly reversible, no labels in sight.

I happen to be wearing a Uniqlo jumper underneath (and one of their Heattech tops under that). The jumper is a very rare thing, a non-shrinking, non-bobbling, non-colour fading item made of natural fibres – it’s from their extra fine merino range, a couple of years old and still looks new. Other items; H&M cords in dark blue, Brora wristwarmers and gauzy scarf (similar here) and ancient Chloe bag.




Splashes of red

I love this Mango tweed jacket, and rate it as one of my best recent purchases.  But its a sober little number that needs some livening up, else I look a bit too conservative.  See what I mean?   Lovely, but it needs some flash.

As a general aside, I think Mango is a terrific label, which is excellent value and not quite as ubiquitous as Zara.  Unfortunately the stores and website can be tricky to navigate, but I have had so many great buys from there I think its worth the effort.


Mango Tweed jacket Black - House of Fraser

Back to the jacket…  So I wore it with a blood red wool scarf, vintage wash TopShop Baxter skinnies and Kurt Geiger Willow ankle boots, and quite liked the effect.



TopShop Baxter vintage

I also really like charcoal with burnt orange or deep raspberry, so they are options for next time.  Or how about the tweed jacket with my TopShop (p)leather trousers?  That should liven the old girl up!

Topshop Faux leather skinny trousers


Last week I wore the tweed jacket with red skinnies.  Which would have been fine, but the New Look supersoft skinnies had lost their shape(beware!), so I felt quite frumpy and like a cliche “mum wearing ill fitting skinnies”.  Reader, I binned those skinnies.  I think the New Look dark red  skinny cords will be much better.


Dark Red (Red) Red Corduroy Skinny Trousers | 256424761 | New Look

Alas these divine Zara deep red jacquard jeans are a little too short for me, otherwise they are wonderful on and would have been a very welcome addition to my wardrobe.  So luxe.  So sad for me…

Twinkle, twinkle

Sarah and I love stars.  She is a first class fashion fairy and texted me a photo from Primark the other evening with this starry sweater.  It is lovely and soft.  I have had it two days and worn it both which says something about how comfortable it is.  It probably also says something about me, a wardrobe with sumptuous cashmere and I choose the Primarni polyester!  

Primark star sweater


As you may have noticed I’ve worn my navy White Company poncho an awful lot over the past few weeks as its so far been a very mild Autumn.  And after my hunt for a cream cable snood I got one.  The keen eyed amongst you will notice its not cream but it fitted my other criteria

The snood is from Pure Collection and I had a 25% off discount code of which there always seems to be one around.  With them am wearing aubergine J Brands and an Equipment silk shirt which was via The Outnet last year.

So having returned a load of stuff that I’d panic bought for an occasion last week I had some ‘free’ funds and so realised that I needed another poncho.

You can’t really tell in this photo but its got a slight sparkle which I like.  Am wearing the plum Superdry super skinny cords which I love with Acne Pistols.

Talking of sparkly knitwear having seen Ann in delphine I am rather enamoured of the white version

The number 1 item women regret buying is….?

Leather trousers. According to a survey by Lambrini.  They only look good on celebrities according to a spokesperson.  Well having seen several of my WornOut friends rocking the trend I disagree.  Absolutely.  With everything it’s about finding a style that works for you.


These trousers from Whistles arrived in store this week, a great price for leather (£395)and even better as I had a 25% off code.  I tried them on, and they didn’t look bad even on my non-celebrity carb loving thighs.  I’ve not bought the trousers (yet) mainly because I’ve only just purchased a leather skirt.



I bought the Whistles Susie leather skirt a few weeks ago and it got its first outing last night at a family engagement.  It’s from the Limited Edition Range and I can see this being really good value on a cost per wear basis.  I added a bit of sparkle with Whistles Delphine top in Navy.