Monthly Archives: October 2012

A yodel out to the Alpine folk

This week, I have really loved a few things that made my inner Heidi yodel with joy.

Suisse Christmas runner

I totally agree with Emma that Christmas merchandise being pushed at us in October is ridiculous.  And I wish I could say I have stood firmly against it.  But I can’t.  The Marks & Spencer Frankincense and Myrrh candle is too lovely to be ignored.  And this Swiss Christmas table runner from Butlers is utterly charming (unfortunately, its not online).  Did you see the frolicking goats?  And a huge thank you to my fashion fairy, Gina, who found one and sent it to me.  I can’t wait to use it!



Embroidered blouse

I picked this embroidered blouse up from Zara yesterday and just love it, its really lovely (despite being, of course, poly).  And I think it will go with lots of things.  And it was only after I bought it that I realised it was just a little “Alpine” with the embroidery.  Which has made me love it all the more!





Need I say more?  Divine.


Dare I even mention a desire for a cuckoo clock?  My grandparents had one when I was growing up, and I was endlessly delighted by it…  (photo is of a kitschy one I found on the internet.  It will be a cold day in hell before Husband lets such a thing in the home, though…   Maybe one slightly less, umm, cutesy?)

Friday song

It’s Friday, the best day of the week! (Hums manically to CBeebies theme song)

This morning I brightened up my school run with a neon sweatshirt from Cos last winter and grey Isabella Oliver joggers.   These are the summer weight ones but see some of Gina’s posts for the new winter ones.

Having spent the entire morning writing up eBay listings for my maternity wardrobe I am now off to bore my hairdresser with the next input of the “to fringe (again) or not to fringe” saga.  Zara slim jeans, Zara green pleather fronted jumper, M&S snakeprint chunky scarf in the green and nude colour way, new Aldo Boeken boots that I adore and Marc by Marc Jacobs Francesca handbag.

Zara pleather top & M&S snake scarf

Aldo Boeken studded boots

Marc by Marc Jacobs Francesca & Aldo Boeken boots

Happy days

It’s cold, damp and grey here today but two things have happened in the last hour that have immeasurably improved my mood. First the postman brought me these Sam Edelman Adenas

Oh I love them, thanks so much to Gina for last weeks post which inspired their purchase!

My day started with a quick trip to the shops post school run. I had noticed the Christmas wrapping paper creep in about a month ago, and last week I was handed a catalogue for M&S Christmas food. I know retailers are desperate at the moment but it’s only October. Grrr. Anyhow this morning there were fully decorated Christmas trees in the entrance to Marks and Spencer and that really made me so cross. So I was feeling very ‘Bah, Humbug’ when I came home and opened my emails only to receive a Christmas video from Selfridges. On the 19th of October!!

However, I watched it, and it was fab and it was made by Bruce Weber and reminded me of the video of ‘Being Boring’ that he made for the Pet Shop Boys which I absolutely adored. I just looked it up and I was 21 when it was released, a student in Trinity College, Dublin and having the time of my life. I remember recording this from the tv and watching it over and over, it was so impossibly glamorous and romantic. Happy days. Thanks for the memories Selfridges!

Watch the video here, I hope it makes you smile

A dress!

I’m off out for an hour for a coffee with a friend and am leaving my 12 week old at home. I was in leggings and a slouchy grey jumper but being out without baby means no breastfeeding so I’m making the most of it and have changed into a dress!

Louche dress (old), Falke opaques, black Ash Jalouse (old nubuck ones but new version here), Massimo Dutti snake texture belt (old), Zara black leather biker jacket.

Uniform colours

My school uniform was green. Emerald green. Emerald green polyester. I was so traumatized by it that I was in my mid 30s when I next purchased a green item of clothing. Maybe that’s why I have sent my children to non-uniform wearing schools?! Most uniforms around here are navy or grey, which is what I’m wearing today. I’m hoping that the textures stop it from being too dull, but maybe I’m deluding myself!


I’m wearing a lace skirt from Zara (last winter), grey fine knit cashmere jumper, Comptoir leather jacket, Mulberry mini bayswater clutch, suede Autograph ankle boots and the (in)famous Mumsnet scarf.