Statement Knitwear – The Results part 1

A reminder of the contenders from yesterday’s blog.

Whistles’ Joy Textured Knit

Boden Printed Button Back Jumper

Boden Stripey Stitch Jumper

Or another cashmere Tippi from J Crew in the black or heather dusk grey.

I’ve added two last minute contenders from Gap to the list (thank you Pip!)
This striped knit with a red collar.

And this Windowpane sweater shamelessly copied from the bella Laura Fantacci from WIT.

The Whistles Joy is waiting for me on the other side of London (Susie So So tells me it’s worth waiting for), I already have the same J Crew in different colours so will only order if the others fail, and the late entries from Gap are on their way. I will do a pt2 report back when they arrive.

The Boden box arrived this morning. I usually like to try on new things when I’m freshly made up and have decent hair. Last night was a bad one (the joys of teething) and having only gone to sleep at 5:20 we were deep in slumber until the loud bangs of the postwoman roused us. I have designated it a Duvet Day which explains the no make up and unbrushed hair in the photos.

First the Boden Stripey Stitch Jumper
(With Zara distressed boyfriend jeans and very old red patent Bloch moccasins)
The jumper is very warm, so warm I was quickly overheated and flustered but warm is good when proper winter starts. It is a lovely tomato red colour and has a pink in the pattern which is hard to see from the photos but which makes it feel quite modern. I think it’s the stripe that made me struggle to find a flattering way to wear it. For someone with a smaller bust looking for a burst of colour I’d highly recommend it but it’s not for me.

Next the Printed Button Back Jumper

(With Hudson skinnies aka My Worst Buy Ever and Zara distressed boyfriend jeans)
It is a lovely weight and a good shade of grey. I think it would look great under a blazer and the knit and neat waistband would sit perfectly with a tailored skirt. I want it to wear with jeans though. I like it, I like it a lot but am not sure it’s flattering on me. My dad (the best dressed man I’ve ever met) says keep it. I’ve decided to try it again tomorrow when I’m better rested (yeah, right!) What do you think?

My Boden order included two unplanned purchases.

I had my eye on this striped jumper when it first came out and thought it would be a simple way to add some of this season’s pink to my wardrobe.
It is a flattering boxy shape, doesn’t cling on the waist and is lovely quality. It’s not what I’m looking for though so back it goes.

Be still my thumping heart! I adore these shoes. I’ve been looking for a wearable leopard pointed court for many years. My search is over, these are simply perfect.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with update pt2. Let me know what you’d go for – we all like hearing what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Statement Knitwear – The Results part 1

  1. cheryl

    Have the Boden grey spot button back jumper. Great with jeans or with a pencil skirt for work. A leopard print shoe is a wardrobe must. Great post

  2. Pip

    Was very excited to read this as I’ve been eagerly awaiting the results! I love the red Boden on you, it’s so bright…..the only thing I’d prefer is a smaller mire discreet collar. I definitely prefer it to the grey spotty one (but as I said before, red is my favourite colour so am biased!)
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes. I ordered a pair of the pointed flat gold pumps which were simply divine……..until I wore them for a max of 1hr, got a dirty great scratch down the side and found that they were actually black leather sprayed gold. The scratch took off the gold and showed the black beneath……honestly I wanted to cry when I sent them back :-( but I knew they would not last 5 mins!
    Was considering the leopard print flats until I found a pair of leopard print slipper pumps in (said in hushed tones ‘Primark’) for £4. They are like walking with marshmallows on your feet! I’m going to get another 2 pairs because they aren’t particularly durable! You would love them Eve!
    Can’t wait to see the Gap post xx

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  4. Jasmine WornOut

    For what it’s worth, I prefer the Chinti & Parker grey jumper on you than the spotty Boden one. I think it’s more flaterring (gorgeous actually) and again more you.

    1. Eve WornOut Post author

      I’ve listened and am returning the spotty Boden. It clings on my tummy and I know it’d be one of those purchases I’d try frequently and would then feel too wobbly in and take off.


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