Mango: marvels amongst the mayhem

My new Mango maxi flap jacket is here, and after much deliberation (always the way when its a different “look” to what I am used to), I’ve worn it and loved it. Although it is buttery soft leather that scratches easily. So I might be careful where and with whom I wear it. At least until the littlest Bolters stop using me as a climbing frame and trampoline…

Zipper open:20131005-214216.jpg

Zipper closed:20131005-214230.jpg

From the side:20131005-214255.jpg

Its maybe not the best cut for me,  BUT it is lovely and is far more interesting than this Oasis leather jacket I was also looking at.  The Oasis one might be the “smarter” choice, but the Mango one is the one I love.



When I went to Mango to return the dress I had ordered with the jacket, I saw these beautiful pony skin and leather ankle boots (£100).


And these terrific earrings from the Touch range (often some really beautiful pieces) (£20):



Website photo as its hard to see the detail in my photos:TOUCH - Crystal drop earrings

TOUCH - Crystal drop earrings

The one thing I was struck by when I went to Mango, is just how much stuff they have.  Too much stuff.  Which makes it quite hard to search through.  And there are so many things they could edit out of their collection, or improve upon, though.  This fake fur gilet (£60), for example: crackly, dry fur. Hopefully they will limit / edit their brand in the future, as some of it is excellent, but it takes some searching to find it.



Doesn’t it look terrific, plush and glossy in the website photo, though?!  So hit and miss!

Faux fur panels knitted gilet

Anyway, time to head off to another children’s birthday party…  Rock on, Reader!

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10 thoughts on “Mango: marvels amongst the mayhem

  1. Sue

    Classic heart vs head scenario. I’d definitely go for the Mango one too – it sounds divine and looks so much better on you and more interesting than the Oasis one. Sometimes classic can be too classic and dare I say it – a little boring. I’d love a leather jacket – my problem is always the sleeves. Getting sleeves altered on leather jackets always sounds kind of expensive to me. You obviously don’t have this problem.

    I was just about to say on closer inspection of the Mango picture – it does look a little too glossy. I bet this one comes with the “do not go near a naked flame” warning.

    1. Belinda WornOut Post author

      Yes, I mean, isn’t fashion about getting dressed + passion / creativity? And I just felt bored in the Oasis jacket, so it made it a pointless item for me. Am glad I put it away and kept the Mango one. Oh goodness, sleeve alteration – wow, that’s daunting. Hmmm, does anyone do a good petite range, as I just couldn’t face buying a leather jacket to have it altered, unless I KNEW it could be done well, and affordably.

      I didn’t even want to touch the fur gilet again, let alone wear it, but I bet it does have a naked flame warning. And I warning not to let it touch other similar fabrics unless they spark off each other. On the other hand, the TopShop fake fur gielt (the boxy one) is beautifully plush. Ditto Zara’s fake fur stole they are doing in both black and brown. Luxe.

  2. Jasmine WornOut

    Lovely jacket B, I definitely prefer it to the Oasis one.

    You’re so good at finding things in shops like Mango and New Look. I’m easily overwhelmed by too much choice – cleary born to only shop in boutiques :-)

    1. Belinda WornOut Post author

      Oh, well, I do spend a lot of time shopping online, searching about. Boutique shopping sounds far easier and less time consuming. This is the thing, isn’t it, that you pay either in time or money. And I am feeling a bit shopped out, so will probably ease back. Everything in moderation, no?

    1. Belinda WornOut Post author

      Hi Ingrid, thanks for stopping by – I’m really happy w the Mango jacket, and hope it works for you…

  3. gina wornout

    grrr…thought I’d commented but it’s disappeared. I love your new jacket so much. It’s beautiful on you.


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