On the tiles

I’ve been out two nights in a row. Unheard of! Friday was a drinks thing for school mums. Last night was cocktails and dinner with my sisters at the Oxo Tower.


On Friday I wore the new Mango chap style combi trousers with a black crew neck Warehouse jumper (it has a zip all along the back) and Boden Sixties heels. I had my hair tied up partly to dress the strides down a bit and partly because these zip back tops aren’t friends of long hair.

I got dressed once le bimbe were in bed so have no full outfit photos only a selfie of my make up (Nars Damned again) and new necklace.

Last night I wore Zara pleather shorts, Warehouse black jumper (I’m going to get another of these, very useful), Falke tights, black ash Jalouse, Banana Republic Dahlia necklace and Nars Damned lippy. The Jalouse were a mistake; the outfit needed a smarter suede shoe boot really but hey ho.

I saw the Banana Republic Dahlia necklace in white months ago. By the time I looked on line to buy it they only had the navy which I bought anyway because I loved the design. In the end I thought it was just too much money for something I’d only occasionally wear so I returned it. Then eBay came up trumps. £19.99 instead of the £70 in the shops. It is heavy in a good way and fantastic quality. As often happens when you’re a big sister, the necklace is no longer in my possession. Within a few hours of arriving at dinner it was round my sister’s neck instead. Mi if you’re reading, it’s only on loan!

I wore my new Cos cardigan last night too. It’s a great weight for this weather and I liked the edge it gave to the outfit.

Right, I am going to have a snuggle and maybe a nap with my Bambina before we head off to my dad’s for lunch with all my sisters. Buona Domenica.

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5 thoughts on “On the tiles

  1. EveWornOut

    I can’t see it on line but they had lots in store this week. It comes in a jumper too which is beautiful but too cropped for me.

    1. EveWornOut

      I really like it. It has a slight cocoon shape. I have a small. It is warm too. I haven’t seen the Uniqlo jacket – off to have a look!


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