Trackie bottoms…

Well it’s Saturday so I think it’s allowed. I’ve tried to smarten them up a bit by wearing them with my jacket and scarf but there is no hiding the fact I love being a Saturday slob!


Scarf – M&S, jacket – Rick Owens (was a very special birthday treat a few years ago), top – Gap, trousers – whistles (sale)

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5 thoughts on “Trackie bottoms…

    1. gina wornout

      I’ve worn it so much that the lining is starting to rip on the sleeves! I’m worried it’s a bit dated now though….but no matter – I will continue to wear it anyway!

      1. Belinda WornOut

        No, I don’t think its dated at all (well, I would say that, having just bought the Mango “tribute” version!), keep right on wearing it! And enjoy – its so lovely and luxe. Just like you.


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