Leggings and a tunic

It’s no surprise that I’m wearing so much grey, over the years I’ve stockpiled a lot of it. It turned in to a joke as I pulled grey after grey after grey out of my winter storage bags. Luckily it is my favourite colour to wear outside of summer. It’s softer than black and multiple shades and textures work well together.

Today I’m wearing Topshop tie dyed leggings from last winter, a grey Soft Dress from Next, old All Saints cardigan with buckle, very old snake print scarf and old Belstaff boots which I still love.

So, the dress. As regular readers will know, both me and Tracey WornOut have a love/hate relationship with Next. Several times a year we make purchases lulled into “this has had rave reviews, this time Next will be different” and usually we make a swift return. It has happened to me so often I’d decided to write Next off my list of shops to browse on line. But then on Friday I was out with a mum friend who always looks cool and stylish. She had a lovely houndstooth turtle neck jumper on that I swore was from Cos or trendier. Next, she said. So I had to take a look.

Sadly the top has sold out but their “soft” range caught my eye. (They also had lots of interesting checked things I want to investigate further)

Now this dress isn’t going to set the world alight. It’s a grey, round neck jumper dress. But it’s so soft and it’s flattering and it’s the kind of dress I will be happy put on many a cold morning over a Heattech. I think it is more of a tunic than dress which suits me. I’m hoping it will replace the H&M jumper dress I’ve worn to death (last seen here).

Finally some grey for the little ones.

This dress isn’t the greatest quality (poly-viscose mix with cotton lining) but I love the colours and print. We have the blouse too for my youngest (not to be worn at the same time though I’ve just seen this!) and it is lovely with grey trousers and her bright red Cos cardigan. One for the festive season I think!

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6 thoughts on “Leggings and a tunic

  1. Belinda WornOut

    I really love varying shades and textures of grey together – one of my favourite things to wear! Looking forward to hearing how the dress goes. Did you get those boots, too? If so, how did they go?

  2. Sue

    Believe it or not, I think I might order your daughter’s dress in an age 16 or something and try it on. I like any kind of dress with no definable waist. All the more room for pigging out in. On second thoughts, maybe I shouldn’t. I need to stop shopping in the kiddies section!

    And the grey tunic dress is just my cup of tea – a lot like an Aubin Wills one I have but yours is probably cosier. But they are useful.

    1. EveWornOut

      The dress is lovely though the material isn’t the best. I’d say it is a little on the small side too so a 16yrs might not fit. Try it though – they do free courier collections.

      The grey dress is great. One of those useful staples. I am hoping they do it in black too.

      1. EveWornOut

        It’s 5% cashmere which is nice. They don’t do it in black which is a pity so I might try the v neck one too.


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