Blowing in the wind

Not often I get to say this but my kids slept fine despite the clock changes. We were still up early though. Started the day with an early morning walk through the park in glorious sunshine. Then home to the spelt banana cake (so simple, so tasty) we made before going out and hot chocolate.


I am wearing Topshop black/grey tshirt over Uniqlo Heattech, Only patched jeans, Banana Republic Dahlia necklace (yes, the white found it’s way to me in the end), Mango grey furry waistcoat, Marc by Marc Jacobs grey bag, Cafe Noir grey boots.

I’m in shades of grey again. I have had a colour blast today though courtesy of the paint shop and organic market.

Can you guess what colour paint I bought?

Mole’s Breath. Otherwise known as grey.

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