By Terry – Densiliss Foundation

O.k…I caved.  I don’t need another foundation but with all the hype this is getting I had to try it.

I don’t have a lot of wrinkles (yet) but any I do have suck in the foundation and age me.  “Avoid putting foundation on your wrinkles” is the advice…well then I’d just have a weird patchy half made up face.

So when I heard that that this new foundation from By Terry Densiliss is designed not only to apply to wrinkles but to actually help reduce them I thought it was certainly worth a try.  I’ve only just got it (literally an hour ago) so this is just a first impression but it really does apply beautifully and has a lovely blurring effect on skins imperfections.

It’s a ridiculous price.  £75.  In it’s defence it acts as a serum as well so you can skip that step (if you do it)…but still – it is going to have to work wonders to justify a re-purchase.  I will report back in 6 weeks when I (hopefully) have the skin of a teenager.




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2 thoughts on “By Terry – Densiliss Foundation

  1. EveWornOut

    Oooh I’m so pleased you caved! I’ll watch with interest. You know I love By Terry too and I definitely need help with wrinkles. My (long gone!) heavy smoking and sunbed habits have taken their toll on my face and I need all the help I can get. Keep us posted!

    1. gina wornout

      Eve – I knew you’d be interested! So far I don’t love the finish as much as my chanel aqua vitalumiere…but if the skin enhancing results are true then it’s worth the very slightly worse finish.

      And I’m being fussy because it really is lovely in it’s own right. I’m pretty sure you are going to love it as I think By Terry foundations work better on your skin generally. I will keep you posted!


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