Parking it

I saw a pic of Michelle Pfeiffer at Coachella, wearing some khaki trousers w black ankle boots and thought it looked good. I haven’t actually worn my skinny khakis w black shoes – going for nude / neutral shoes instead. I thought black shoes would look too grungy, somehow. A photo of Michelle Pfeiffer would convert anyone to an idea, though, wouldn’t it?! So I gave it a try – here’s my heavily modified version…

Outfit: H&M wool mix black biker | Zara cream cotton blouse | Warehouse skinny khakis (Gap are doing a good version this season) | Dune Nins black leather ankle boots (I wore these for a LONG walk chasing the Bolters through the park – they were fine. I doffs me cap to Dune for making good looking shoes that are comfortable).

It’s glorious in London at the moment with the blossoms out. Pretty street scene for you – doesn’t get any lovelier than this.



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2 thoughts on “Parking it

    1. Belinda WornOut Post author

      It’s amazing what sunshine does to ones soul. It’s a v special time of year –mainly because of all the Easter eggs–


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