Tennis whites






I have had a thing for white tops recently. I came rather late to the realisation that white is much better on me than the ivory I have always favoured, I look so much brighter and healthier in white!

Here are a couple that have caught my eye…this is from Gap who have some lovely whites in at the moment, great little dresses and skirts particularly. IMG_2982











I love this J crew sweatshirt and it’s currently reduced



This is the top that set me off, it’s from River Island and while I can’t find it online, it is still  in store because I bought another one today for my mum. It’s worth looking for, if only because it is pure cotton which makes it as valuable as gold dust on the high street at the moment. The cutwork is lovely and it looks much more expensive than it is at 33 Euro. The skirt I’m wearing also has cutwork and embroidery, but it was past it’s best, the colour had faded,  and was heading for the charity shop when I gave it a reprive and put it in the washing machine with a Dylon navy dye. I’m so pleased I did, I love it now. My sandals were also the recipients of a dye job, they are Worn Out favourites, Sam Edelman Trinas, in tan which is not a colour I love. A couple of layers or dye, I find TRG really good, and they are much more ‘me’!

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5 thoughts on “Tennis whites

  1. Emma WornOut Post author

    Thanks Eve! I had to wrestle a teenager off the computer to do it, must learn to blog from my phone!

  2. inesse

    Lovely tops Emma, I especially like the RI one it looks very pretty & cool, perfect for me in this hot weather as I like to hide my arms :o.

    1. Emma WornOut Post author

      I hate the sun on my arms too! The sizing on the RI top is quite generous so it feels loose and cool. I hope the sunny weather lasts and we all need clothes to keep us cool and not warm!

  3. Belinda WornOut

    Oh I love love love that Gap top! I have had to put my spending brakes on, but I do really really like that top. I also look far better in white than ivory. Also, black doesn’t actually do me any favours. However, I am ignoring these colour issues as I love ivory and black, and just make sure I up the make up application. Still, nothing fresher on a summer day than white cotton. Wonderful to see you blogging again!


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