An update

Not sure if this is of any interest to anyone but I did promise an update on the delivery I was expecting the other day.

The Seafolly Amnesia orange kaftan matches my J Crew costume perfectly. This neon shade really does make a tan “pop” and would look great over black or navy swimwear too.

I ordered the navy Seafolly kaftan too. It seems thinner material and more see through. I decided to reserve judgement until the J Crew spotty swimming costume arrived and am pleased I did. It’s a keeper.

The white New Look sliders, how I love them!

I ordered the New Look black kimono I couldn’t find in store. I am still in two minds about it (my sister said no which always throws me). The length and design are perfect for what I want but the material isn’t great; it’s a kind of slub “knit” which looks a bit cheap. But I haven’t seen anything as plain that isn’t chiffony (I hate chiffon!) and I want it for shoving in a bag and putting on when I get pulled away from the pool for an emergency ice cream and don’t have time to get dressed in whatever else I was wearing. For that the price is right and I think it will do.

While I’m writing about holiday stuff, a brief note on sun lotions. I have crazy skin (really, my arms and legs are allergic to each other) and after many different brands I’m sticking with Piz Buin. I don’t tan my face but use a brilliant Lancaster cream (I got it from TKMaxx) and a factor 50 on my nose and lips which are prone to sunshine cold sores (I love this too). In the UK I use Kiehls Body Butter every day. Once (max twice) a week I use St Tropez Every Day (fake tan in a cream) in Light-Medium on top of the Kiehls and carefully rub it off my elbows, forearms, feet and hands. I do the same on holiday instead of using an After Sun but use the St Tropez every other day.

Another rainy day in London. Come back sunshine!

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16 thoughts on “An update

  1. Style At Every Age

    The orange swimsuit and kaftan are divine and will look amazing on you! I’d be a bit worried about Piz Buin after what they said on the news a few weeks back about it not being the high factor it claims to be xx

    1. Eve WornOut Post author

      I didn’t see that. I’ll look now – thanks for the heads up. I get awful prickly heat when I use anything else so am worried! And yes, the swimsuit is so lovely! X

      1. Style At Every Age

        I used to suffer with terrible prickly heat which only stopped when I started using a higher factor. Yes do look that up, there were a few brands mentioned, it was on the national news x

        1. Lesley

          I used Ultrasun on my last holiday and got an amazing tan in a matter of days wearing Factor 30. When I switched to Factor 20 after a week (I was seduced by the “Glimmer” option), I got horrible prickly heat!

          1. Eve WornOut Post author

            Glimmer lotion what what first gave me prickly heat many years ago. I’ve never forgiven it! I’m trying lots over the coming weeks and will give UltraSun a try. Thank you!

  2. Annabel

    It was the Piz Buin Ultra Light Dry Touch Sun Fluid SPF 30 that provided much lower levels of protection than the SPF suggested.

    I like the Sunsense factor 50 too – that or Ultrasun.

    I love the JCrew swimming costumes but struggle to find one pieces that can contain my capacious bosom – are they supportive? I have a small back size/large cup and swimwear is really difficult.

    Really enjoying the blog at the mo so please keep on doing what you’re doing!

    1. Eve WornOut Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comments.

      In use Sunsense on the kids. The quality is great!

      Right, the J Crew swimsuits…. I am a 32GG and need support and lift. I’m a little concerned I am not going to be able to wear the neon one for any strenuous swimming but having said that I am happy with how they both look and feel on. They both have straps with them with which they feel supportive. The best strapless one pieces I’ve found are the Jantzen range from TKMaxx. If you search through our old blog posts you’ll find a link to them. They are super flattering and really secure on the bust.

      1. Eve WornOut Post author

        I meant to add, they do a D cup range. I have the spotty one from the D cup range and it’s good (though the ruching is on the hips not the belly where I need it)

  3. Jo

    Love all the updates and the blog. Not commented before but thought I should say how much I enjoy it. I think it’s interesting when you mention abt fake tan, body cream etc. Are you still thinking of doing a “holiday pack” blog?

  4. Melissa

    Yep!….always interested, I’m sticking to costumes this year too, both look lovely and I’ve ordered the new look shorts X

  5. Amy

    Yes I’d like a holiday list/packing blog, I’m obsessed with other peoples lists and packing (yes weird!)

  6. tanya

    Gorgeous orange colour! The kaftans and swimsuits look really gorgeous together.

    I get prickly heat too :-( so miserable. I don’t really sunbathe as I am pale, but I tend to use the kids’ suncream as I am out and about. Think we have boots a the mo, which seem to be ok on my youngest who, at one point couldn’t wear anything. I don’t know if the children’s formulas are maybe more hypoallergenic?


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