£870 for a blouse??!!! FCUK that!

The minute I saw the new Chloe campaign, I fell heart-stoppingly in love with the lace blouse in the background; less so with the red trousers. Pinning it to my Pinterest was about as close as I’d come to ownership, and I was okay with that, especially when my “New In” email came from net-a-porter coolly informing me that the blouse in question was £870. 


A day or two later, having a wonderful girly day of catching up, no-carb-lunching, discussing the pleasure and pain of running, and shopping with my friend Steph on The Kings Road, I spied a very similar blouse in French Connection. It was £70ish which is a saving of, you know, about £800 or something. Which in my book is a saving worth making.

Weirdly, I can only seem to find it in the antique colour online in a sleeveless version, (there’s a sleeveless black one on the FC website) and the long sleeve in hot pink

I’m wearing it here with cobalt blue cords from H&M, over a nude vest from Primark.


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5 thoughts on “£870 for a blouse??!!! FCUK that!

  1. Eve WornOut

    Bridget, there is a similar one to that with blush/pale peach sleeves in Dorothy Perkins for £25 iirc. I have it and it’s really nice quality.

  2. Sarah WornOut Post author

    thanks ladies! Bridget that M&S one looks pretty but they just never do well on their photos do they? You’d think they’d know by now! Have you seen it in real life?
    Steph, deffo yes to shopping trip. I feel a pewter Rag & Bone boot kicking me insistently in my behind …. 😉


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