Embracing mutton

I am 40 – I don’t really believe I am but its true.  I still shop in the same shops that I frequented when at university but do realise that some items are just too young for me and recommend them instead to my gorgeous 20 year old niece.   But then there are some things that I buy and just don’t know – have I strayed into Liz MacDonald territory or not?

Case in point being these TopShop shorts worn with the Kardashian jacket and pistols

And if these aren’t deemed too mutton how about these lovely velvet ones for Christmas – am imagining teamed with winter white cashmere and statement necklace whilst I wrestle the turkey into the Aga (this will be very stressful as a relative Aga novice).

So too mutton or not?


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6 thoughts on “Embracing mutton

  1. Emma WornOut

    I love the shorts on you. I think this whole mutton thing is a red herring. I think whether you wear something depends on (A) your attitude – if you love it wear it, and (B) your body – if you have the legs, which you do, why not show them off?

    Age is irrelevant. And I’m not saying that because I’m 43!

  2. mrsebojones

    I am, ahem, the wrong side of 35 and am loving shorts this season. Have a bargainous tweed pair from H&M and I love the Topshop pair you link to. They look fab.

  3. gina wornout

    oh my goodness – you’ve converted me to shorts (well all of the pics of wornout friends have). You look AMAZING!

  4. Kat

    LOVE them!! I think you look amazing. Had my eye on some AS sequin ones which I fear are maybe a step too far…..!! But they look fab. That jacket can’t find but am heading to London tomorrow…..!!


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