Velvet, gold and leather

Today is my birthday (we Worn Out ladies are clustered with our birthdays).  So, this morning my Husband wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday, and I had to admit that I had already bought my present–s–.  That’s how charming and sentimental I am, reader.  Unfortunately they weren’t the bigger diamond earrings I would like oh so much, or the diamond bracelet I was promised for having twins.  It turns out that having 3 children is so expensive, that its all crystals and Zara for me from now on.

So look at the utterly lush black velvet tuxedo blazer I bought yesterday (size S).  I am a fussy fecker, and only like my velvet to be mainly cotton (or even silk, but back to my earlier comment on the cost of children…).  None of that polyester velvet.  And I like my velvet thick and plush – none of that scrappy velour.  This blazer is £90, and its a beautiful, thick, soft cotton velvet.


Once the littlest blossoms wake up, I plan to take one of them to my local Zara to see if I can add these rather fabulous and fierce gold toe capped shoes to my birthday bootie.  My husband burst out laughing when he saw the toe detail. Hmm, OK:



And while I have been sitting here, I just saw this lovely looking leather jacket ping into my inbox from Warehouse.  I am going to have a look, in no least part due to the review saying “It goes with everything and it is so slimming it really is rather flattering” (my eyes widened and I started nodding).   Its £140, but there is a 25% off code with XMASGIFT…:



And since I am on the subject of Warehouse, I should also show you these things, that a friend bought and look fab:

Embellished jumper for £45 (she bought the navy, but here is the black):


Studded black suede boots for £85 (they also do the grey which I really like):

Studded Boot



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4 thoughts on “Velvet, gold and leather

  1. gina wornout

    I totally love the jacket and agree with Ingrid that the shoes are an amazing statement. Glad you had such a fab day.

  2. Nat WornOut

    I think I prefer the shoe version to the boot (unusual for me as I am very much an ankle boots sort of girl). Can’t wait to see you in the velvet tux – it is so YOU!


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