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Ah, who doesn’t love a legging? Especially when the excesses of the festive season are causing a slight sensation of discomfort in one’s other available choices of bottom-half-wear.

I generally have a “no leggings outside of the house” rule (exceptions are made for leather, naturally) but January is as much about rule-breaking as it is about the setting of new ones, no? Anyway, PInterest said I could. I don’t have a brown-toned leopard scarf so grey had to stand in, but this one has all the cosy familiarity of an old friend – Jasmine found it in Warehouse two years ago and was swiftly copied by Gina and I – and I also lack a bright yellow bag but used an old red leather cross-body bag (not shown) for my colour pop (as well as for the more practical purpose of transporting wipes, snacks and Oyster cards)


Anyway, comfort is often as dangerous as it is seductive, so the no-leggings rule is shortly to be re-instated. Soon. Honest. photo

Uniqlo sweater over Primark vest top, Warehouse sweater, Belstaff boots.


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