All about the scarf

Eve has it in the grey and I’ve coveted it ever since she first linked to it. When I saw the pink version pop up in the NAP sale I was sooooo disappointed that it wasn’t the grey. Nevertheless, I ordered it, you know, a bit of research, satisfying my curiosity etc… And oh my, the pink! It’s the most glorious deep raspberry colour you (I) have ever seen. Simply stunning. The dragon scale print is just beautiful and more interesting than the ubiquitous leopard (which doesn’t really suit me anyway). I reckon the pink is MUCH better on me than the grey would have been. So, there we have it another Must Keep item.

P.s. Tracey and Gina have the pink scarf too, always one step ahead of me!

MJ scarf

Marc by Marc Jacobs dragon scale scarf, Comptoir des Cotonniers coated skinnies, COS sweatshirt and belt

 Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf

Above ensemble with added Maxmara coat, Rag & Bone Newburys and lots of wind


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4 thoughts on “All about the scarf

  1. EveWornOut

    You look brilliant! I love the scarf and wear mine every day. I like the pink one so much too but it doesn’t seem to be in stock anywhere anymore!


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