In the army

I’ve mentioned before that I am a bit of a late adopter of trends but for once I somehow managed to be ahead of the curve with the Zara jacket I’m wearing here.  Well you know not really ahead of the curve after all it was in Zara I bought it not straight off the catwalk.









When I first bought it 2 or was it 3 years ago I was rather unsure.  I mean – I’m not exactly the camouflage type.  However the cut was really good and I do love khaki.  And I have worn it loads and there are still plenty of camouflage jackets around if you’re after one.

I like the look of this one from ASOS as the pattern is more muted than some









If camouflage isn’t for you then plain khaki is worth considering if like me you struggle with more structured blazers – for some reason I just look totally newsreader in them which on me is really not a good look.

This Zara one looked great on the hanger albeit absolutely tiny









And this one is on my NAP wishlist just in case its massively reduced in the summer sales









Whilst thinking about spring jackets I was reminded of 2 that I’ve been coveting for a while now.  This lovely Comptoir pink one which is now in the sale and if it goes down any further it will be mine









And having examined the 2 white jackets I bought last year and realised that the Topshop ponte one is beyond bobbly (typical polyester) and the Gap one has a random stain on it – well I’ve convinced myself that I do really need this one which Belinda found a few weeks back.









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One thought on “In the army

  1. Belinda WornOut

    Well, you say you are a late adopter, but I often see you in things and then end up doing a search for them, myself. I have decided, FINALLY, that actually I need your white Chanel-esque jacket/cardi from last year as its pristine white and pure cotton. Of course, it was in the sale, but I was too dense to buy it for the £20 it came down to. So, now I am thinking about whether to pay £42 for it from eBay: I could kick myself for not following your lead and buying it before!


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